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Hug shirt photo

This T-shirt lets you hug your waifu in public

At one point in time, Japanator Writer Red Veron attempted the sacred ritual to make anime real. Of course, the whole thing didn't go as planned and we were forced to accept the truth. Luckily, someone decided to create a shirt that'll help...

Kaixa Day photo

Kaixa Day is upon us

[Update: I added an extra Kaixa piece to the post.] [Disclosure: Salvador is friends with Xian. No relationships, professional or personal, were factored into posting his piece.  Once again, it's time for us to treat everyone around us...

Kaixa Day photo

It's time to celebrate Kaixa Day!

Ladies and Gentlemen. The numbers have aligned for us to open our eyes for the festivity known as Kaixa Day. As always, Kohei Murakami, the guy who plays as Masato Kusaka/Kamen Rider Kaixa from Kamen Rider 555, has updated his blog with an...

Magiranger photo

Happy Tenth Anniversary, Mahou Sentai Magiranger!

Today may be Friday the 13th, but that doesn’t mean that we’re in for a heap of bad luck. In fact, Mahou Sentai Magiranger tenth anniversary has landed on Feb. 13, 2015, which means that magic triumphs over random superstitions....

Kaixa Day photo

Happy Kaixa Day!

It's Sept. 13th, and it's time to celebrate an important holiday. Today marks the special day that's dedicated to Masato Kusaka, a.k.a. Kamen Rider Kaixa. Due to the fact that the guy dials 9-1-3 on his Kaixa Phone before he transforms, man...

Fanart photo

East meets West in manga comic tribute

Comic Book Resources has a weekly column where a stable of artists draw fan requests, compiled by theme. A recent post collected western redesigns of anime and manga characters -- something distinctly up our alley. The image in the header w...

Crimea photo

Cri-moe-a: Natalia Poklonskaya responds to getting anime-fied

Depending on where you get your news, the recent actions of the Russian government in the Ukrainian state of Crimea could be a correction of a historical mistake or the violation of a nation's sovereignty...or it could be an opportunity to ...

Spance Daddy photo

Spance Daddy; he's a daddy guy... in spance

Earlier this week, our friends over at Destructoid stumbled across this little Tumblr account chronicling the adventures of Spance Daddy. I wasn't sure it'd be worth sharing with everyone, but sadly I found the comic more enjoyable tha...

Ai Candy photo

Ai Candy: Snow Days

Because we can never have enough pretty pictures here at Japanator, it's time for some Ai Candy: awesome fan art that we think you may enjoy. To kick things off, our first theme is characters frolicking in a winter wonderland, i.e. snow. No...

Kill la Kill photo

A day in the life of Senketsu

If you had your own Senktesu, what would you do with him? Wear him? Use his abilities to take down an oppressive school leadership system? Or perhaps just tuck him gently into bed. That's what a Japanese Kill la Kill fan ma_o_ji did, after ...

Nerd jewelry photo

Subtle nerdy jewelry: Legend of Zelda key necklaces

It isn't uncommon to see folks wearing keys as jewelry, and for those nerds who like their geekdom to show, but subtly, a Small Key (or alternatively, Boss Key), might be just what you need. No heroic quests or magical abilities necessary. ...

Doujinshi photo

The doujinshi fanzine industry is worth a lot of money

I suppose it should go without saying for some more savvy otaku, but the fan-comic industry (aka doujinshi) is pretty big in Japan. That said, not everyone knows just how big it is. Until now. A representative from Comitia, a doujinshi fest...

Cool art photo

Game of Thrones meets feudal Japan

A Japanese Game of Thrones fan called Seiji has created a series of woodblock prints depicting scenes from Westeros as if they occurred in feudal Japan. There are eight images in all, and after making some waves where they were originally p...

Birthday Gallery photo

Happy birthday, Gaara!

I haven't kept up with the on-goings of Naruto and friends in a while, but one thing that has been consistent is my love for Gaara. Finding great artwork dedicated to today's birthday boy wasn't too hard, though limiting my gallery to a rea...

Pokemon Art photo

Every Pokemon ever scaled in one handy chart

When I saw this chart by DOTBstudios, which factors in all 649 Pokémon and sets them up in order and in scale with each other, I thought, "If ever I needed something to be a thing I can buy, this is it." And guess what? You can buy i...

Birthday Gallery photo

Happy birthday, Utena Tenjou!

Utena Tenjou, the Revolutionary Girl, turns 17 today! And all these years later, she still inspires some beautiful artwork of which I've chosen a modest sample to share with you. Well, to be precise, a sample of 17 images since that's the m...

Birthday Gallery photo

Happy birthday, Kagamine twins!

Today, December 27th, the Kagamine twins Rin and Len turn six years old. Though they're perpetually 14, there's always a steady flow of art, new costumes, and updated music for all members of the Vocaloid world, so let's enjoy some of it in...

