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Weekend Japanatainment photo

Weekend Japanatainment - DragonBall Z + Linkin Park Edition

If you were on the anime internet around the turn of the century, there was a prevalence of anime music videos that combined clips of the hit anime Dragon Ball Z with the music of the "nu-metal" band Linkin Park. It was quite the trend...

CHA LA photo

Brave man sings Dragonball Z theme for The Voice Thailand

If you're unfamiliar with The Voice, it's a show where a singers attempt to grab the attention of four famous singers with nothing but their voice. But it's never been that interesting to us until now. 35 year old Ditthawat Chaikaewruc...

Xenoverse 2  photo

Bandai Namco announces Dragonball Xenoverse 2

With E3 a little under a month away, expect all sorts of announcements. One of cede announcements is Bandai Namco's Dragonball Xenoverse 2. After a weird countdown clock that kept breaking suddenly, and waiting only a year after the first ...

What Would You Do? photo

What Would You Do? The Death of Goku

[Ed. Note: What Would You Do? is a new column run by our newest contributor Lindo Korchi, examining popular scenarios from anime to develop a proper plan of action (or inaction) for any situation.] When it comes to the Dragon Ball Z unive...

Dragonball Z photo

The New Day goes Super Saiyan at Wrestlemania 32

Sunday night, World Wrestling Entertainment put in it's annual biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. The 32nd wrestling event took place from Dallas Texas's AT&T Stadium and was announced to have an attendance of 101,763 (The real nu...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Review: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

I think every 90's kid remembers Dragon Ball Z as their first foray into anime and was eagerly anticipating a decent Dragon Ball Z game. We waited, and waited and then sometime during the noughties there was an explosion of yearly Dragon Ba...

J-Stars Victory photo

J-Stars Victory Vs+ releases early for EU and Australia

Weekly Shonen Jump is one of the biggest manga umbrellas in the industry, collecting some of the biggest franchises like; Dragon Ball, One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, and Gintama. Their ventures from the black and white weeklies to interactive ...

Dragon Ball photo

Praise Shenron! Dragon Ball returns to TV in the Summer

I should have seen it coming. After the huge success of the last two Dragon Ball Z films, and the waves of merchandise that was tied in, I guess the thought of a new Dragon Ball TV series shouldn't come as a surprise. The Akira Toriyama wri...

Corgi power photo

This corgi's costume is over 9,000

Cosplay? Corgsplay? With their long shape, oversized head, and ridiculous features, Welsh Corgis make the best costume dogs. And as members of the herding dog group, they're a perfect fit as scouter users. I almost couldn't believe the pati...

Dragon Ball photo

Dragon Ball Z's Androids names revealed

Did you ever feel like you didn't know enough about the young, hip Androids 17 & 18 from Dragon Ball Z? Well, thanks to Akira Toriyama answering questions in a Q&A column, we finally know the names of our favorite androids/cyborgs/w...

It's Over 9000 in Spanish photo

Kaio-ken! It's Over 9000 powers up into a Spanish release

So I was just thinking about my brief time with the Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Z, and all of the sudden, Derek Padula's latest book known as It's Over 9,000! When Worldviews Collides has been published in Spanish! Para las personas que solo...

Dragonball Z BATTLE OF Z photo

Dragonball Z BATTLE OF Z coming to lots of consoles

Dragon Ball Z BATTLE OF Z is an awful name. Far be it from me to judge Bandai Namco's naming sense though.  What is BATTLE OF Z you ask? It's the latest Dragon Ball Z game from the folks over at Bandai Namco, and it's slated to hit the...

La Cumbia de Goku  photo

La Cumbia de Goku transforms the Spirit Bomb into a dance

Well, I never thought that I would live to see the day that we get a Cumbia song about Dragon Ball Z. Jumping into the Fusion Dance, two Mexican music groups known as Cañada de la Cumbia and Los Weyes Que Tocan join forces...

DBZ Battle of Gods Review photo

Import Review: Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

I spent a good portion of my childhood devouring anything with the Dragon Ball Z brand on it. School would end, and I'd rush home to catch the latest episode of the Cell Saga on Cartoon Network's Toonami block. Everyday meant another n...

Jump-shot Dragon Ball photo

This fun trend in photography is jump-shot Dragon Ball

It's great the hilarious and awesome things you can do just by getting your timing right. The cool results this time come straight from schoolgirls all over Glorious Nippon getting into the habit of "fake Dragon Ball" photography, taking pi...

