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Shinjuku boos bara billboard for HIV awareness

An interesting struggle is going on in Tokyo's Shinjuku Ni-Chome, a popular gay neighborhood. VIIV Healthcare, a pharmaceutical company that makes an HIV drug, selected popular gay artist Poko Murata to draw up an HIV awareness ad to run in...

Sex photo

Sagami Rubber debuts world's thinnest condom

Japanese condom manufacturer Sagami Rubber Industry has broken through to a new level of thinness: a .01mm thick condom. After spending ten years working on this product, Sagami has seen its condom fly off of store shelves in Tokyo. Note th...

Love Hotels photo

A quickie about love hotels

When Japan sets out to perfect something, they seem to go a bit overboard at times. This is evident by just looking at some of these rooms that you can rent in love hotels in Japan. Love hotels are primarily frowned upon in Japan ...


AKB's Minami Minegishi humiliated for being a human being

[Update: The apology video has been removed following an official response by AKB management. An English-translated transcript of Minegishi's statement is available at the bottom of this post.] Ah, an "Oh, Japan" moment. Or rather, an ...


Japanator After Dark Special Review: Seduce Me

[While western games aren't technically in Japanator's purview, there's no denying the fact that Glorious Nippon is among the leading purveyors of quality porn games. No Reply Games' Seduce Me is the latest attempt to dent that dominance, t...


Japan Expo '12: Seriously guys, stop it

We've caught more of you making out on the show floor today than we did yesterday. We snapped a picture of a few of them, but I fumbled with my camera for too long to get twice as many. Have some class -- do it in the hotel room!


TMA at it again with the porno "Hinichijou"

A lot of people tell me "Wow, Nichijou is probably one of the best shows to air in the past two seasons for anime", and for a while I would usually say to them "Yeah, I guess...". Lately, however, I found that the newest pornographic r...


First Impression: 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku

If Japanese otaku were to crack a joke on old virgins, this may very well be it. Remember B Gata H Kei? You're about to see the next level of "oh Japan" on the same train of thought, in 30-sai no Hoken Taiiku. The literal translation for 30...


Big pink penises and candy vaginas at Japanese festival

One of my favorite Japanese video bloggers, jetdaisuke, shot some footage at Kanamara Matsuri, a festival that celebrates big penises. It used to have something to do with fertility, but now it's all about the lulz.  There used to be t...


Japanese gaming industry about as popular as porn

I suppose this really doesn't surprise anyone. I mean, c'mon, what's more popular than video games and sex? According to some recent statistics, the Japanese video game market did roughly 493.7 billion yen in business in the past year, whic...


Need more smutty hentai? Kitty Media's got you covered

Let's face it: Japanator's Ero Week was a success. A complete, utter, very disturbing success. To those who hated every second of it and wished that we'd cover more stories on funny Youtube videos instead, then this news is NOT for you, bec...


Love hotels try to pose as their less sexy brethren

Ever walked into a hotel for a regular stay and realized you ended up in a cheap love hotel for an afternoon tryst?Yeah, me too.Apparently a new trend is building in Japan wherein love hotels attempt to pose as regular hotels in o...


You don't want to see this man's life-size Rei papercraft

Yes, it's made from paper, and it's life-size, but it's also anatomically correct. In an "Ero Week" kind of way.Yeah, so see the video below. It's safe for work, but you can see the less-safe videos over at his channel.I think it'...


Ero Week: Romantic ero doujins

With the coming of Ero Week, I can hop on top of my internet roof in this virtual neighborhood and shout at the top of my lungs...I! HEART! PORN! Now I'm not talking about an unhealthy love or attraction to the adult industry. I'm just sayi...


Ero Week: The deal-breaker

The other day, I read Brad's harrowing tale of how he lent his girlfriend a copy of Sundome, fully expecting to be dumped within days of having done so. It gave me a good laugh, but reminded me of how hentai can be a per...


Ero Week: Why hentai just doesn't do it for me

It's no secret here at Japanator that many of us enjoy hentai. As a subset of the anime genre, some may even consider it essential viewing depending on how good the story is (if any). Over the years, I've known plenty of people who have wat...


The boy addiction: A Yaoi Experience

So, I've noticed that yaoi (yOW-ee) is pretty under-represented on Japanator, and it's also the subject of much fuss and disdain considering our general reader demographic. For the girls, though. For those closet-freaks that hang out in the...


This toilet paper is strangely arousing

Those looking for a sexy way to go to the bathroom - wait, let me start over. Those looking for a premium erotic experience on the toilet - hm, that sounds iffy too. There's no good way to lead into this news, so I'll just say it. Toranonan...


Japanese man secretly films over 1,000 women

A 45-year-old man in Ehime Prefecture was arrested on Wednesday for being a total creeper. Particularly for taking "indecent videos" of two shop assistants in Matsuyama last November. The man also had tons of images of over 1...


