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It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

Our favorite grumpy shiba-inu, Otousan graces us with his presence, Madoka gets a live-action, and I get hungry for chocolate snacks. I don't think my brain could handle much more. I also have an incredibly twisted desire for curry.

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Veteran actor Kai-kun retires from Softbank Otousan role

For seven years, we've been accustomed to Kai-kun playing the fatherly figure in Softbank's series of ads. Now it's official: Kai-kun is retiring from acting at an elderly 11 years old and handing over the role to his son, Kaito-kun. Most a...

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It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

With summer coming to a close, the advertisements are ramping up, preparing to stockpile Japanese consumers with entertainment in the colder months. This week's roundup, courtesy of JPCMHD is not without tons of energy and excitement! More...

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It's awesome Japanese commercial time!

I'm not sure how many of you are in the market for the addable new Mercedez Benz A-Class, but if you were, I'd be mad jealous. That car looks cute! That's just one of the new commercials rounded up by our friend JPCMHD. There's even a comm...

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Feast your eyes on Japan's latest TV commercials

The commercials airing in Japan over the last couple weeks have been pretty darn entertaining. We have some advise from Robert Dinero, a visit from Koda Kumi, and some delicious looking Kit-Kat. This all comes from the hard work of our pal...


Be a Friend to the victims of Tohoku

It's hard to believe it's almost been two years since disaster struck the people of Tohoku and surrounding regions. Many survivors are still attempting to try to piece their lives back together. Japanese mobile phone company, Soft...


Otasan insists you use Ultra Wi-Fi

The world's most popular Shiba-Inu, Otosan is back! This time he's not alone! Ultra-man and the rest of the Shirato family want to get you on Ultra-Wifi, the newest mobile hot spot product from Softbank. I always love the Softbank Otosan&nb...


Otosan plays ball

Hey everyone, new Japanator intern Tyler Jones here. You may or may not know me from Tomopop, but for those of you who don't I have decided to win your trust and admiration with videos of loveable dog Otosan playing dogeball. Softbank's lat...


A giant meteor has flipped Otou-san upside down!

Otou-san? Otou-san? Are you alright? Clearly, the giant meteor that's heading towards Earth has you all flustered. It certainly doesn't help that the family's meatballs are suddenly up and disappearing! The video after the jump will explain...


Otousan hates the new guy; I love the new pots

HAHAH! These Softbank commercials keep on getting better and better. Kai-kun is seriously becoming a better actor with age. His portrayal of a pissed off Otousan is spot-on here.I love how angry he is. He doesn't like what's going...


Otousan's new dad just happens to also be my husbando

You know that we like to keep up with the adventures of Softbank's adorable mascot Otousan around here. However, there's only one thing that's better than a new Otousan commercial, and that's an Otousan commercial with Matsuda Shota in it. ...


Softbank's Oniisan ties the knot

Dante Carver, who plays the son/brother in the popular "Otosan" Softbank ads, got hitched to 23 year old fashion model Akiko Matsumoto earlier this month. For those of you who aren't too familiar with his work, Carv...


Surf's up for Otousan in newest SoftBank CM

Otousan > Cody Maverick. Since the precursory evolutions of the modern-day surfboard in the 50s and 60s, people have been trying to get dogs to surf. Sometimes it's cool, and sometimes it borders upon retarded. Yet, when one takes a belo...


Softbank + Zynga: Japan is about to get Farmville'd?

I don't see Farmville or any of Zynga's other properties appealing to the Japanese public, but I guess I didn't see them appealing to me either. I'll admit that I'm addicted to Frontierville, Zynga's newest Facebook-based social game. Don't...


Otousan runs for Prime Minister

While you may have already had the main course for cute dog action today, don't forget about desert!The latest advertising campaign for Softbank featuring their lovable character Otousan has been running in Japan. Probably playing off the r...


Otousan is in the way in the newest Softbank CM

I have to admit that I am a complete and total sucker for anything featuring Otousan. Since he is featured in all of Softbank's commericals, that makes me addicted to those too. In the latest one, he gets in the way as mom and Aya try to ha...


Several Japanese carriers to offer unlocked phones

For years I've been wanting to get my hands on a sweet NTT Docomo or Softbank phone, but have been unable to due to government enforced restrictions. While it was theoretically possible to own a Japanese handset, using one in Amer...


HNNNGGGG: Otousan wears a school uniform

I knew it was only a matter of time before Softbank put our favorite dog in a school uniform. It has happened, and it was worth the wait. Actually, they also put Okasan in uniform. It looks like the two are on a high school date, enjoying a...


Do Want: Walking, talking Otousan

SoftBank. There's no end to the promotional products they spit out. And Otousan freaks like myself keep eating them up. The newest is a walking and talking Otousan. It's not even about mobile service anymore. The dog is such an effective ic...


Who wants Otousan speakers? Everyone.

Remember that ridiculous Softbank commerical with Quentin Tarantino? The one with the Otousan cellphone speaker that Dale was admiring (frothing) over? Well, the speaker is now real. Much like the Otousan slippers that squeal "Painful!...


New Softbank CM stars Quentin Tarantino, speaker dog

Amazing. Never would I have imagined that Softbank would cram so much crazy into a commercial. I mean, they already had their talking dog, Otousan. But now they've added famed movie director and fellow Japanophile Quentin Tarantino, a speak...


Quentin Tarantino takes on Softbank and Otousan

Of all people to join the Softbank family as that "crazy uncle," I did not expect Quentin Tarantino to be that man. While I'm not a huge fan of the man's works, I was really impressed with Inglorious Basterds and am excited to see...


Otousan meets Nico Nico, hilarity ensues

I know I've already posted a video today, but I couldn't help myself. I can't really sum it up in words, so you're just going to have to trust me when I say it's nothing short of epic. It also reminds me of a certain Lucky Star video Brad p...


I want these slippers

 I swear to God; I would never take them off. In other news, it looks like Otousan is doing fine after his accident.


Softbank bringing the iPhone to Japan

Of the three Japanese cellphone providers, Softbank has always been strikingly different from competitors AU and DoCoMo. Softbank ran pricing schemes that undercut their competitors, focusing on short-term cellphone users: teenagers and for...


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