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Japan Expo USA photo

JX: Viz reveals their newest manga plans

I don't know about you, but it looks like Viz has shifted into a manga overdrive with their latest announcements from Shojo Beat and Shonen Jump. On the digital side of things, Skip Beat, W Juliet, Sugar P...

TRIGGER $1 shop test  photo

Sweet Joy! TRIGGER is testing their online dollar shop

Okay, TRIGGER; we need to sit down and talk for a second. After your great efforts with Inferno Cop and Little Witch Academia, you guys have created another genius move in your plan to reach out to your fans! Long story short, TRIGGER's Twi...

VIZ summer sale photo

VIZ having a big end of summer digital manga sale

If you've been holding out on buying manga in bulk for a bit, now might be a great time to take advantage of VIZ Media's big end of summer sale, which is going on now through Thursday, September 5th, and get your fix. All of their titles ar...

Senran Kagura Burst photo

Surprise Bounce! Senran Kagura Burst is coming to NA

Well played, XSEED Games, your sneak attack has rendered me vulnerable to latest video game announcement. Even if your moves were rather sneaky, the peach color wasn't enough to fool the most experience shinobis on the block. With that...

Cowboy Bebop O.S.T. photo

YES! Cowboy Bebop O.S.T. is now on the U.S. iTunes store

I think it's time to blow the scene and get everyone to step together, because the original soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop is now available in the U.S. iTunes store. Sure, there are many people that already own the physical copy, but this will...

Doraemon photo

Doraemon manga coming to the US digitally

Japan's most beloved android cat is finally making its way over to the US in English for the first time. Announced at San Diego Comic-Con last week by Voyager Japan, and earlier in the month at the International eBook Expo in Toky...

It's Over 9000 in Spanish photo

Kaio-ken! It's Over 9000 powers up into a Spanish release

So I was just thinking about my brief time with the Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Z, and all of the sudden, Derek Padula's latest book known as It's Over 9,000! When Worldviews Collides has been published in Spanish! Para las personas que solo...

acttil's e-book release  photo

Aw snap, acttil's releasing an e-book by Nobuo Uematsu

Now this is an interesting turn of events. Acttil has announced that they will be releasing Blik-0 1946, a picture e-book by the great Nobuo Uematsu. Not only that, the book will include three exclusive tracks created by Uematsu that will a...


Attack on Titan manga gets a promotion within Kodansha

Kodansha have announced that not only will they be selling Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) digitally in all eBook formats (starting July 16th), but starting this August, fans will be getting the comic monthly through the rest of this y...


Weekly Shonen Jump reaches even further overseas

VIZ Media have announced that besides serving North America with Weekly Shonen Jump goodness on the same day it's released in Japan, starting this month folks in the U.K., Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa will be getting th...

Japan Flix's new release  photo

Watch out for Taxis: Japan Flix releases Hong Kong Affair

It's been a while since we have heard from Japan Flix, but they're still active in bringing over Japanese films as digital releases. Speaking of which, it turns out that Japan Flix has released Perfect Education: Hong Kong Affair yesterday ...

100 Yen's DVD release  photo

Insert coin to play: 100 Yen film is out on DVD

I am feel ashamed that I've never gotten the chance to go to the arcades like most people in my age group. Instead of hearing me whine about a great era that I missed out upon, let's rejoice over the idea that 100 Yen: The Japanese Arcade E...

Garden of Words licensed  photo

Licensing GET: Sentai grabs The Garden of Words

After all of these Sentai license attacks that have been going on lately, they are now ready for their ultimate strike. This time around, Sentai is going to plant The Garden of Words in North American shores. Since it's a great treat to see...

Sentai's two new licenses photo

Surprise: Sentai grabs Majestic Prince and Shining Hearts

In case you haven't noticed, I was actually being sarcastic about my reaction to Sentai's two new licenses. In their never ending battle to license everything, they are using their preemptive licensing strike to grab Majestic Prince be...

Patlabor TV gets rescued photo

Super Rejoice: Maiden Japan gets the Patlabor TV series

Don't you just love it when announcements related to your past come back in a joyous form. For today's reminiscence, the first time that I got to watch Patlabor on Televison was when I watched bits and pieces of it ...

Black Magic M-66 revived  photo

Activate Masamune: Maiden Japan revives Black Magic M-66

Back when I lived in Houston, I was given the chance to catch Black Magic M-66 on Action Channel when I was hanging out at a friends place. From what I remember about my experience with the OVA, it was an intense story where a group of char...

Pokémon Rumble U photo

Pokémon Rumble U delves into hot NFC action

This series certainly seems to be doing rather well for itself, and I'm certainly all for an IP like Pokémon to explore the realms of digital-only games a little more. Pokémon Rumble U will bring the wind-up series to the Wii...

Jmanga shuts down photo

Woah: JManga shuts down operations

Wow. This came straight out of the blue. It seems that JManga, the Japanese publisher-backed digital manga portal, will cease operations, according to an announcement from the company. As of midnight tonight the site will halt sales and dis...

There's a time and season photo

Zelda Oracle of games coming to 3DS eShop in Japan

If you were thinking, hey, I really like Link's Awakening and the Gameboy in general, but those Oracle games came out in 2001, which was just a weird time for everybody and I never really got to them. Well, if you were thinking all of that ...


