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Election Year: Google+ to broadcast AKB48 Election Live

Want to watch some nerd event that's NOT somehow related to E3 this week? Are you an idol fan (or planning to become one)? Japan and Google have just the thing for you! This Wednesday, June 6th, they'll be livestreaming the 4th AKB48 Genera...


Have delusions of Grand Delusions with Akibaranger's gun

Sure, the Akibarangers may be protecting Akihabara each week from urban-renewal horrors, but what about your favorite nerd neighborhood? What about your favorite mall, secret hideout, gated community, basement, attic, or whatever else stere...


Tokyo Sky Tree Town and aquarium are ready for your money

The Tokyo Sky Tree isn't just for TV broadcasting. It's also expected to be a major tourist attraction once it opens to the public on May 22. On May 10, the Japanese media got to check out Tokyo Sky Tree Town, the area surrounding the tower...


Hatsune Miku goods are now available at Hot Topic

Alright Miku fans, pack it in, Vocaloid is over. Hot Topic has started selling various Hatsune Miku-branded merchandise at its oh-so-counterculture mall stores. You can buy shirts for girls and guys adorned with the blue-haired idol's ...


Fate/Zero sleeping masks give everyone else nightmares

Sure, you may have heard of eye masks with eyes drawn on the front, even ones with anime-style eyes drawn on them, but these new Fate/Zero-themed ones are easily the most original I've seen. Just look at Caster's googly eyes or Assassin's.....


Is Evangelion now hawking Schick razor blades?

In about half a day, Neon Genesis Evangelion's Gendo Ikari will make up his mind to do...something. There's been a countdown clock running for a new Schick razor blades promo featuring Evangelion, and judging by the picture above, it looks ...


Check out Final Fantasy XIII-2 modeling Prada clothes

Folks always joke or whine about how Final Fantasy and other JRPG or anime characters never wear "realistic" clothes or seem designed with cosplay in mind more than practicality. They've got a point. For the most part, most RPG clothing, Fi...


Professor Mordin teaches you all about Mass Effect 3

Do you know about Mass Effect? No? Too bad, because Electronic Arts will stop at nothing to get you to care about the last game in their grand sci-fi trilogy. They'll fly all the way to orbit to grab interest from people who just care ...


Look surprised: K-ON! movie is making a lot of money

Like it or not, K-ON! is an incredibly succesful franchise. Testament to that is the news of how much money has been generated following the release of the film just two days ago. Just to reiterate, it's been out two days. With me? Good.&nb...


Japanator's Holiday Shopping Guide 2011: Toys 'n Stuff

Happy Friday, everyone! Just as Friday brings the end to the week, so does it bring the end of a week's worth of amazing recommendations from our experienced editors. Yes, friends, 'tis sad but true: This is the last installment of Japanato...


PSA: RightStuf begins its 12 Days of Savings

In this case the "S" in "PSA" means SWEET DEALS. Preeminent anime retailer RightStuf has begun its "12 Days of Savings" mega-sale. In fact, the whole sale will be going on for longer than twelve days, lasting through December 12th, 2011. An...

 from  japanator

PSA: Buy Japanator's shirts, they're on sale

Yes, dear readers, our lovely lovely logo t-shirts are now available for a measly $10 (a "Hamilton" in President-to-Money parlance). These great shirts, available in both regular and baby tee formats, feature our awesome logo and its key el...


4,000,000 prints published for One Piece Vol. 64

In other breaking news: water is the main source of life for all living creatures on Earth! There is manga that does very well in generating buzz all around Japan, still earning praise years after its release and a modest amount of sales. T...


3DS to get Monster Hunter, ridiculous peripheral

Hey, 3DS owners, I've got you some great news, and some other news, the positivity of which is really up to you to decide. But first, the great news. You're getting a Monster Hunter game! Yes, friends, the series that basically saved t...


Buy an awesome box of Satoshi Kon's artwork

Miss the late, great Satoshi Kon? I do, too. But if you've got some yen to burn, maybe you can get yourself a lovingly crafted (and prohibitively expensive) collection of his art. The functionally-named Satoshi Kon Art Works BOX is a 6...


PSA: Buying Carnival Phantasm also gets you Melty Blood

I'm sure Type-Lunatics (I prefer to call you lot Type-Mooninites) are aware that the first volume (they're calling 'em "seasons") of Carnival Phantasm, the incredible orgy of Fate/stay night and Tsukihime fan service, effectively a Fumoffu ...


Wipe your butt with Monster Hunter's Felyne toilet paper

If you haven't heard yet, Monster Hunter's kind of a big thing in Glorious Nippon. They can't get enough of it! It's gotta be everywhere. On your portable console, on your home console, in your bag, at your conventions, in your televis...


Going to the beach with Meguca is suffering...

When Jeff sent this story about this BrainPolice-designed Madoka Magica beach gear set in he noted that he "almost cried laughing". So did I, Jeff. So did I. You can pick up the inner tube pictured above here for about $33. The rest of the ...


Which Catherine girl will set you on fire?

