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Loot Anime: Work For It! - Japanator Unboxing

If there's one common element in a lot of anime, it's the almost endless struggle to achieve a dream or complete a mission. From training to make oneself stronger to working a job just to make ends meet, anime is crazy enough to mix the...

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Loot Anime: Unnatural - Japanator Unboxing

As with many manga and anime, beings of otherworldly origin are a common staple in the media featuring all kinds of crazy stuff from the supernatural and paranormal. This month's Loot Anime is all about those Unnatural forces: Featuring Mo...

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Death Note live action teaser from Netflix is here

After a decade of waiting, a western-made movie adaptation of the hugely popular (and easily cosplayable) Death Note is finally a real thing that you can watch soon. This is an adaptation from Netflix, the same service that brought you...

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Review: Death Note: The Omega Edition

Until recently I didn't have much interest in buying anime box sets. They were just too expensive, and I had few aside from ToraDora! and Dragon Ball Z.  Death Note: The Omega Edition is also pretty expensive, but makes a convinci...

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Death Note TV Series is not related to the manga

After the revelation of a Death Note TV series, pictures and actors being released, fans have been disgruntled by the faithfulness to the source material. Death Note is a manga turned anime and subsequently live action movies about a high s...

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Death Note TV series announced and characters revealed

Tsugumi Ohba's writing combined with Takeshi Obata's art produced a heart pounding, page turning manga called Death Note that was later adapted into a widely popular TV anime, a ho-hum movie adaptation, and some more side stories. Suffice t...

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Death Note's Takeshi Obata drops some love at NYCC

Mangaka extraordinaire, Takashi Obata was on hand at New York Comic Con last week to the delight of Death Note, Hikaru no Go,  and Bakuman fans who were in attendance. The folks over at Viz gave us a peak at his amazing handy work, an...

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Countdown to March on Death Note 10th Anniversary Site

Man, I hadn't thought I'd be writing about Death Note anytime soon. The 10th anniversary of Death Note is coming up (holy crap it's been 10 years?), so there's going to be a bit of a celebration. A website went up to promote the anniversary...

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A Daily Dose of Anime: The show that made us fall in love

Remember when you first started watching anime? Perhaps your friends in high school or college were whispering about some incredibly provocative show, or swapping bad copies of VHS tapes behind the bleachers. Maybe you had caught a few sho...


The American Death Note adaptation is still happening

The director of the upcoming live-action Death Note film has recently confirmed that the project is still under-way. There is no surprise that this had to be outright stated, seeing as the acquisition of rights happened all t...


US Death Note film gets director, let's prepare ourselves

Unlike 99% of US anime adaptations, it seems that the Death Note project is actually moving forwards. Our cinema-enthusiast sister site Flixist reports that director Shane Black has been signed to Warner Brothers' upcoming version...


reptilesandsamurai, you won a Death Note Blu-ray!

*cough*[looks around to see if anyone notices] So I suppose you forgot about our Death Note Blu-ray contest. Maybe you didn't. I did. I have been to Tokyo and New York in the time since the contest elapsed. We picked a winner but ...


Death Note murderers finally arrested

We all know the story of a body being found in Belgium with only a piece of paper stating "Watashi wa KIRA desu" which for all of you dirty gaijin out there means "I am KIRA" of Death Note fame. While this...


Japanator contest: Death Note Blu-ray giveaway!

The Death Note Collection is just hitting stores, thanks to the folks at VIZ Pictures. It combines the first two Death Note movies on one disc, plus includes a bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes footage and trailers. I don't know about you, b...


Death Note getting 'Black Edition' rerelease

Even though its ship may have sailed when it comes to popularity, I'm still proud to own all twelve volumes of Death Note in manga form. Though the second half had many weak moments, it's still an engaging story that addresses the death pen...


Learn how to crochet your very own L sackboy!

Not too long ago, we posted a video detailing how to make your very own Totoro. Well, GoldenJellyBean is back and this time she wants to show us how to craft our very own L sackboy! While it might seem like an unholy union of LittleBigPlane...


HD Erika Toda?!?!? Death Note movies coming to Blu-ray

High-definition Erika Toda. Who cares about Death Note?! Erika. Toda. Yes, please. The Death Note Collection double feature Blu-ray release comes with both movies, Death Note and Death Note II. It's coming this August 24th for $39.98. Or ch...


