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JoJo's Bizarre Adventure photo

Wry: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure joins Toonami this October

If there's one show that would go well with Toonami, JoJo would be a perfect addition to the lineup. Lo and behold, the folks at Toonami revealed at their Pre-Flight panel at San Diego Comic-Con '16 that the show hits the block this October...

Gosei Sentai Dairanger photo

SDCC '15: Dairanger fights its way to North America

[Update: The gang at Ranger Crew have confirmed that the series hits North America later this year.] Congratulations, people! Thanks to everyone who supported Shout! Factory's Zyuranger release, the company has announced at Comic Con 2015 t...

Viz's New Manga Line photo

Viz launches new kid's imprint Perfect Square

Viz is taking its kids line, originally called Viz Kids and rebranding it as Perfect Square. This'll include everything from Pokemon and Legend of Zelda titles to Mameshiba and Uglydolls. The big new title for the label, thou...


Viz Media to print all-ages comics featuring Hello Kitty

Viz Media have announced that there will be two new titles released this year featuring Hello Kitty and published by their Viz Kids imprint. The first title will debut at this year's San Diego Comic Con and is a one volume comic titled Hell...


SDCC '12: Yen Press nabs Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore!

While SDCC is over and people are focused on The Dark Knight Rises, there are still some bits of license news to catch up on. Notably, Yen Press announced a number of titles. I can't really tell you how Welcome to the Erotic Bookstore is go...


SDCC '12: Gokaiger will be Megaforce's second season

[Update: Based on a teaser trailer that was shown at the Power Rangers Panel, there is a chance that the Great Legend War might play a role in Power Rangers: Super Megaforce.] It looks like Gokaiger won't be left out of the 20th P...


Gantz 2 to have US premiere at SDCC

You know that San Diego Comic Con is going to be packed. With that density of people and content comes the small satisfaction that just about any interest or desire can be satiated at the con -- yes, that included. So, if you've got a fetis...


Which SoulCalibur V characters will be revealed at SDCC?

A tantalizing image was distributed by Bandai Namco today, showing the outline of two mysterious SoulCalibur characters. Who could they be? What crazy console exclusive guests will appear in this chapter? This pair, and maybe more...


Viz nabs four Eisner nominations thanks to Naoki Urasawa

With San Diego Comic Con looming in the near future, that means it's time for comic's highest honors: the Eisner Awards. Nominations were recently announced, and Viz leads the manga publisher pack with four nominations, largely thanks to Na...


SDCC 10: Yen Press licenses Highschool of the Dead

Time to play wrap-up con! Over at San Diego Comic Con, Yen Press announced that they're licensing the hit manga Highschool of the Dead, coming hot on the heels of the anime license by Sentai Filmworks. Awesome. They'll be bringing more Higu...


SDCC 10: Bandai Visual panel impressions

I was all over the place today, but thankfully I had a chance to drop by the Bandai Visual panel. I had heard that they had planned several announcements, though I had wondered why they decided to make those announcements here when they cou...


SDCC 10: Bandai nabsTurn A Gundam, Tales of the Abyss

At San Diego Comic Con today, Bandai set the alternative mecha crowd into an elated buzz with the announcement of Turn A Gundam TV. On top of that, Bandai called dibs on the Tales of the Abyss TV series and the manga for Kannagi.  If y...


SDCC 10: Preview Night is a night where you preview

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Vertical preps for their SDCC, Otakon showings

One of our favorite publishers, Vertical, has announced their upcoming plans for San Diego's Comic Con International and Baltimore's Otakon next month. On hand for book signings at each event will be Felipe Smith, the artist responsible for...


SDCC: Our final 2009 San Diego Comic-Con cosplay gallery

I was hoping to get these up last night, but at least now everyone will have something nice to wake up to. There is a pretty good mix of pop culture, comics and anime in this batch, and while it doesn't really focus on any one thing, you'll...


SDCC: A bit more cosplay from San Diego Comic-Con

I've scraped together some more cosplay from last week's Comic-Con. This time it's mostly Death Note and Naruto related, but you can't blame me for that one. Also, before anyone asks, it wasn't like I was trying to create a gallery of traps...


SDCC: Even more Comic-Con cosplay to wet your appetite!

Like Dale mentioned before, Comic-Con is full of all kinds of cosplay that you just don't find at anime cons. Of course, it doesn't quite stack up to what you might find at something like Anime Expo, but that doesn't stop us from looki...


SDCC: Roundup of all the new licenses announced

A lot has gone on during our coverage of San Diego Comic Con, and I have to applaud our team as they went out there and braved the total nerdocalypse that was Comic Con, especially after marathoning through both Anime Expo and Otakon earlie...


SDCC: Cosplay last day roundup and reflection

Oh man. I'm so glad it's over. It's been a long week, but we're finally done with the 2009 San Diego Comic-con. It's a wrap. We've pulled together one last cosplay gallery for your viewing enjoyment. We'll look back on these fondly as ...


SDCC: Dale's iPhone camera Comic-con floor tour EXTREME

Yeah, I'm one of those guys that runs around with his iPhone, taking pictures of everything. Yes, there are better cameras, but it's just so easy to pull your phone out and snap some shots.I've pulled together a gallery of such images from ...


SDCC: Akira live-action not cancelled after all?

Well, according to Andrew Lazar, a producer for Warner Bros. any ways. Apparently the movie itself is considered a priority for them, and if we're to believe Lazar's comments, they're actually working on the script as we speak. Lazar let th...


SDCC: Comic-con cosplay isn't all anime! Gallery one

When I normally do the cosplay gallery thing, I'm in my element at an anime convention. Comic-con is a totally different beast, though. At the anime things, I know all of the costumes (well, most), and I find myself informing others of what...


SDCC: Ironman is also getting the anime treatment

Halo isn't the only series that's getting its own anime adaptation. Tapped by Marvel, studio Madhouse is producing the Ironman animated series, slated to come out in 2010 to coincide with the release of Ironman 2. As a giant fan of anything...


SDCC: Viz and Dark Horse part 2

Okay, so now that the craziness of preview night is over, I managed to get a decent look at the Viz and Dark Horse booths. Surprisingly, there wasn't a lot there-- at least for me. For all the space Viz took up, you'd think they'd be able t...


SDCC: Yoroinu is a game about dogs in armor

Sure, Comic-Con might have been completely infested with Twilight fans yesterday, but that left time for people to find great things.  Cute things like a new game in development called Yoroinu, or simply Armoredogs.  The name is p...


SDCC: Bakugan is like otaku training for kids

I'm jealous of kids these days. They really don't understand just how spoiled they are. Growing up, I didn't have anything like Pokémon, or Digimon. Sure there were Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ghostbust...


SDCC: Bandai Entertainment almost had an announcement, almost

Well apparently the Bandai panel tonight is going to be more of the same that we've seen at Anime Expo and Otakon, though with no confession sessions or fun surprises. Speaking to Robert Napton, their director of marketing, earlier today, h...


SDCC: Square Enix shows off some custom Comic-con art

It must be nice to be Square Enix. They can snap their fingers and have manga's biggest and best do custom work for their fancy little showcase here. We checked out Square Enix's offerings at Comic-con's preview night, and it was there...


SDCC: Preview night; Viz, Dark Horse, and Kotobukiya

You know, for a preview night, the con was sure as hell packed. Maybe it's been the countless other cons I've been to in the last year, but the preview night for this year's Comic Con alone was about the same as a regular day at Anime Expo,...


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