The correct answer to that is both of them, because in this post Catherine and Katherine are plastered on the side of sweet metal Zippo lighters. Naturally, there's one for each girl, as for the two to share space would run counter to ...


Taste the zombie apocalypse with Yakuza of the End liquor

Be it the presence of Young Magazine on virtual convenience store racks, the offerings of C.C. Lemon (and its 70-lemon power) among the in-game healing items, the Yakuza franchise is the video game king of obnoxiously lovable product placem...


But does the Char Aznable moped go three times faster?

Look, someone had to make that joke. Actually, everyone who posts about this scooter, customized in the colors and appearance of the iconic Zaku-II mobile suit piloted by Char Aznable, the Red Comet, Hero of Zeon. I'm actually quite impesse...


Meguca is delicious in this Madoka Magica cafe

The folks at Good Smile Company, the makers of a variety of figures, have long operated the Good Smile Cafe near their company's headquarters in Tokyo. The latest theme at the Good Smile Cafe is Madoka Magica, and it couldn't be more devili...

 from  japanator

We have shirts!

Make a contract with SplitReason's shop to buy them! They're available in sizes suitable for males, as well as females. See? All bases covered! Your torso with thank you for covering it in such classy otaku-companion wear. Really, it will t...


Valve helps Japan out by selling Team Fortress 2 hats

When the folks behind EVE Online harnessed the forces of capitalism to raise money, I thought I had seen everything, but that was before Valve stepped in. They're selling limited edition hats for Team Fortress 2 and giving all proceeds to t...


J-List, MangaGamer setting up their quake aid promos

Have you donated yet aid relief efforts in Japan? If you haven't yet, and don't prefer to do so directly or through some other strange means, perhaps J-List and MangaGamer have some incentives to send your way. The two vendors of things gre...


Don't lose your head over this Madoka Magica USB drive

Because it's not official merchandise, sadly. Designed by doujin circle Arkpeomy, it should be available at a Madoka Magica-dedicated event on April 24th. The concept sketches in the gallery also include a proposed USB port cover that one c...


Is your local Borders shutting down? Check the list!

We've already been hearing about how 200 stores are closing down because of crazy deficit, and now you'll be able to see if a store near you is going to be safe or getting the axe. As Brad had mentioned before, the more profitable stores ar...


Borders getting ready to file for bankruptcy

Watch out for rough seas ahead: Borders is preparing to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy due to serious financial problems over the last few years. The company has had major mishaps crop up over the last ten years, and that's all coming to a ...


Wait, what? Right Stuf almost sold out of Kara no Kyokai?

Here's a bit of a shocker: a friend pointed out to me earlier today that Kara no Kyokai, otherwise known as Garden of Sinners, only has six copies left on sale at RightStuf.What's so special about this, you ask? Well, the item is $399. I or...


Japanese vending machines start offering gold

You've heard of the strange things you can get in a Japanese vending machine. From food and drinks, to electronics, to used underwear, Japan has the corner on the vending machine market. However one man, Makishi Rokugawa decided that vendin...


Spend some real money with your Love Plus girlfriend

You've heard of the Strike Witches credit card, and the Lucky Star credit card as well, and now you can add Love Plus to that lineup. This card is for the true Love Plus fan, who wants to keep an image of his v...


Japanator Discusses: What we got for Christmas

Had enough of Christmas posts? Too bad, because here's another one, but one that emphasizes the best parts of Christmas, short of that whole "celebrating the birth of Christ" part: presents, and the act of giving and receiving the...


Let Panty and Stocking be your tissues

If there's any series which has leveraged its sexuality to its logical extreme (and beyond), it's Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt. And if there's any studio which has leveraged its ability to merchandise the hell out of a property, it's ...


Akihabara has pedestrian streets again after two years

Akihabara, the geek haven of Tokyo, used to close its streets on Sundays, keeping cars out so pedestrians could have free run of the place. There were plenty of shoppers, cosplayers, street vendors, and performers making it a festive place ...


Right Stuf has Kara no Kyokai on sale for $398! Buy! Buy!

Don't you wish that you could pay those exorbitant rates Japanese consumers pay on DVDs and Blu-ray discs? Sad that you missed out on the slipshod Bandai Visual boat? Well, here's your chance! Aniplex of America is bringing Kara No Kyokai, ...


Rub Hinako all over your filthy body

Isshoni Training is an OVA series in which a moeblob teaches socially inept otaku how to live. Issoni Training 026: Bathtime with Hinako and Hiyoko is the latest installment, in which otaku take a bath with main character Hinako and her fla...


Manga about wine spurs high demand for the real thing

It's always hard for those outside of Japan to realize its significance, but having a popular manga devoted to a unique subject can cause a giant surge of interest for that subject. It's happened before with series like Hikaru no Go, and no...


Boys like breasts: Sekirei sells out for FUNimation

Clearly, you people like breasts. A lot.Because FUNimation dropped us a note in our inbox telling the world that they sold out of Sekirei discs. Like, every last one. So they're busting their ass (and busts) to get more copies of the show o...


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