Homemade Death Notes: surprisingly effective

This is not the first time something like this has happened, but the Oklahoma City Friday paper reports that two students will be disciplined for making their very own fake Death Notes. The two students from Andrew Johnson Elementary were c...


Rumor: Bakuman anime coming fall 2010

We all love a good rumor, right? What about a rumor from a reliable tipster? Even better! Bakuman is a manga I'm personally very fond of: written and drawn by the Death Note-famous team Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, it focuses on two nint...


Zac Efron says Death Note remake not coming anytime soon

While I don't particularly want to see an American remake of Death Note, it's obvious it is still on the horizon, because when something makes money Hollywood must jump in and do it their way. If we have to have one, I don't really have a p...


Congrats to Death Note haiku winners!

Well, the contest is over and I'd just like to thank our winners: kamanashi, Heero Yuuy, cyberlink420, and Nebs. You can go ahead and check out their entries if you'd like over in the original contest post.If you guys could e-mail me your a...


Fun Friday AMVs: I Can Haz Marzipan / The Conspiracy of Law

This week is a special week, because I have a treat for all of you! Two super great and extremely artistic AMVs; both of which are winners in this year’s Viewers’ Choice Awards over at AnimeMusicVideos.org. The first AMV is a...


Viz Pictures brings L: change the WorLd to American theatres

I think L is just as oddly charming as most fans of Death Note likely do, but I still thought the Hideo Nakata-directed change the WorLd was a terrible piece of crap obviously motivated by fanservice and nothing more. Still, not everyone ma...


The Otaku USA Magazine train rides again

Back again, it's another issue of Otaku USA Magazine. Once again, I've got a bunch of music stuff in it, from a really cool interview with the super sexy and super bad-ass all-girl surf-rock group Thee 50's High Teens, to the huge round-up ...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: The Anime Presidential Elections!

We have a great Tuesday Otaku Debate today, but before we get to that lets discuss last week’s winners. Last time it was the battle of the horror anime: Elfen Lied vs. Higurashi vs. Ghost Hunt. All joking aside, it was a slaughter. Hi...


Fun Friday AMVs: Who Needs A King?

Holy singing shinigami, Light is the greatest singer in the world! The king of Disney Death Note videos is here, so be prepared. This video was created by the Thunder Cat Lord and uses scenes from the anime Death Note to the song “B...


Updates on the New York Anime Fest and Death Note day

Just wanted to mention real quick that they've recently put up the schedule for panels, screenings, and concerts over at the New York Anime Fest website. So, while you're busy entering to win our tickets, you can figure out what you're goin...


Fun Friday AMVs: Two parody trailers for the price of one!

Since FUNimation decided to leave us high and dry, I decided to help us all out by providing you with two parody trailers for this Fun Friday AMV. This first AMV is all thanks do to our fellow reader Kiriska, who found this epic Gurren Laga...


Featured Fan Art: Fansubs are funny

First, let me just say that fansubs are art; in fact I predict in a thousand years people will look back to this time and remember us for our fantastic and utterly wonderful artists known as fansubbers. Or maybe this is all just an excuse s...


Japanator review: L Change the World

It's no secret, we here at Japanator have a love for just about all things Death Note. Hell, I myself have expressed that love more than a few times. Yet when it comes to the live-action films, well, things start to splinter a bit. A ...


New long-form Detroit Metal City trailer

You can rest assured that, as long as I'm around, none of the promotion for the forthcoming live-action death metal film Detroit Metal City will go unreported.Up above there we've got a new(ish) trailer for the film. In it we get a better ...


Tuesday Otaku Debate: Shinigami standoff

The holy day of Japanator is upon us, because its time once again for another Tuesday Otaku Debate. Last week we had the spring season of 2008 cute girl showdown between Nunnally of Code Geass and Ranka of Macross Frontier. Ranka easily tak...


Japanator Review: Death Note (live-action, English dub)

Last night and the night before, over 300 theaters 'cross the country rolled out the first live-action adaptation of some series no one's ever heard of, something about a notebook and some slob who makes sweet-kabobs. (At this point, I'm go...


One more delicious, delicious nugget of Bleach

As promised, here's where you can buy tickets to the Bleach movie if you're lucky enough to have a participating theater in your area. As I expected, there are three theaters in my artsy-fartsy neck of the woods showing both Memories of Nob...


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