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As God intended: TENGA cosplay sighted

In the greatest cosplay development since a man wore a cardboard box with "Gundam" written on the front, an A-kon attendee was seen cosplaying as a TENGA onacup. His costume was surprisingly accurate, replicating the packaging tex...


Don't count Bandai out of this con season just yet

As you may have noticed, Bandai was noticably absent from every con so far this year, including North America's longest running anime convention, Project A-kon. However, in a recent e-mail exchange with Bandai'...


A-Kon '09: Best and Worst Cosplay of A-Kon '09 Part 3 of 3

The third impact of cosplay from this last weekend's A-Kon 20 in Dallas arrives and the cosplay just keeps getting better and worse. Though I have to declare that the best cosplay of the con is in the picture above. That's the one-eyed drag...

 from  tomopop

Shunya "Shunyama" Yamashita, you are my god.

For those of you who aren't aware of his art, it's time to get with the program. Potentially my favorite artist, Shunyama is known for his beautifully drawn, full figured character designs, often inspired by 1950's pinup models, several of ...


A-Kon '09: Best and Worst Cosplay of A-Kon '09 Part 2 of 3

I bring upon you the second onslaught of both good and bad cosplay from this past weekend's A-Kon 20 from Dallas, Texas. Now we have even more cuter girls in this batch. I could've given you more if it weren't for my entire 24-pack of cheap...


A-Kon '09: So.. there was cosplay, at least.

It was a pretty sad sight, at least I'd like to say that because honestly, there wasn't much to see. For what is the longest running Anime convention in the US, you'd expect there to be major announcements, numerous guests, and at the very ...


A-Kon '09: Best and Worst Cosplay of A-Kon '09 Part 1 of 3

So A-Kon 20 totally happened this past weekend in the city of Dallas, and Japanator was there. Out of the many cons I've been to, there's always one thing you can count on: The Awesome Cosplay.I consider myself somewhat of an elitist when i...


A-Kon '09: Day 2, Camino Q&A and the dealer room.

Saturday proved to be less than exciting, but we managed to enjoy ourselves at the con, despite the lack of major outlets and their usual announcements. We started the day going out with the kids at AnimeVice for lunch. It was interesting t...


A-Kon '09: Legal in Japan Edition

It's 2 am and I'm here in Dallas and tired as f*ck from driving all day. You ask why I'm in Dallas? For A-Kon 20, you silly goose. The oldest running anime convention in North America, A-Kon, is celebrating its 20th year and Japanator is he...


A-kon '08: AMV Contest(s)!

I've put this post off, not only because the past week has seen me running around like a monkey on acid back and forth 'cross central Texas getting ready to go back to "school" or "move" or whatever the hell's been k...


Podtoid-san 60: 'This is A-kon' edition

When I look back, A-Kon 19 was a total blur. My mind is filled with random images of whiskey, sashimi, Kagami poseable figures, side boob, and more, and I can't make sense of any of it. I guess it's a good thing that we recorded Podtoid-san...


A-Kon '08: Anime Hell

This con staple took place a tiny bit late, which is not notable at itself in a huge, busy Friday-night con environment; what stuck out here was that several key volunteers and/or Anime Hell guys seemed to be sick or otherwise absent, and...


A-kon '08: Helen McCarthy and Peter Beagle's panel

On the con schedule, it was called "Gossip" with those two writers, but really, it was last year's Storytelling panel all over again, which was not a good thing so much as a magnificent concession to the fact that life doesn't alw...


A-Kon '08: Friday arrival, Idea Generator panel

A full day's rest and no alcohol have set me up nicely to talk about some little ol' con from this weekend in Dallas; with my chocolate all melted, my L wig broken and a couple of fantastic souvenirs, I'll always be able to treasure A-Kon 1...


A-Kon '08: The cosplay!

While final totals aren't in yet, I think it's pretty safe to say that A-Kon 19 demolished the previous record we told you about earlier. The forms and entries are still being tallied by officials, but it is estimated that over 600 cosplaye...


A-Kon '08: Budo Grape interview and concert photos

Budo Grape kicked off their US concert line up in Dallas, Texas this past weekend, and we had a chance to meet with them to talk about their premiere performance at A-Kon 19. Tachi Grape (drums), Nagai Grape (guitar and vocals), Quminco Gra...


A-kon 08: ImaginAsian report

Our ninja Gia reports of some new announcements coming from the television network ImaginAsian. Starting Mondays next week ImaginAsian will be showing a selection of ADV’s live-action films such as Jailbreakers and Marrying the Mafia;...


