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CHA LA photo

Brave man sings Dragonball Z theme for The Voice Thailand

If you're unfamiliar with The Voice, it's a show where a singers attempt to grab the attention of four famous singers with nothing but their voice. But it's never been that interesting to us until now. 35 year old Ditthawat Chaikaewruc...

Xenoverse 2  photo

Bandai Namco announces Dragonball Xenoverse 2

With E3 a little under a month away, expect all sorts of announcements. One of cede announcements is Bandai Namco's Dragonball Xenoverse 2. After a weird countdown clock that kept breaking suddenly, and waiting only a year after the first ...

What Would You Do? photo

What Would You Do? The Death of Goku

[Ed. Note: What Would You Do? is a new column run by our newest contributor Lindo Korchi, examining popular scenarios from anime to develop a proper plan of action (or inaction) for any situation.] When it comes to the Dragon Ball Z unive...

Dragon Ball Nine-Nine photo

Fusion, Ha: Dragon Ball Z and Brooklyn Nine-Nine collide

[Disclosure: Salvador is friends with BlueBandanaJake. No relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this post.] Never in a million years would I have thought to see Dragon Ball Z and the police-themed comedy show Bro...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Review: Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butoden

I think every 90's kid remembers Dragon Ball Z as their first foray into anime and was eagerly anticipating a decent Dragon Ball Z game. We waited, and waited and then sometime during the noughties there was an explosion of yearly Dragon Ba...

Momoiro Clover Z photo

Momoiro Clover Z get the full Dragon Ball treatment

The ladies of Momoiro Clover Z finally get to earn that Z at the end of their name. As the cover of their upcoming single for Z no Chikai, the girls have been illustrated by non other than Dragon Ball series creator, Akira Toriyama! I didn'...

Dragon Ball Z photo

New Dragon Ball Z movie features Frieza's final final form

Grab your capsule corp jackets and set your scouters for power levels because last Sunday saw the release of a new Dragon Ball Z movie trailer. Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F (Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F) features the ret...

Dragon Ball Z fan film photo

Now here's a Dragon Ball Z fan film that gets it right

Today seems to be a banner day for notable and/or impressive fan creations, so let's keep the ball rolling. Remember Dragon Ball: Evolution? If you're lucky enough not to, it was quite awful. This new project, Dragon Ball Z: The Light of H...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Frieza will return in 2015

The previously announced Dragon Ball Z movie, slated for 2015 has released its first key visual, and it's one that's going to drum up some reaction. Yes, it looks like Frieza is coming back. In the upcoming Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F...

Dragon Ball Z photo

A New Dragon Ball Z film is expected next year

The new issue of V Jump has announced information that a new Dragon Ball Z film will be released on April 25th of 2015. There's very few details at this time, besides the fact very exciting fact that Akira Toriyama will be developing the st...

Music photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Leo Ieiri

Man, 19 year old Fukuoka native Leo leiri is on fire. She's been churning out hit after hit over the last couple of years, and the inertia doesn't seem to be slowing down. Her newest song, Junjou is the new ending for Dragonball Z Kai. I'm...

Dragon Ball photo

Dragon Ball Z's Androids names revealed

Did you ever feel like you didn't know enough about the young, hip Androids 17 & 18 from Dragon Ball Z? Well, thanks to Akira Toriyama answering questions in a Q&A column, we finally know the names of our favorite androids/cyborgs/w...

Dragon Ball Kai photo

Dragon Ball Kai's Buu saga will last almost a year and a half

Dragon Ball Kai has quite a noble goal in trying to cut out all of the added fluff from the original Dragon Ball Z series. Even though I'd seen the original series in its entirety, as well as plenty of times via Toonami as a kid, Kai was en...

DBZ Fanfic photo

King Vegeta's Queen

My name is Akiko. I am the last female Saiyan, and I have finally found King Vegeta.To others, he may be a prince, but he is the king of my heart. I've been searching for so long. And I've finally found him. I've been watching, you see, w...

DBZ Kai news photo

New episodes of Dragon Ball Z Kai to premiere this Spring

Excellent news for Dragon Ball fans who may have felt short-changed following the decision to nix the Majin Buu saga from the recently-remastered Dragon Ball Z Kai. New episodes are finally scheduled to air this Spring. The 2...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Son Goku's mother to be revealed next month

I never put much thought into Son Goku's origins. I just knew he was the son of Bardock and left it at that. Being that I was a kid when I was watching Dragon Ball, the science behind Goku's inception didn't go though my head. I guess I kin...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Ryan Higa becomes Goku

For some reason, I've been coming across some pretty cool videos recently. The Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth character video, the Attack on Titan commercial, and now this one!  As far as YouTube stars go, I've watched Nigahiga si...

DBZ Abrdiged photo

Dragon Ball Z Abridged updates with new episodes

It's been awhile, having taken a breather to release a parody of Attack on Titan, but the folks at Team Four Star are back with new episodes of their popular cult-parody series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged. If you've been following it to date, ...

Dragon Ball Z photo

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z lacks Japanese voice track

Despite what was printed on its packaging, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z on the PlayStation Vita will only feature an English voice track in its upcoming release. In a press release by Namco Bandai Europe, the company apologized for the mistak...

Video game photo

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer touts online co-op

Here's a recent trailer from Namco's upcoming 3D brawler, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z. The clip supposedly covers some of the online functionality featured in the game, which allows up to 8 players to engage in a 4 on 4 battle, or battle ro...

Battle of Z Trailer photo

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z trailer arrives at JUMP FESTA

What's this? A new face in a Dragon Ball Z game? Indeed there is, as the latest installment of the console beat-em-up games will feature Beerus from the most recent film; Battle of Gods. There seems to be quite a substantial collection of ...

Otaku Goods photo

Dragon Ball Z hair wax is like Gatsby for Saiyans

I'm sure there are some of you out there who dream of styling your hair like a super Saiyan, but have yet to find a suitable way of spiking your hair into a giant golden cone without having to rely on buckets of hairspray or industrial stre...

TGS 2013 J-Stars photo

TGS 2013: Offscreen J-Star Victory VS footage

I wrote a short preview for J-Stars Victory VS earlier today, and now I have video of the game in action.  This is a complete single player match that I think does a good job of showing what J-Stars is all about. Check it out above an...

TGS 2013 J-Stars photo

TGS 2013: Jumping in with J-Stars Victory VS

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that nearly three quarters of Namco Bandai's Tokyo Game Show booth is composed of Shonen Jump games.  Perhaps the biggest of the bunch is J-Stars Victory VS for the PS3 and the Vita. A four player versus...

Japanator Arena photo

Japanator Arena: Mr. Satan vs Don Kanonji

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Gurren Lagann was being knocked around by Asura to the point where the entire universe trembled! The Tengen Toppa was tossing galaxies back and forth, which resulted in Asura deflecting them with his pure stren...

DBZ: Battle of Z photo

New details arrive for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z

I still think Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a dumb name. No amount of new information about it will change my mind about that, but at least the game itself sounds like a good time. Our peeps at Destructoid are reporting that the eight playe...


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