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Streaming GET: Watch Emma: A Victorian Romance on Youtube

It's time to be thrilled, fellow viewers, because Rightstuf and Nozomi have decided to stream Emma: A Victorian Romance to you, for free, on that You-est of tubes, Youtube. Why, you ask? It's simple, really. They're putting out a compl...


Japanator Kind of Recommends: Gravitation

I remember writing up a yaoi article back when we did Ero Week here on Japanator. If you read it, you may remember I shared that my very first BL was Gravitation. Back when I was exposed to it, the manga was still on-going and soon after I ...


Right Stuf to release remastered Utena box set in June

Yesterday, Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment announced the upcoming release of their limited edition Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Student Council Saga DVD box set. The set is the first of three that'll feature remastered v...


Junjou Romantica's second season DVD set is coming soon!

Last year, the first season box set for Junjou Romantica was released and Colette gave it a great review. I, as well as many other fans have been waiting for this second set to finally get some dates. I am pleased to announce that pre-relea...


Right Stuf announces limited edition Clannad lithograph

Right Stuf Inc. and Nozomi Entertainment have announced a second lithograph for anime series Clannad. The lithograph will be available on March 1, 2011. The image depicted was decided by fan vote and will feature the characters Tomoya, Tomo...


UPDATE: Redline DVD/BD has subs after all

Fans of good anime can now also take this opportunity to become fans of rumor control, as the rumor that the upcoming Blu-ray and DVD release of Redline - a good anime - would be dub-only, has been controlled. Turns out that the release wil...


Redline coming to DVD/Blu-ray in February 2011

Rejoice, fans of good anime, for Redline - which is a very good anime - is coming to DVDs and Blu-rays near you!The film that's been sweeping the festival scene and making the more depressed commentators feel a little bit better about the s...


AX 10: Right Stuf licenses Utena and Sora no Woto

Time to play catch-up on all the news that came out. FUNimation and Right Stuf's panels happened to be running concurrently, so we had a bit of troubling covering both at once -- and it's a shame, too, because they had some big announcement...


AX 10: News from Production I.G's panel

Earlier today at Production I.G's Anime Expo panel, it was announced that sub-distributor Right Stuf has acquired the North American rights to the Revolutionary Girl Utena film. Just yesterday, the company had stated that it had obtained th...


Right Stuf bringing us El Hazard at the end of September

Rarely do you see older anime brought to the forefront anymore. The folks over at Right Stuf seem to be one of the few bringing us actively older titles that have faded from the public consciousness by now. Their latest announcement? That t...


Legends of the Dark King gets a disc replacement program

I'm sure some of you couldn't wait to get your hands on Sentai's original release of Legends of the Dark King back in September -- after all, anything related to Fist of the North Star is, by proxy, full of gar and awesome. S...


Maria Watches Over Us Season 4 DVD Collection announced

Right Stuf's Nozomi Entertainment has announced that Season 4 DVD Collection for the series Maria Watches Over Us (or Maria-sama ga miteru) will be released on July 6th; naturally, it's available for pre-order on Right Stuf's website.I wasn...


FUNimation has 40% off sale at Right Stuf

Did I just hear the word sale? And the word FUNimation?I did. And if you're like me, anime sales are a cause for happiness.But this sale won't last long. January 18 is the last day this is happening, so you only have a few days to enjoy wha...


If taxes didn't get you, Right Stuf will

End Date: April 27th, 2009My Picks (so don't buy them all) Samurai Shamploo 1+cd   $5.00 Last Exile 1-3 thin pack   $12.00Kanon 2,3               ...


Right Stuf & Nozomi license season 4 of Maria Watches Over Us

A few minutes ago, over twitter no less, Right Stuf and Nozomi licensed the forth season of Maria Watches Over Us (Maria-sama ga Miteru). This shojo series is about a group of girls that attend a Catholic school in Tokyo. There, they are gr...


Anime Expo '08: Nozomi / Right Stuf panel

[Liveblogging!] Ugh. People with laptops and pro video cameras are filing into this panel room. There's going to be announcements, and there's an atmosphere of nerdy anticipation surrounding me. Weirdos! Who cares about anime news announcem...


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