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Kiss an idol's fake lips while you get drunk

God, that headline sounds like the best thing ever. It's not actually quite as cool, but it's almost as horny as it sounds.Zima, that malt booze that nobody cares about here is still a thing in Japan. In their latest campaign, "Kiss A-...


JP commercial features panty removal, bare butt

I came...to show you this video. Before you get too excited, know that the pantsu are coming off of jelly beans. That's right: Jelly Bean bare ass action. I know that you want to tell me that this isn't even close to hot. I'm here to tell y...


The Otaku Sex Industry: 3D women desired, for now

According to the Japan Subculture Research Center, many otaku haven't given up real women for the likes of Nene from Love Plus just yet. Of course, that doesn't mean that they're going out on dates either- pssh, that's just crazy talk. No, ...


Idol of the Week: Yumi Sugimoto

Name: Yumi SugimotoBirthdate: April 1, 1989 Home: Osaka Sizes: 82/58/85 cm You know her from her gravure and television work. Maybe. I know her from my dreams. Yumi Sugimoto is about as lovely as they come. Killer smile. Lovely...everythin...


Chu-Bra!! review raises questions about fanservice

Over on Anime News Network, Carlo Santos posted a review of the first five episodes of Chu-Bra!!. While his overall opinion of the show sways much further towards the negative end of the spectrum than mine, I do agree with much of what he s...


Featured Fan Art: Segami Daisuke's Valentine's lineup

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the Japanator column that soothes your desperately lonely tears.Today I'm going to cheat by featuring an artist that we've featured before. Then again, it's a very special day. Do you know what day it is? Y...


19-year-old high school student busted: Kiddie porn site

Starting 'em young, aren't you? This guy was so young that it almost wasn't creepy that he was lusting over children.A student from Souma City was arrested yesterday for being the one that heads up a child pornography BBS website. He did hi...


UUNNNHH! The Great Virgin...you-know-what

This linked material is Not Safe For Work.The folks at J-List have a new product called the Great Virgin... [cough], well, you know what I mean. This onahole is for those that want to experience a "pure" woman. Well, she's not rea...


Yakuza 4: Hostesses get sexy lessons from a...sexy lady

I don't think that Yakuza 4 hostess girls Noa Mizutani and Chihiro Ikki need any "sexy" help, but this lady named Aoyama was chosen to anyway. And woah. Well, I think maybe she was kind of sexy back in the day.  Aoyama is her...


Japan taking its porn into the third dimension

In an effort to beat the other porn mags out, DVD Dream has decided to hop on the 3-D trend and provide a set of 3-D glasses for you to use while...enjoying the high-quality material that's included in DVD Dream's two discs.What's amusing i...


AEE 2010: So THAT's how you use the Tenga Egg

I had some idea about how you'd use Tenga's self-servicing egg-shaped product. The size always confused me, though. Of course, the small egg shape always made the situation ripe for a joke about Asian penis stereotypes, but you can only pul...


AEE 2010: Japanator visits the Adult Entertainment Expo

[Note: Some of our AEE gallery may be called Not Safe For Work by some.] I wasn't sure how well Japanator's audience would be served by a report or two from the 2010 Adult Entertainment Expo, held this past week in Las Vegas. Of course,&nbs...


More details about Sleeping with Hinako

Thanks to my secret industry connections DannyChoo, more information about the upcoming OVA Sleeping with Hinako has been revealed. Apparently, this incarnation of Hinako is designed as a nighttime companion; the interactive DVD and bluray ...


Record of Agarest War trailer is hella sexy

I'm not an avid gamer, so I wasn't too interested in the Record of Agarest War box art controversy from a few months ago. Hell, I can't even be bothered playing a JRPG unless the title begins with "Tales of". However, Axsys Games'...


J-Pop Christmas: Foxxi misQ's Last Christmas

I'm sure plenty of you might be busy with your presents this morning, but I wanted to make sure you had something special to wake up to, just in case you decided to check our site first. If the rest of these PVs have been the ...


TMA to tackle Evangelion cosplay porn next

Oh, TMA. You're giving us some K-ON and Endless Eight porn, adding in to your already impressive library of Lucky Star, Clannad and other series parody porn, and now you want to add in Evangelion to the mix? Well, who am I to stop you when ...