Brothels featuring love dolls are in demand, and rising!

There are a lot... a lot... of things that I would rather simulate instead of the real thing. For example, I would much rather play Gran Turismo any day over speeding down a freeway at 150 MPH (241.4 KPH for all of you fancy metric people)....


TMA has you covered for OreImo incest fantasies

It seems like OreImo can't catch a break recently. It's stirring up controversy on a number of fronts, all while pushing the incest trend which is becoming a little too popular. The classy folks at TMA, who make live-action porn adaptation...


Japanese wrong about the opposite sex, says survey

Guys think you know everything about girls. Girls believe everything they read in those magazines about guys. You're all wrong. We're all wrong.It seems that they have the same problem in Japan. Website Cobs Online surveyed guys and girls a...


In Japan, sexual harassment is the new detention

A teacher from Saitama prefecture has an interesting way of dealing with forgetfulness or misbehavior when it comes to his students. The 59-year-old teacher at Ogi Elementary School in Iruma created three self proclaimed "sex...


Hooters opens its first Tokyo location

Tokyo is getting its first Hooters. The Akasakamitsuke location opens Monday night, and will feature service from 30 Japanese girls and a bonus 10 foreigners. The staff was picked from over 400 applicants.  Above you'll see the waitres...


The vids of shitemita: the curious case of soda pudding

Oh, YouTube user shitemita. It's been awhile, my Japanese food product examining friend.There has been a vacancy of my analysis of shitemita's videos as of late because, frankly, the quality of the merchandise he has been spotlighting has b...


Creature found in Japanese waters looks like a...

OH MY GOD! WHAT THE HELL AM I LOOKING AT?This above photo was taken at Miyako port. It's a creature that was found 200 meters down, and it obviously looks like something...well, it doesn't quite look like that. And when you flip it over it ...


World's first 3D porn movie features Japanese porn stars

[Warning: The below video the jump has very slight nudity (only brief bare breasts), but I'd still consider it Not Safe For Work.]With as big as 3D films are becoming, you'd have to know that full-blown 3D porn was coming up next. Hong Kong...


Share your eroge escapades with your friends on Twitter

I love Twitter. Where else can you read all about what everyone has had for breakfast? But let's say you want to get more personal than that. A LOT more personal.Just my luck, the eroge company Moonstone has integrated Twitter into their er...


No lack of passion in Beckii Cruel's latest number

Okay guys, Beckii has recently fashioned a stage backdrop out of felt musical notes and blank compact discs. I can't stress this enough. From the header image alone, you can presumably gather that bedroom-dancing sensation Beckii Cruel brin...


Hatsune Miku to get upgraded

Yeah, they're calling it an "upgrade." What's really happening? It seems that for Miku's next game, Project Diva 2, you're going to see a significantly more flat chested version of the character. A video on the popular N...


The pixilation has never seemed so real; JAVs for 3D TVs

With all the major brands jumping on the 3D TV gravy train, it was only a matter of time before the gaming and porn industries followed suit. Sony and Xbox have announced plans to incorporate the technology into fut...


Looking for a good time? Yakuza dealers sell fake Viagra

So it's a Friday night and you're looking for a good time. Me? I usually have a few drinks with friends. But occasionally I need some Viagra to get me through the shame of having to bang a hooker. Really. I just pop one of those, put a bag ...


Best Love Hotel help wanted sign ever

If blogging doesn't work out, I'd be happy to be a love hotel manager in Shibuya. And, as luck would have it, there's one hiring right now.This sign, found by Kirai.net in Shibuya, is hiring everything from room cleaners (ugh! could you ima...


One Piece pantsu are a hit with the ladies

...Or at least with Colette and I.Seriously. One Piece boxer briefs for the ladies. Now who wouldn't want their cute otaku girlfriend wearing a pair of these? I'd wear them. Er, maybe. To bed at least. Um, alone. When no one can see them.An...


Hard Gay wants to go to jail

Hard Gay's career hasn't exactly been blossoming in the past few years. After all, he did "retire" back in 2006, but look who's trying to get a gig now. According to Japan Probe, Masaki Sumitani visited prisons in the United State...


Yahoo! auctions off chance to photograph Riyo Mori

I'm officially jealous of anyone who wins this. For those of you who may not know of her, Riyo Mori was crowned Miss Universe back in 2007 -- Japan's first Miss Universe since the late 50's. Aside from being absolutely gorgeo...


When They Get Wet is my new favorite Higurashi porn title

I always have to applaud the Japanese porn industry for its willingness to target the otaku groups with their titles. We've seen TMA parody series after series, and this new item, and some of the other companies dip their toes into the otak...


The movie you've been waiting for: Big T*ts Zombie

They finally made it! What was the hold up anyway?I'm talking like this was a film expected to come out of Japan or something. It wasn't, but it sounds like something that's totally natural for Japan to put out. Honestly, when I read on Top...


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