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Hyadain reveals secret identity: Kenichi Maeyamada

If you've paid any attention to the internet remix world in the past couple years, you've probably heard of Hyadain. A talented artist whose works began showing up on NicoNico, earning him quick fame and adoration for his incredibly catchy ...


The movie you've been waiting for: Big T*ts Zombie

They finally made it! What was the hold up anyway?I'm talking like this was a film expected to come out of Japan or something. It wasn't, but it sounds like something that's totally natural for Japan to put out. Honestly, when I read on Top...


On Japanese TV: Passing animals by mouth game

As you'll see in the video, the opening animated demonstration seems harmless enough. One person picks up some mystery something with their mouth and passes it along to another's mouth. It's just an unsanitary game of pass. But wait. They'r...


Japanese man in prison for stealing 2.5 yen electricity

One year in prison and suspension for three years over...2.5 yen in electricity?According to the current exchange rate, 2.5 yen is about $.02. Yasumasa Hirai, 46, was busted for stealing that value in electricity from a shared outlet in his...


Pepsi Nex in my Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker?

You guys know I love the Japan-only beverage Pepsi Nex. I also love the Metal Gear game franchise. Somehow they've come together for the upcoming PSP game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.Actually, there's a ton of tie-ins and promotions for ...


WTF? Ring tone to clear your sinuses?

Wait. Hold the phone...to your nose.Got spring allergies? Some people in Japan do. The cherry blossoms were lovely when I saw them last week, but all the sneezing and sniffling wasn't. And now there's a fix for the congestion...from your ph...


Weird Al and Michael Jackson on Japanese TV in 1984

I mean really, do you even need an explanation? You do? Well OK, here it is from the lips (or fingers) of Al himself:"This is me on a Japanese TV show in 1984, singing 'Eat It' (badly) in half-English, half-phonetic-Japanese. My look...


Calorie Breath? WTF?

Have you ever decided a product was total bullsh*t solely from the advertisement? This is definitely the case for me with Japanese product Calorie Breath. If the above image doesn't blow your mind, wait into you see all the pseudo-scientifi...


Lolis to be censored (or not) in Japan by March 30th

The time has come. The "Youth Nurturing and Protection Ordinance," a proposal to essentially censor images of "childlike" characters in media, is set to enter committee on March 18th. Should the bill move through that, i...


CHO-Marisa is a Touhou figure that should not exist

This cannot be allowed to pass.Wi-Z Garage has created...something that should not be, but is.It's called "Cho-Marisa" and is apparently...inspired(?) by homoerotic shooter Cho Aniki and Touhou's Marisa Kirisame.That's all that re...


Japanese iPhone app has girls smashing guitars

If there's one thing your iPhone is good for, it's Apps that serve no real purpose. Take this new one, for example. It comes from a company called K's Japan that makes an electric guitar named SMASH. The purpose of this 5,250 yen guitar is ...


New legislation might censor lolis regardless of age

There's an old saying that some folks use when deciding what sorts of perverse images to post on 4chan's /h/ (hentai) board: "If it looks like a loli, it is a loli." That's pretty much a (very) loose rule of thumb to follow to avo...


WOW: Japanese 1978 Star Wars 'Sea Chicken' commercial

This commercial is absolutely amazing. I...I don't even know what to say!The 1978 Japanese commercial for Hagoromo Tuna features some awkward Star Wars-ish cast members at what looks to be a cocktail party. On the menu? Why, it's Sea Chicke...



Pahn! Pahn! Uppu! Now TURN.This promotional video for video game Cho Aniki Rei made my morning. Watch on as TopGun Tom guides viewers though a muscle-filled workout, set to "Men's Panic." You'll witness crotch flashes and chest fl...


Wait, what? Love Plus is getting a manga? FIVE mangas?!

Yes, five new manga serials are set to be launched by Kodansha in five different Kodansha-run comic anthologies, all apparently connected to Love Plus and some unnamed "super special" spring title. More details regarding this huge...


I got your Japanese Anime right here

See above, found by our on Jake Thomas. That's your "Japanese Anime," according to one Craigslister. It turns out that I had the totally wrong idea on what Japanese Anime was all this time. I'm kinda embarrassed now. Here I though...


Japanator DOES NOT Recommend: Sleeping with Hinako

First off, credit where it is due. Chihiro Fansubs deserves a medal for going so far as to subtitle this work. That they could tolerate it long enough to listen to, translate and create subtitles for this...thing is an accolade of note.For ...


