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Japanese PS4 date photo

What do you think of the PS4's Japanese release date?

While I am excited to get my hands on the PS4 this November, I can't help but be really saddened by the news of a February release date for Japan. Basically, it boils down to no big games Japanese games being released in the time frame. All...

Re: Reverse Importation photo

Feature: Reverse Importation is the name of the game

[Some interesting legal decisions have just come down the pipe that could affect the time-honored pastime of importing cool stuff from overseas. Jeff brings us his analysis. Read about it below, and see some more coverage from our import-ha...


5 reasons why Rio Rainbow Gate is the Best Anime of 201 1

[New Year's is a time of reflection, when one should take a look back and think about life, love, and, most importantly, the Japanese cartoons we've watched. To that end, we've gone and picked our favorite series of the year, and got to wri...


A swing and a miss...

Japan and all things Japanese are so "cool" that it hurts. It hurts so bad that I want you to kill me. Kill me like I'd want you to when I hear someone say uh-KEE-rah one more time. Or kill me like you'd kill me when someone refer...


Japanator Discusses: Dai Sato rants on the state of anime

Hello, and welcome to the first installment of Japanator Discusses, a roundtable-style feature that we resort to when a topic - and the thoughts and commentary inspired by it - is too big for any one editor to monopolize.Today's topic comes...


Rant: Don't insult us. We CAN understand hostess bars

A few days ago a feature was posted on 1up detailing the Yakuza series' troubled history in the west. Reading it (I recommend you do) will no doubt leave you with the impression that Sega found itself frustrated and confused about why the f...


The dilemma of Twilight: The Graphic Novel

You'll notice that there is no "Recommends" anywhere in the title of this post; in a strange way, Yen Press has done me a tremendous service. As reported elsewhere, the lettering in Twilight: The Graphic Novel is very poorly done,...


Chu-Bra!! review raises questions about fanservice

Over on Anime News Network, Carlo Santos posted a review of the first five episodes of Chu-Bra!!. While his overall opinion of the show sways much further towards the negative end of the spectrum than mine, I do agree with much of what he s...


Do manga magazines have to be disposable?

You've all heard it:"Manga is first printed in magazines- anthologies printed on cheap paper that will soon yellow and degrade. People throw away the magazines, and instead buy the published books for posterity." That's the one-se...


The Otaku Dilemma: Manga or Anime?

Once upon a time, I used to buy a VHS of anime with my babysitting money and then watch it forty times, because it could be months before I could buy another one. While I hate to say anything that might make it sound like I condone the idea...


A Certain Scientific Railgun: More range, please

I like A Certain Scientific Railgun; it's been a really interesting take on the "kids with superpowers" idea thus far. The writers consistently come up with clever ways for Mikoto and Kuroko to use their powers, so even when the o...


Why Haruhi Suzumiya should be over

You don't hear a whole lot of requests for Casablanca 2.It's just not something people ask for. People aren't on pins and needles to find out what else Rick can hide from the authorities in Sam's piano. No one cares about Ilsa's post-war ...


Japanese eroge can do wonders for the game industry

[Editor's Note: If you're a regular visitor to Japanator, you probably to know more about Japanese eroge than the average person. The following article was originally posted on the Destructoid community blogs, and is as such targeted toward...


News from the Eroge front: Arrests and apologies

The inquisition continues. As the eroge landscape slides further into the dark ages, new developments may threaten to accelerate the process. One of the most disturbing incidents so far involves a police raid on Tachibana Shoten, an Akihaba...


Despair, for long skirts are the new hotness

Those looking to catch the upskirt view of a Japanese schoolgirl may be suprised to find themseleves brought low - real low - as the ever-mercurial landscape of schoolgirl fashion trends toward longer skirts. All over, the rolling-up has st...


Rant: Dragon Ball Evolution for the Dragon Ball fan

Dragon Ball Evolution, the time of our inevitable duel has arrived. We have hearing about this movie in some form for about seven plus years. Back then, when they first announced that this film was really going down, I was so excited. I dre...


Rant: Why so serious?

Back in the day one of the aspects I loved about anime was how even comedy shows would have a hint of drama in them, which helped the audience member get that much closer to the characters. I knew I would never see someone like Homer Simpso...


Rant: Stop with the 'F' bombs already!

You know what grinds my gears? When fansubbers constantly use swears in fansubs, or simply drops one every now and then. Nothing takes me out of the moment more than when someone like Goku drops an ‘F’ bomb instead of a spirit b...


Live-action Anime 2: Anime Harder (A chilling prediction!)

Yes, another anime has stepped up to join the aristocratic crowd of live-action anime adoptions, and its name is Ninja Scroll. The live-action anime club has been around for awhile, but right now we seem to be in an age of a premium club. T...

 from  japanator

Rant: God in the wired, Serial Experiments Lain

We live in a digital age, and Lain is our goddess of the social recluse. For those unfamiliar with Serial Experiments Lain, the show follows the social development of 14 year old Japanese school girl Lain Iwakura. While it is important to i...


Rant: Animation is the best medium for television

Most of you are like me and know what it feels to be an outcast, for sitting down after a hard day at work and turning on the television for an episode of anime. People judge you at this point, because they know that animation is for kids, ...


Rant: Speed Racer makes me want to go fast.

"The actors are lost amidst the orgy of pixels writhing around like the special effects equivalent of a bukkake film"This was a rotten tomato that amused me greatly. Of course we are discussing the Wachowski brothers' recent film ...


An open love letter to Golgo 13

Today, I am doing a public service announcement for those of you who haven’t watched the new anime series Golgo 13 this season, or for those of you who “don’t understand it.” I have a confession for all of you Japana...

 from  japanator

One year ago today...

It's hard for me to believe, but one year ago today I was sweating my ass off, worrying about my very first post for Japanator. Turns out my new friend Eugene the Happy Fun-Time Ulcer wasn't totally created in vain, because this is what res...


Rant: I require a damn good opening!

There are a lot of anime fans out there that always skip the opening, cutting the fat and going directly to the delicious meat. But then there are people like me who can’t skip the opening, who would never even dream of it. For me t...

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Rant: An otaku New Year resolution

Just admit it, we judge people for their viewing/reading habits. Be it Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z... there are code words predetermined to quickly break down our opinions of others. Why is that? Why is it that just because ...


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