Pokemon photo

Don't leave on Pokemon adventures without a field guide

Kari Fry is so dedicated to your success as a Pokémon trainer that she created a beautiful field guide to all things Kanto. It kind of flew under our radar - this book was released at the end of November and it sold out last week - b...

Pokemon Art photo

Delightful Pokemon paintings by Kat Brunnegraff

Kat Brunnegraff is no stranger to us over at sister site Tomopop since she customizes toys. But this time around, she's appearing on Japanator for some fabulous Pokémon paintings I didn't know she created until Toysrevil showed off h...

Birthday Gallery photo

Happy birthday, Fuu Hououji!

Happy birthday to Fuu, the ever-gentle, ever-green (at least in eyes and dress) Magic Knight who stole my heart so many years ago. I always did like her powers and humor, and green is my favorite color. That and she was an amazing archer be...

Ai-Fi photo

Help me I'm addicted to Ai-Fi

Hey, you guys? I have a problem: I can't stop drawing Ai-Fi, the Japanator mascot. "Now Karen," you may be thinking, "How is that a problem? I love that Ai-Fi, she's lovely." Yes she is, but here's the thing: I can't draw anything else. I o...

Cookie Clicker photo

Cookie Clicker takes on Japan

Cookie Clicker is the latest browser-based game sweeping the nation. Yes, it's all there in the name: you click cookies. Once you click enough, you can spend those cookies on items to generate cookies for you... which in turn make more cook...

Attack on Titan photo

Fan created attempt at animating Attack on Titan

There are a lot of Attack on Titan fans out there and I do mean A LOT. But have you ever been so much of a fan that you try and reanimate an episode from the show? Nope, neither have I, but one person did and it's hilarious!  As you w...

Gargantia fanart photo

Behold, the winners of the Gargantia fan chara contest

Well, it took a while for Production I.G. to decide, but it seems that the people behind Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet have picked a gaggle of winners for their big fan-created character contest last month. The Pixiv legions delive...

Smash Bros Fanart photo

Super Smash Brothers' new fighters inspire Japanese nerds

One of the things I love most about otaku culture is how quickly its most creative elements can jump on a fun bit of news. And there was little news that was more fun than the roster update for Nintendo's upcoming Super Smash Brothers ...

Crossbone Gundam fan OP photo

YES: Crossbone Gundam gets a sweet new fan made opening

Back in pretend college, a good friend of mine told me about a Universal Century Gundam manga known as Crossbone Gundam. Just as the title implies, the manga contains pirate themed Gundams. After I got the chance to dive into the first man...


Feast your eyes on these rad fan animated Pokemon gifs

During the past few weeks, my friend Jake Guevara has been working on animating every Pokemon known to existence. Whether he finishes or not will depend on his sheer determination to animate them all. At the moment, Jake has animated the th...


Namco celebrates Dig Dug's 30 anniversary with webcomics

Despite being well-known these days for franchises like Tekken, Soulcalibur, and Tales, Namco Bandai has a bunch of old franchises that don't see much love lately. That's why they made ShiftyLook, an online platform that takes old games lik...


Fan-made Catherine covers feature everyone but Catherine

Hang on, folks, it seems the Catherine cover has achieved full-blown art meme status. Some fine Japanese artists have taken it upon themselves to switch out all sorts of characters for Catherine, Katherine, and Vincent and the Sheep as they...


Please, fund this Harry Potter anime or manga adaptation

But only if they'll be using the amazing concept art below, which blasted through the internet-tubes faster than a Golden Snitch on rocket boosters. Don't look at it if you haven't read the last couple of books yet, though. Thar be spoilers...


Large Bagel is the best manga of all ages

Have you heard of the sensation Large Bagel yet? Well, not many have, but consider this your wake-up call: Large Bagel is the most sugoi kawaii manga you have ever read. No, seriously! Never before has a piece of work been considered t...


Featured Fan Art: Hayaken

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the regular Japanator gallery post that hasn't actually been "regular" in quite a while. That's a mistake that needs rectifying.That in mind, our partner in problem-solving this week is the artist know...


Featured Fan Art: Akasha K-ON!-izes the K-ON! voice cast

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the Japanator weekly gallery post that secretly loves watching K-ON!! and does care that KyoAni made unique character designs for every other girl in the classroom.Despite the mention of the "other" gi...


Featured Fan Art: Osamu

Welcome to a new installment of Featured Fan Art, the now bi-weekly Japanator gallery post that is angry! Angry, it tells you! Angry that Tales of Vesperia fan art only reminds it that the complete, proper PlayStation 3 edition is not out y...


Featured Fan Art: Macco

Welcome to another installment of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator weekly gallery post that is increasingly concerned about, yet still impressed by, the dominance of high-quality Touhou and Vocaloid works.Today's featured artist is one of th...


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