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Contest Winners! photo

Congrats to our If My Heart Had Wings giveaway winners!

Free stuff is great, isn't it? That's likely what you all were thinking when you signed on to our giveaway with Moenovel for free Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings! Sadly, we only had five copies to give away, and we've just chosen them...

If My Heart Had Wings photo

Contest: Win Steam copies of If My Heart Had Wings!

[Update: Contest is over, everyone! The winners will be contacted by the email address they signed up for Japanator with!] We've got a treat for you story-game fans out there, and it comes to you courtesy of our buds at Moenovel! The f...

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HUGE: We're giving away 1,000 indie games

Just a heads up for all of our HUGE members. Our colleagues at Destructoid are giving away 1,000 indie game codes courtesy of IndieGameStand. Those of you who've signed up for HUGE, our network-wide subscription service, either through...

Doujin Games Bundle! photo

Contest: Congratulations to our Doujin Bundle winners!

Alright, indie game lovers and doujin connoisseurs, the time is now! Our Doujin Bundle giveaway is over, and we have ten winners who'll get free codes for a bundle of sweet Japanese indie games courtesy of Groupees! Check out the list ...


Friday Robot Intermission: Circuits are overloaded edition

Hey all, DMV here once again to give you some site updates. After Niero made some hubub over on Destructoid, I've gotten about 15 applications for writers, and virtually all of them look to be very promising writers. So, within the next w...


Friday Robot Intermission: New contest edition

I don't bring you so much of a new robot this week as a remix of the full Haruhi ending we had earlier in the week. Anyways, this week I'm just here to let you in on what the contest is. If you want to hear more about the site and get all...


January contest winners announced!

Sorry, people. I like to sleep. So, somehow I'm managing to have a wireless signal here in class, and thus I shall post the winners. The correct answer was Utawarerumono! All the clues seemed to be fairly straightforward, except for the f...


Reminder: Japanator contest ends tonight!

In case you all didn't realize, we've currently got a contest going on, and it is in fact ending tonight! Go check out the thread where you can post your guesses. I'll hopefully be asleep by the time 12:00pm (EST) rolls around, so I'll go...


Friday Robot Intermission: robots sunk my battleship! edition

Once again, another Friday. What have we for you this time? Well, we're going to be adding on to the forums relatively soon by adding a subsection for episode discussions. Later on, when we switch to Elephant (something that I promised si...


Friday Robot Intermission: Niero likes porn edition

Well, we've got quite a few readers today, so I'd like to remind everyone about our contest that's currently going on. All you've got to do is sign up in our forums and guess an anime. Now I've finally sent some stuff into Niero to get w...


Robot Intermission: Recovery Mode beginning...

Hey all. CES was a total drain on me, and with the lack of Internet there, I was barely able to get the Monday releases out (my computer actually bricked right after that until Wednesday). I'm still working on getting my energy back, and ...


Friday Robot Intermission: I still play with toys edition

Lo and behold, on the cover of volume 9 of Death Note, the Destructoid robot makes his appearance in Near's army of toys. Death Note is one of those series that I'm really glad to be reading, as I enjoy the story so much. I've passed it o...


Japanator Contest: Magazines for the win!

This month, we're going to be offering up two prizes to our readers: a year's subscription to Shonen Jump or Shoujo Beat. I figured that since it's a new year, our readers would enjoy getting a monthly tome of manga, and if you live outsi...


Winner of the FLCL contest!

Sorry I ended the contest early, all, but no one was guessing, and I need to go eat dinner, so I figured now is as good as ever. So, on this New Year's Eve, I declare the winner of this FLCL contest to be... JohnHummel, with his guess o...


Reminder: FLCL contest ends today!

Well, it's almost a new year, and despite the lack of posting from me, the site is still alive and running. I've actually been taking some time to catch up on a bit of anime, mainly Eyeshield 21 and Yamato Nadeshiko Schichi Henge, and so ...


Friday Robot Intermission: Ghost in the Shell edition

So, this week I've actually taken a break from the site in order keep myself from going insane. The team here has done a wonderful job, though, at keeping everything running, and I really commend them for it. Site updates are going to be ...


Friday Robot Intermission: MAH?!

Once again, it's Friday. For me, this means that I get to head home for Winter Break! In just 3 weeks, I'll be heading off to CES, so if any of you are going to be in Vegas for the 8th-11th, be sure to email me so that you can hang out w...


Friday Robot Intermission: JARA edition

When I typed in "Japan robot" to google, I seriously didn't expect there to be a Japan Robot Association. Well, I guess I was wrong. So, we've seen the end of our first contest, and only 2 more days until Japanator's first month on the In...


Winner for the Ouran High School Host Club contest!

Well, the Ouran contest is finally over! Who's the winner? The correct answer was 321, making the winner backflip10019 with the guess of 313! Good work, and I hope you enjoy reading the series. Want the clue answers? Look after the jump....


Reminder: Ouran contest ends today!

Well, 27 days later, and our first contest is coming to a close. I'll take the last guess at 12:00PM EST, so go check out everything and make your last minute guess. Once the winner is announced, you'll find out the answers to all the con...


Friday Robot Intermission: fantasy mecha edition

Once again, it's Friday. Oh, but this is no special Friday. Today, as I'm sure you're all aware, is Black Friday; the day when soccer moms punch each other in the face for a Tickle Me Elmo doll. Well, instead of experiencing that rush, I'...


Friday Robot Intermission: Q-Ko Chan go!

  So, Japanator is a week old now! I'm really glad that Niero gave me the opportunity to do this site. It was originally his idea, but I knew I had to have a hand in making this site. As of now, we're getting about 600 readers a d...


Contest Update: I'm a dumbass

I realized how impossible the contest is right now. So now, I've changed it up a bit to make it a lot more sensible for everyone. Now each Friday, I'll be giving out a clue that'll help with the different puzzle pieces. I hope you all ...


November Contest: Ouran High School Host Club

One of my favorite series is Ouran High School Host Club. Despite the fact that it's from Shoujo Beat, Bisco Hatori's humor really comes across to all people. The story follows Haruhi Fujioka, a poor student at the ultra-rich Ouran ...


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