Licensing GET: Sentai licenses Masque of the Wolf

For a second, I could have sworn that I heard Garou: Mark of the Wolves (aka Fatal Fury: Mark of the Wolves), but then I realized that this is a new anime license by Sentai that we are talking about. One thing for sure, this new t...


Toriyama's Kintoki manga arrives next week

If you check out the new issue of the digital Weekly Shonen Jump, you'll see that Viz will be bringing the one-shot manga Kintoki. The short story is created by non other than Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama, also responsible for creating one ...


Maximum rejoice! Say hello to the new Weekly Shonen Jump

The time to celebrate has now come, because the first issue of the new and improved Weekly Shonen Jump  is now available for many to read. Other than releasing your favorite Weekly Jump stories on the same day as Japan, Weekly Sh...


Licensing GET: Sentai nabs Kenshin OVA and Amagami SS+

The snowy winters are coming, and Sentai has prepared the right license to keep you warm during these chilly nights. If you are into samurais and/or love, then you are ready to overcome the dangers that come from low temperatures. Not to be...


SJ Alpha to release new chapters on the same day as Japan

Waiting for the latest chapters of Shonen Jump Alpha must take quite a while, especially when you have to wait two weeks after Japan's release. If your jealousy over Glorious Nippon continues to overtake you, then you will love Viz's specta...


NYCC '12: ComiXology releases three Ishinomori mangas

Today is a great day for fans of old school mangas, since comiXology and Ishimori Productions Inc. are teaming up to release three mangas by Shotaro Ishinomori for digital release. If you were a long time fan of Toonami and Adult Swim's ani...


Want Higurashi on Steam? Give them a hand!

Just browsing through the games on Steam Greenlight, it's pretty clear that many established titles are using it as a way to creep onto the powerful service. It seems that the folks over at MangaGamer have noticed that it's too good an oppo...


Sora no Kiseki SC to see release on the JP PSN

Falcom has revealed via their Twitter and Facebook accounts that they are currently in the process of reprogramming Sora no Kiseki SC (the sequel to last year's Trails in the Sky) for release on the Japanese PSN. They don't have a release d...


DM and EISYS teaming up to localize digital doujinshi

This is kind of a big deal and something I've been wanting to see for years. Digital Manga will be teaming up with Japanese digital doujinshi distributor EISYS (DLsite) to bring localized doujinshi to a variety of manga distribution sites o...


Shonen Jump Alpha serializes Rurouni Kenshin: Restoration

The first time I heard of Rurouni Kenshin wasn't from some Samurai X OVA, it was from an extremely early issue of the US Shonen Jump, highlighting popular series from Weekly Shonen Jump. After the anime started airing on Toonami, Viz announ...


A certain comedy club is recruiting!

The wait is finally over folks, you finally have the ability to go hunting for comedy club members from the comfort of your computer! Cherry Tree High Comedy Club is certainly an intriguing title, so be sure to check this past article out f...


Kadokawa is going digital in Japan!

Yesterday morning, Crunchyroll reported that after a year of negotiations, Kadokawa Publishing finally struck a deal with Amazon Japan to get their content digitized for the Kindle. Under this agreement, folks using the Amazon Kindle servic...


Erementar Gerad manga to be digitally distributed by DMP

Oh hey, look at that. One of the many titles that was killed off during Tokyopop's temporary demise is now making a come back. Digital Manga has decided to re-release the manga known as Erementar Gerad in digital form. To those wh...


Latest Carpe Fulgur title, Fortune Summoners, is out!

Somehow this one slipped under our news radar, but better late than never! Follow-up to Recettear and Chantelise, Fortune Summoners is a 2D platformer/rpg with some delightfully oldschool visuals and an awesome localization, much like the p...


Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha launches

Today's the day that Viz comes once step closer to killing off the print version of Shonen Jump in the US. Weekly Shonen Jump Alpha has launched its debut issue, featuring manga chapters only two weeks behind the Japanese chapters. The onli...


Viz starts One Piece "warp," not as pricey as last "warp"

Whenever Viz feels like trying to capture more readers for Shonen Jump, it skips several volumes ahead to be closer to the original Japanese release. It works for them because they can get more hardcore readers interested in reading th...


Rejoice! Sentai Filmworks picks up Grave of the Fireflies

I don't often cry as a result of watching a sad film. I might feel a little something in my chest, but it takes a lot to get those tears running. When the film hits the right beats however, I'm down for the count. Grave of the Fireflies is ...


GO!GO! MANIAC on your iPhone

There's a new app for iOS called Strum Stage that allows you to bang out some pretty sweet guitar riffs, but that's not what I'm here to report. What is important is that they have featured a sweet demo of someone belting out K-On...


Gurren Lagann art book is for charity, go buy one!

Fan of the drill-centric series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Well if you nodded (you did nod, right?) and you also happen to own a Kindle, it's time once again to bust that piggy bank open and fork over some cash. Luckily, it's for a good ca...


Ghost in the Shell optical camouflage becomes reality

Well, maybe I exaggerated a bit in the title. Not quite reality, but a real iOS application for you iPhone or iPad! Optical Camouflage Camera - Ghost in the Shell: S.A.C. - SSS 3D -, looks to take your picture ...


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