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Sakura Santa photo

Review: Sakura Santa

[This review was originally posted on Destructoid.] When it comes to holiday traditions, Christmas-themed video games aren't as common as Christmas movies or television specials. For whatever reason, be it development times, commercial titl...

Dragon Dating Sim photo

Wait, what? It's a Dragon Dating Simulator

I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, it's really cool that designers outside Japan are taking visual novels and relationship-centric games more seriously. More people making more types of games can only be a good thing. On the other...

MangaGamer sale photo

Celebrate Moe Day with MangaGamer!

October 10th is a special day for fans of moe and puns, because today is Moe Day! Why, you ask? Well, the Kanji characters for "October 10th" (十月十日) just so happen to line up just right to spell the Kanji charact...

Namco High photo

Date pretty much everyone in Namco High, now with DLC

Do you love Galaga? And I mean love love it? As in LOVE love love it? If so, welcome to your dream game. It's called Namco High, and it's...well, it's a dating sim...for Namco Bandai characters. Characters like Mr. Driller, the drum fr...

Video game photo

Workout dating sim Burn Your Fat With Me gets a sequel

Last year, Creative Freaks released their first workout-themed dating sim Burn Your Fat With Me for iOS and Android devices, designed to help gamers lose weight while attempting to win the heart of their virtual trainer. It's a cute co...

DreamClub photo

Opening night for the DreamClub stage show

I'm always interested in live-action adaptations of any video game, anime, manga, or whatever. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it's bad. As for the stage version of the dating sim game DreamClub, I would think of it as pizza. Even when it...

New Love Plus + photo

Another Love Plus is coming to 3DS

The latest issue of Famitsu gives us a brief look at the latest installment of the Love Plus series coming to the Nintendo 3DS. Tentatively titled New Love Plus +, little has been revealed about the actual changes being made to the dating-s...

FI: Photo Kano photo

First Impressions: Photo Kano

A anime about taking pictures of cute girls. How could I say no seeing as I love taking pictures of cosplayers? It also seems right up my ally being a romantic comedy and a dating sim adaptation. There has been good humor in it so far and l...


New project teased by LovePlus developers

It seems like it might be time to say goodbye to your LovePlus lady of choice, as it seems there's a new dating sim for budding gamers to prep marriage forms for. The project involves Akira Uchida (producer of New LovePlus) and Mino Taro (a...


Dating to save mankind in Date A Live: Rinne Utopia

What a hard life to lead when the world makes you date women to save it. This is only half true in the new collaborated game from Compile Heart and Sting. The other half of this puzzle lies in our hero, Shido. He has the power to entrap spi...


Je t'aime ma petite fleur

Have you been waiting for more information on the Rune Factory 4 boss-marrying mechanic we spoke about back in February? No? Well tough, as I'm busting out my French for this special occasion. We have a fancy new trailer to show you on the ...


You can't put a price tag on the love of a waifu

Waifu Collection is a free app available for both Android and iPhone that works a little bit like a simplified version of the popular dating sim Love Plus. The application features a set of character cards that users can interact with in a ...


Rumor: Record of Agarest War spin-off coming to PSP

Record of Agarest War is technically a strategy RPG. But let's be honest, people don't play it for its mechanics. They play it because of the "Soul Breed" dating sim, where the protagonist romances one of several cute girls until they make ...


Konami tells retailers to stop selling New Love Plus

Japanese dating sim fans were excited to buy their copies of New Love Plus for 3DS when it was released last month on Valentine's Day. What they weren't excited about were all the bugs in the game. Some bugs are specific, like not being abl...


Konami offers emails from the Love Plus girls

If going on a date with your waifu wasn't enough, Konami's got your back. As a tie-in for New Love Plus for 3DS, the publisher is offering an email service called "New Love Plus Girlfriend Mail." If you buy in to the service for ¥315 a ...


Katawa Shoujo is out!

Go download it now. You know you want to make sexytime with the blind girl and the one without arms. But seriously, congrats to all those who worked on the project. We're proud of you.


Hatoful Boyfriend sings a beautiful English melody

Seemingly forever doomed to be playable only in Japanese, a profoundly beautiful and recent visual novel has finally found its way to English speakers worldwide. Titled Hatoful Boyfriend, the game puts you in the role of a lone human female...


It's a new New Love Plus trailer! Get your romance on!

I have to admit, I find the Love Plus series absolutely fascinating. A few years back I picked up the original title on sale, and I'll be damned if I didn't have a ton of fun with it. In many ways this series is appealing in the same way th...


What do lovers and sealed rooms have in common? A game!

File this under 'strangest name and premise for a game ever'. Intense, developers behind the Escape from the Sealed Room video game series, will be bringing their latest title, If I Were in a Sealed Room With a Girl, to 3DS systems this win...


Navel warfare: Amagami SS gets a second season

Ha ha ha! See what I did there?! And if you didn't, too bad. You'll just have to live with the knowledge that belly-button-loving anime Amagami SS will be getting another season. Which to me is kind of a surprise, because I didn't really an...


MangaGamer holds a fabulous Christmas giveaway

It's getting to be Christmas time - excuse me, the holiday season - and that means it's time for lots of free giveaways. We have our own contest with FUNimation going on, but what if you're a visual novel fan? What if you nee...


Debu Plus lets you get some hot, fatty love

Are the anorexic girls in Love Plus just to skinny for you? Do you love girls with a little meat on their bones? Are folds of fat a turn-on? Then this new take on Love Plus will be right up your alley.Debu Plus (a.k.a. Fatty Plus)...


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