DBZ Food photo

Goku's hair has never looked this delicious before

It looks like KFC isn't the only place doing interesting promotional products for the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods movies. Instead of just making some silly toy, Japanese convenience store chain, Mini-Stop have come ...

DBZ KFC photo

Son Goku's secret is eating KFC

Ever wonder why Son Goku's power level is so high? It's because he gets down on some fried chicken! A new commercial is airing in Japan, advertising the new KFC, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods promotion. Even though getting Dragon Ball ...


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods gets a hype filled trailer

As hype for the new Dragon Ball Z film, Battle of Gods, continues to build, Toei has released a brand new trailer with quite a bit of new footage. This time we get to take a look at the weird rabbit-like villain of the film, Bills, and his...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: FLOW

Ready to add some energy to your Tuesday? We have that and then some, in the form of the hot new single from Japan's premiere rockers, FLOW. Their new single, Hero ~Kibou no Uta is chock full of their expected funkiness and ...


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods gets a new TV spot

Eighteen years after the original manga ended its serialization, Dragon Ball Z is still one of the most popular media franchises in all of Japan. It's not rare to see dozens of kids at school carrying some form of Dragon Ball Z paraphernal...


Toriyama's Kintoki manga arrives next week

If you check out the new issue of the digital Weekly Shonen Jump, you'll see that Viz will be bringing the one-shot manga Kintoki. The short story is created by non other than Dragon Ball's Akira Toriyama, also responsible for creating one ...


KFC serves up some tasty Gohan

Man, KFC in Japan is so much cooler than the one by my house. When I've gone to pick up an order they've even once told me they are out of chicken. How does a fried chicken joint run out of fried chicken? In Japan they don't seem to have a ...


Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods trailer is here

It's been a while, but it looks like Son-Goku and his pals haven't missed a step. The Toriyama team returns on March 30th of next year with the new feature length film, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods. The flick picks up 10 years after the e...


Jumping to HD with Project Versus J

With plenty of Shonen Jump characters earning their own HD games this generation, it seemed a little saddening that the 'Stars' series found on the Nintendo DS never found its way onto home consoles. Not that the awesome pixel art in the ex...


Naruto Ninja Storm 3 features Dragon Ball Z outfit, more

Hey, you know what's big in Europe? Naruto, apparently, if the flood of news for Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is any indication. I mean, sure, Naruto's big pretty much anywhere it is, but lately it's been events and trailers out of t...


Remember, London MCM Expo begins on the 26th

Get that cosplay ready, as there are only two weeks between now and the next London MCM Expo. As per usual there will be plenty to get up to, but let's take a look at the video games and guests that'll be turning up! Namco Bandai will once ...


Japanator Recommends: It's Over 9000!

For the record, as many of you may well be aware, I'm a bit of a Vegeta fangirl. We're talking massive amounts of fanfiction, being banned from the school library back in 6th grade for printing 100 pages of Vegeta pictures, and carrying aro...


Sweeping landscapes, Goku tease new Dragon Ball Z movie

A new Dragon Ball Z film is on the way, but unfortunately for folks who want more concrete information, this landscape crawl and Goku smirking is all you're going to get...for now. After all, it's far too early to truly rev up the hyp...


Rejoice, a new Dragon Ball movie is on the horizon

Because another movie about Dragon Ball is exactly what the world needs, right? Actually, I might not be entirely sarcastic there. Shonen fight properties have gotten complacent. We need some dudes above the nine-thousand mark to come in an...


Friday Night Fights: Goku vs. Luffy

*Ding Ding Ding* IT'S OVER!! Flying around and wearing him out, Eva Unit 01 couldn't run away. Zeta Gundam is the winner! (23 > 15) For tonight's match up we have a battle for the ages. In one corner we have Goku. The always training, ma...


Reminder: London MCM Expo starts on the 25th

It's almost that time again, as us folk in the UK are now less than a week away from the next London MCM Expo. It seems like it'll be another good turn out, as many different guests and exhibitors have announced their participation. If you'...


Despair, the next Dragon Ball Budokai game'll be the last

In the same way that the average Dragon Ball Z fight could seemingly go on forever, one might be forgiven for thinking that the same could be true of games based on Dragon Ball Z as well. It's been nearly a decade since the last thing that ...


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