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Japanese Girl Group FAKY to Perform at Otakuthon 2019

Japanese Girl Group FAKY, known for their anime theme songs for series like Black Clover (ED4), Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate-Hen, and Gundam Build Fighters: Battlogue will be attending this years' Otakuthon event held in ...

Miku Expo photo

Hatsune Miku to jam in three more cities in North America

Last year, they announced that the Virtual Idol Hatsune Miku will tour North America once again and many cities across the US were selected to be given the chance to see Miku's performance via hologram onstage. When they first announced the...

Hatsune Miku photo

Hatsune Miku to invade North America in 2016

Hatsune Miku has come a long way from being a mascot for a Japanese music/voice synthesizer computer program, the character has been on many things: from multiple video games to various kinds of character merchandise. Through the magic of t...

SCANDAL NA Tour photo

SCANDAL prepare to invade North America

Ask and you shall receive my friends. It looks like one of my all time favorite Japanese rock bands is coming back to North America! The always amazing SCANDAL are heading to the United States and Mexico and have announced concert dates to ...

Lantis Festival photo

Lantis Festival in Las Vegas is now a thing

Lantis is a Japanese music label that focuses on anime music. It has been a long time coming and the label is putting on a series of festivals in Japan this year. Earlier during this summer, news broke that Lantis will also throw a series o...

Morning Musume photo

Morning Musume '14 in NYC

At their show in New York City's Best Buy Theater earlier this month, Morning Musume '14 brought not only their glamorous selves to the Big Apple, but droves of fans all across America. There are even travelers from up Canada and even from ...


BABYMETAL is coming to LA

When BABYMETAL announced its world tour this year, I was severely disappointed that the US was not listed in the schedule. But lo and behold, we just got breaking news tonight that BABYMETAL will be reigning its particular brand of hell dow...


Miku to visit LA and NYC at next stops of Miku Expo

Crypton's Miku Expo site announced that the virtual idol will appear in the US again in LA and NYC in October. After MIKU EXPO Indonesia earlier in late May, LA and NYC are the next stops, and there will be a 2-day festival with an expo an...

Morning Musume '14 photo

Morning Musume '14 is coming to NY in October '14

Idols, while a huge part of the music and marketing culture in Japan, is incredibly niche overseas, making it hard for even the biggest acts to justify coming stateside for concerts. Morning Musume, despite it's deep history and becoming a ...

J-Pop Summit photo

May'N heads to San Francisco's J-POP SUMMIT

Things are heating up this summer with the announcement of May'n as the guest of honor at San Francisco's sixth annual J-POP SUMMIT. Although the Nagoya native has made herself a superstar in the world of Japanese pop music, anime fans prob...

Impressions photo

Impressions: L'Arc~en~Ciel Live Concert Viewing

I've known about the Japanese singer Hyde ever since hearing his theme song to the anime Blood+ and I've known about the band L'Arc~en~Ciel since hearing their theme for the anime Moribito. Over the years, I haven't heard much more than tha...

Anime Boston photo

Anime Boston 2014 is upon us!

Anime Boston, the biggest anime convention up in New England region of the US, finally returns to its March weekend date, and for once, not at the same time as PAX East. This coming weekend (3/21-23), expect the usual costuming horde to des...

Nerd arrested photo

Man arrested for throwing a radio at Yukari Tamura

It's not the first and probably not the last time something like this happens, but a Fukui man attending Yukari Tamura's live concert this past Sunday in Osaka was arrested for disrupting the concert. During a MC segment early on, the man w...

Love Live photo

Kanto snowfall strands Love Livers, snow-covered lines

In Japan, Love Live is probably the fastest growing seiyuu idol media-mix franchise today, drawing tens of thousands to their live events with just a couple years since its inception. Their sold-out Saitama Super Arena live yesterday coinci...

GE 999 photo

The Galaxy Express 999 - Animelo Summer Live version

The 2013 Animelo Summer Live, a 3-concert festival of who-is-who of anime music back in August of 2013, used a cover of "The Galaxy Express 999" as its theme song. Typically every year Animelo releases its own original theme song, but in 2...

Final Fantasy photo

Distant Worlds producers prepare a new show in London

How can you make Distant Worlds, the absolutely amazing Final Fantasy orchestral concert, even better? How about putting it in a smaller venue and changing the show around the idea? Fans in London will be able to get to see A New World, a s...

Music photo

Vamps announce US tour dates, venues

To celebrate and promote the release of their overseas debut album Sex Blood and Rock n' Roll, rock duo Vamps have announced a couple North American concerts for early December. It's not exactly a nationwide tour but nevertheless...

TGS 2013 JDK Band photo

TGS 2013: JDK Band live was amazing

This year at Tokyo Game Show, Falcom's well loved JDK Band put on a mini live performance lasting about 45 minutes. They played six songs from their library of music, including a few newer tracks and some classics. Six members of the band ...


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