A-Kon '08: More pictures to hold you over while we wake up

Team Japanator sucks. We have a lot of coverage coming up from last night, and much more to cover today. But right now everyone is still barely moving about, some still reeling from the drinky drinky that went well into the morning. Unfortu...


A-kon '08: Bandai conglomerated entertainment panel

If a general exposé of Nabeshin wasn't industry enough for you, we've arrived at Bandai Visual/Entertainment's panel. As should be known, the two have offically combined into some sort of awe-inspiring anime peddling ogre. Sitting in...


A-Kon '08: Early bird gets the worm... and cosplay pics

The rest of team Japanator are lazy f*cks for the most part. John has been fired. They sleep in, or hang out, or shuffle around, all while all the good sh*t in the dealer's room is being bought up! Where is their sense of duty?I was finally...


Podtoid-san 60: "This is A-kon" edition

Crowning our second "at the con-room recording," we are pleased to bring you episode 60, live from Dallas, Texas. I'll make this short and sweet, but yeah... we at Japanator are trying to have enough fun for all the viewers at hom...


A-Kon '08: Is this a 4-day con now?

What the hell is going on here? The Japanator crew is still getting their lodging and travel situation sorted on this Thursday night before A-Kon 19 kicks off tomorrow morning. But from the looks of things around here in the The Sheraton Da...


Con Reminder: A-kon

Just in case anyone happens to be going to Dallas and forgot, this weekend is A-kon 19. A-kon 18 was my first con, and this one will undoubtedly be like... ninety times cooler.A few quick notes for any interested parties: Versailles and Bud...


Podtoid-san 59: Lions, Tigers, and Cons! Oh my!

As the readers may or may not be aware of, its con season! We here at Japantor are taking such matters seriously, and have sent our agents out. Between Len's coverage of ACEN last week, Tim at Fanime right now, and next week the Dale/John/A...


Budo Grape: New album, new US tour dates

The always funky and quirky art-rockers Budo Grape will be making their debut appearance in the US at A-Kon this year. What, can't make it to Dallas on May 30th? Well fear not! There are two more live dates for the band coming up in June....


A-Kon is out to beat the Guinness game cosplay record

You're going to be at A-Kon 19 in Dallas, Texas, right? We are, and some of us will be cosplaying as videogame characters to help them out a bit.What would we be helping by cosplaying game characters? We would be helping this anime conventi...


Vis-kei metal masters Versailles to play A-Kon 2008

Tainted Reality, a major vis-kei promoter in the US, has just announced that they are bringing the masters of metal and frilly dresses Versailles to A-Kon this year. This is huge news for fans of quality visual rock as Versailles knows ho...


A-kon 2007: Storytelling

This year's A-kon positively teemed with large, elaborate cosplay, the likes of which I never would've guessed were playable. It's a mark of the con's high quality, then, that there were plenty of events and panels both grandiose and mode...


A-kon 2007: What I got out of the deal

Literally? Two parking tickets, my credit card being left in Dallas, and a case of Japanese Flu. Metaphorically? A lot more. Basically, the entire experience was incredibly interesting. I came in with a friend quoting the expression, "Th...


A-Kon 2007: FUNimation Industry Panel

“Everytime you watch anime on youtube a cat dies and anime goes up a dollar” - Mike McFarland, FUNimation voice director Having the home field advantage, it didn't take much to make the FUNImation panel look good. Coming out swin...


A-kon 2007: Bandai Entertainment industry panel

Not to be confused with the Bandai Visual panel, Bandai Entertainment is a different set of legs in the localization process. While there wasn't a wealth of new information, Bandai solidly repackaged the things you may have already known...


A-kon 2007: Bandai Visual USA Panel- Hd anime for everyone!

Coming out swinging, Bandai Visual USA, a subsidiary of Bandai Visual Japan, has announced the first high definition marketplace anime. The anime Freedom will begin selling on June 26th with both DVD and HD-DVD formats. Katsumori Kanno, r...


A-kon 2007: Multitasking as an Artist panel

Vic Mignogna is one charismatic guy. So much so that I had to wait in a line behind about eighty screaming fan girls just to get into the panel. A panel devoted to explaining how the modern artist copes with multi tasking, our hosts Jan ...


A-kon 2007: Super sleepy edition

I need more comfortable shoes. There is a line to use the elevator at nearly all times. A con goer is sleeping in the crevice near me. Hmm... Bandai Industry Panel in twenty minutes. I'm living the "dream" as DMV calls it, which isn't mak...


A-kon 2007: It begins!

I don’t think I was prepared for this. This event is more enormous than I could have imagined. Why is this event so vertical? Seriously now, the mainstay of the event is taking place over a half a mile bubble, in every direction. Cospl...


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