Japan's eco-friendly toilet transformer

Why haven't we done toilet robots before? It's one of those things that just hit you. Where has this been? You know what I mean?Japanese toilet maker TOTO has a new potty called the Greenmax 4.8, and to promote it they've created a toilet r...


Japanese to English translation produces...Yiddish?

I've seen Google Translate turn out some pretty strange things, but I never expected it to start channeling my grandparents. Today I learned that some RPG hero is referred to as "kvetchy", a Yiddish word meaning whiny bitch. See, ...


Guess who's in Toy Story 3?

Looks like John Lasseter's huge man-crush on Miyazaki is invading Toy Story 3! We decided we'd pop this side-story up to the front page because it ended up being pretty big news. We're still waiting on confirmation on whether Totoro is a...


How's this for Manly? Steve Plays Mario Land

You want Manly? I can't imagine anything more manly than this video. Steve is...a man. He's a man with big balls for releasing this hilarious video to the world. Originally from Nico Nico, and now taking YouTube by storm, this guys named &q...


Boy shot in head with arrow, doesn't notice

You know bowguns? Yeah, pretty cool-looking weapons. They shoot arrows, but in a way are like a lazy-man's bow. However, that's not important, especially not to a Yokohama man who was in an especially pissed-off mood. Feeling the rage of th...


'Bad Apple' makes it onto CNN

I just don't "get" Touhou. It's generated a great many memes, sports a massive fan following, and looks cute, but it's beyond my ken.That said, I can certainly "get" awesome and inspired art, which includes "Bad App...


80-port USB hub? Hell yes! No, wait...

Leave it to the folks at Japanese random crap maker Thanko to make this ridiculous computing accessory. This is an 80-port USB hub. It's just a bunch of USB sockets on a circuit board, so it's not really a hub. Think of it as a huge chargin...


Asians Pride: The worst YouTube comment ever

We all know that the commenting on most YouTube video content is trash and should be avoided. I just couldn't overlook this one today, though. I stumbled on this quote and couldn't get it out of my mind.  I'll let it speak for itself:E...


How rude! Thirty-five thousand trains delayed by suicide

If you live in Japan and want to tell someone to "go jump in front of a train," stop yourself. You might be delaying the daily commute!The Transport Ministry released information concluding that "suicide divers" had, dur...


A man on Twitter follows anyone with a Konata avatar

And I use a Konata avatar on my Twitter account, so he followed me, too.In fact, that's how I found out about him, when an email notification told me that a random Japanese person, "brnw," (or "boronawa")  had start...


Book gets tsundere girls to teach you General Relativity

I...I honestly don't know why such a thing would ever need to exist, but I'm glad that it does.The title should tell you enough, but here goes. Renda Hitori - for some reason - has gone and drawn up a manga that involves tsundere girls teac...


Bokurano ED parody: Chairs as you've never seen them

Remember the Bokurano ending? Yeah, the one with the chairs. The song is beautiful, but it's just sitting otherwise.This parody is quite silly. It's popular characters sitting on other popular characters. You'll see what I mean. Haruka has ...


Anime and philosophy? Aren't you stretching things a bit?

Our friends at Anime Vice caught, via animeresearch, spotted this most interesting pair of titles coming from the folks at Open Court Press: Anime and Philosophy and Manga and Philosophy. The two titles, coming from a professor of Philosoph...


ANA commercial is like an epic anime I wanna watch

While some Japanese airlines are filing for bankruptcy, others are creating epic animated commercials. Way to rub it in JAL's face, ANA.Seriously, though. Watch this commercial. It has to be the most epic airline commercial ever created. It...


Nami Tamaki rerelease vid: Sexy, Amazing, Mindblowing!

You may not even follow J-pop or know who Japanese Pop diva Nami Tamaki is, but you have to drop everything and watch this video. Look, as big of a J-pop fan as I am, I don't really dig Nami Tamaki that much. Too much dancing and not enough...


Yokota Takuma wins honorable mention in Jump Treasure

"Why the hell is Japanator reporting on some guy winning third place in a Jump artist contest? Shouldn't we care about the winners?" Normally, yes. But when the winner is the man behind the epically brilliant Onani Master Kurosawa...


Slayers Pun Assault!

Those who have been around me long enough know that I'm something of a connoisseur of puns. Recently, I was scrounging around the anime section at my local Fry's Electronics, and I ran across a rarity: and ADV Thinpack collection of all the...


You're welcome?

This is former AV idol Koto Hikaru and... oh my god, this is the most disturbing video I've watched all week.See for yourself and cry after the jump. [Thanks, I guess, Ko]


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