Have sex with Hatsune Miku. Finally. Kinda.

*unzips pants*Oh, yes. It's about time. I've waited so long for this.*moves closer, breathes heavy*Do you know how long I've liked you? How long I've listened to your music and watched your videos? I'm your biggest fan, and I'm so happy tha...


Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra PV has me begging for more

Feast your eyes on the lovely ladies of the Brown Eyed Girls. One of their latest PVs--which, thankfully, features the same routine they perform at their concert--is easily the hottest thing ever, and I'm sure you'll agr...


Ice Guy CM involves licking, sucking and stripping

Morinaga's Ice Guy frozen snack is...well, kinda phallic. And they're not beating around the bush with the suggestive imagery in this commercial for the product.Here's how it goes: Sucking, stripping, sucking, licking, more stripping, two b...


Manga guide to masturbation

I'm sure you readers, regardless of gender, have run into this problem before: you want to masturbate but don't know how. Should you use lubrication? What techniques give you the greatest pleasure? Are sex toys safe? Should you use pornogra...


Shower poster does a sexy reveal when it gets wet

Izumi is happy to get into the shower with you...in poster form. She's wearing a sexy bikini, and being in the shower with her, I'm sure you'd like to get it off for some soapy 2D loving. No problem. Easy. Get her hot and wet and she'll tak...


Terrifying plush sex doll could wilt my arousal in seconds

You'd think being a woman, I would be majorly turned off by the idea of a sex doll in general, but you know, I'm not unrealistic -- people are lonely, they need to masturbate, and they want a fun way to do it. Fine by me, although I can say...


Have A Nice Sex: The best sex brochure ever made

Ever flip through a free clinic's sex self-help brochure and wonder who was responsible for the images? If not, there's always a first time. This one, found on Neojaponisme, really had me wondering. And laughing.Have A Nice Sex is a book ab...


Cosplay and Wii in love hotels: Are they really necessary?

There are only a few actual activities that you're going to a love hotel for. Playing Wii is not necessarily one of them. Hell, playing Wii really isn't even a foreplay activity, unless there's some sort of game that I'm missing out on wher...


20% of Japanese men: 2D > IRL

In Japan, Konami conducted a lifestyle survey of 500 men in their twenties, just releasing the results late last month.  About 40 percent of these men said that they thought in-game love is something worth seeking out. About 20 percent...


Sexy Gyo figure features totally naked girl [pics]

Attention horny men (and maybe women?)! Have we got the most awesome Japanese figure for you! André Peter, an enterprising fan of Junji Ito's super sexy Gyo manga, has channeled his barely contained lust for the manga's super-cute mo...


Otakon 09:The panty stairway to heaven

You know about the Otakon stairway, right? At the main entrance of the convention center, you'll ascend this stariway to reach the main hall were Otakon takes place. There's a kind of unsaid truth about the above pictured stairway: it was d...


AIKa ZERO promo packs plenty of panty

Note: The above panty shots may not be safe for work. The AIKa series has survived all these years on one thing and one thing only: panties. Crisp, white panties in almost every frame of the series shows. It is the definitive panty shot an...


AX 09: SOM Japan's masturbation machines demonstrated

This should be obvious by the headline, but the above video is Not Safe For Work.Never in a million years did I expect go get an in-depth demonstration of automated masturbatory tools at Anime Expo. But I'm so glad that I did. In the vide...


As God intended: TENGA cosplay sighted

In the greatest cosplay development since a man wore a cardboard box with "Gundam" written on the front, an A-kon attendee was seen cosplaying as a TENGA onacup. His costume was surprisingly accurate, replicating the packaging tex...


Kuso Miso Technique: What is it and how can I do it?

I've seen this meme floating about for a while on the Internet, and only after browsing Wikipedia for hours on end last night did I happen to come across the explanation for it. So, as it turns out, this image, along with the famous "y...


Broken washing machine makes hot sex noises

Uuuuhhh. Mmmmm. Eh....aaahhh. [sloshing noises]Hot, huh? But it's not what you think. What sounds like two (or more) people going at is actually just a broken clothes washing machine. A stationary video of the sounds a broken washing machi...


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