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White Day photo

Give back to Women on White Day!

Exactly a month after Valentine's Day, Japanese men try to repay women who've given them chocolate during the oddly named "White Day". Also celebrated in other nearby countries such as China, South Korea, and Taiwan; this holiday isn't just...

Today in Anime photo

Today in Anime: Happy Valentine's Day!

No matter the country, the day of love and romance will always fall on the 14th day of the second month of the year. Valentine's day is a day dedicated to being with your loved one and is common practice to exchange heart-shaped dairy confe...

Valentine's Day photo

Learn about Japanese Valentine's Day

If you've ever read manga or anime, you may have seen how Valentine's day is celebrated in Japan and how it's different from how it is celebrated in the US. There are plenty of anime plot centered with the females buying and making chocolat...

Ramen photo

Chocolate Ramen is here for Japanese Valentine's Day

Japan is one of those places synonymous with odd and interesting food science with their culinary products and here we are again reporting on just that. Chocolate is the common staple for Valentine's day in Japan, and now sweet and savory f...

Love Live photo

Get some Love Live Lovin' on Valentine's Day

Next weekend is a certain date that may be a bit harsh for some of you out there, though I may have some news that may help ease that feeling for some of you all out there. Love Live! is a fun show about high school girls trying t...

Valentine's Anime! photo

JapanaTen: Romantic Comedies to celebrate Valentine's by

[Author's Note: This is for those who want romance, those who do not scroll no further! I have something else for you later today]Valentine's day falls on a weekend this year and I know some of you are in the mood for some romance anime to ...

Attack on Valentine's photo

Japanator's Attack on Titan Valentine's gallery

In celebration of Valentine's Day, we've prepared a special gallery for you to share with friends and family. That's right, it's a set of Attack on Titan-themed Valentine's cards! We've been tweeting them out via our @Japanator twitter acco...

Valentine's Day photo

Valentine's Day: Our Favorite Anime Romances

It's Valentine's Day, and love is in the air! Actually, where I am, it's mostly snow in the air, but I have faith that there's plenty of love out there too. This time of year, we at Japanator like to take a moment to look back and remember ...

Attack on Titan photo

Celebrate Valentine's Day the right way

Why not spend Valentine's Day with things from one of the most romantic shows of all time? That's right, Attack on Titan is one of the best ways to win someone's heart over. That's why the bakery Priroll is taking pre-orders, so that you ca...

Evangelion photo

A very romantic Evangelion Valentines Day

If Neon Genesis Evangelion isn't involved in your Valentines Day this year, then you're doing it all wrong. That's why last year and now this year, The Evangelion store is preparing itself with lots of gifts and excitement! That's right, th...

Valentine's Day photo

Magical Girl chocolates bound to impress somebody

Want to confess your love to a lady and let her know you love magical girls? No? Well, for the few that did say yes, a set of Madoka and Sailor Moon chocolates are up for order on the Premium Bandai store front. Coming in at ¥2,625...


Give your honey some home made PokéChocolate

In case you're still trying to figure out what to do for Valentine's Day, there's a great video tutorial out for making hollow chocolate balls to look like Pokéballs and little marzipan Pokémon to stick inside.  YouTuber ...


JapanaTen: Our dream date spots for Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day, everyone! Do you have a lover, 2D or otherwise? Yes? Then why are you here reading exploitative list features on the internet?! Take your lover out on a date! And no, I don't care if she or he is a pillow! That one guy...

 from  japanator

Cooking Otaku: Brownies (of love)

The magical day is upon us. It will be the night dreams are made of. Or nightmares because you forgot to make or get anything for your guy/girl friend. Never fear. Your friendly neighborhood Cooking Otaku is here to help! Now norm...


MangaGamer has a Valentine's Day sale going on right now

Romance is in the air today! MangaGamer is holding a Valentine's Day sale, lowering prices on several of their most popular visual novels. For today, you can get discounts on games like Higurashi When They Cry, Da Capo, and SHUFFLE! It soun...


J-List has a funny Valentine's Day sale going on

Looking to get your sweetheart some sweets for Valentine's Day? Or are you going to be Forever Alone? Whichever category you fall into, J-List has a humorous sale going on that we just had to mention. For the month of February, J-List is of...


P-please t-take this Valentine's Day chocolate gallery!

What better way to end a day about giving chocolate to those you like (or pretend to dislike), than with a few dozen pictures of people handing chocolate to you. Or, as in the header image's case, each other. Yes, friends, it's gallery time...


How JRPGs stole my heart: a Final Fantasy love affair

Oh JRPGs, the Final Fantasy series in particular. You are a cruel mistress. You enslaved me as a young child and I have become a servant to your whims. I have accepted your vanity, your complexity, and your neediness for hours and hours of ...


Have some Valentine's Day cards from your favorite anime!

When Valentine's Day rolls around and candy and roses are flying through the air, sometimes all that's really needed is a simple card to convey your message, am I right? (Yes.) And who better to receive a card from than Naruto? Or Kanako? O...


Confessions 25: The rabbit that got away

This Valentine's day, I, Sarah Pennington, decided it was my turn to be special, to shine, to make myself known. I will get the man, make him notice me, get him to go out on a date with me. I have sent him countless letters (or tried to, an...


Confessions 24: My worst break-ups

To my utmost beloved, You know, it's hard for a man, especially on a special day such as today, to admit when and how he made a mistake. Sometimes, it's as simple as forgetting a birthday or anniversary, or even failing to realize that you ...


Be My Valentine: Dakimakura!

Nobody has to be alone this Valentine's Day. Not when there are plenty of waifus to go around! You're looking at a picture of (a very sunburnt) me with Yoko, the lady who never lets me down. How many people are there in your life that are a...


George Takei's Valentine Surprise

It was a perfect Sunday afternoon in downtown Los Angeles. That is, it was a perfect day for a surprise... Japanese American actor, George Takei, put a plan into action to make one woman's Valentine's Day very special. Hit the jump, and pre...


Monday MADness: Creative Black Space

[Monday MADness is a weekly column that highlights some of the best work in the world of anime music videos. Check out our archives for videos that will move your heart and make you want to pirate Final Cut Pro.]  Seeing as it is Valen...


Ready to make some chocolate, girls?

Valentine's Day for a Western woman means sitting back and waiting for the candy, flowers, and overstuffed teddy bears to roll in. However, if you've been watching Mitsudomoe, you know that women in Japan don't have it so easy. Over there, ...


An Otaku's Valentine's Day Aria: "3D Can't Beat a Waifu"

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. To kick off the associated festivities here at Japanator (it's been awhile since you've seen some Confessions pieces, am I right?), here's a video that will likely make most folks simultaneously grin and cri...


Bandai warms my heart with an infant cosplay line

Must...have...babies. Must...have...adorable...otaku...babies.Oh, sorry- this news item has been interrupted by my maternal instincts. I guess I'll stop planning Sailor Moon costumes for my future children in my head and actually tell you w...


F Cup Cookies will increase the size of your lovely lady lumps

Thanks to Tokyo Times, the world (outside of Japan of course) now knows of the existence of a cookie that holds the power to increase the size of a ladie's or otaku’s bust. I believe the power to achieve this impossible task resides in...


You're a kitty!

It's Monday morning. I'm at work, only halfway through my coffee. Oh, and I've watched this about a million times. Look at the kitty! Not only are Japanese cats 42% cuter than all others, but now 50% more efficient! What's next, rainbow c...


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