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Featured Fan Art: Makacoon and the Iron Manga

Welcome to another edition of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator spotlight that watched Iron Man 2 this weekend!As mentioned in italics above, I watched Iron Man 2 this weekend, and thought it was great. To honor his superheroism, I had intend...


Featured Fan Art: Wakaba

Welcome to another installment of Featured Fan Art...and Windows 7 was ITS idea!Today's featured fan artist may well be known to PC gamers with a taste for things Japanese, as he (or she) is the creative mind behind Nanami Madobe, who is in...


Featured Fan Art: Niwatori Kokezu

[Welcome to another installment of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator weekly spotlight that is finding it increasingly difficult to seek out artists NOT obsessed with Touhou or Vocaloids]And one of those artists is known as Niwatori Kokezu, wh...


Star Wars Ukiyo-e art almost makes up for the prequels

I was thinking of saving this piece for an installment of Featured Fan Art, but this was too good to leave for a lazy Sunday afternoon post.It's called "Samurai Wars" and is cartoonist Steve Bialik's humble attempt to reinterpret ...


Featured Fan Art: Tell Me

[Welcome to another edition of Featured Fan Art, where Japanator puts the spotlight on fan artists who, among other things, use strange English pseudonyms]Today's strangely pseudo-named fan artist is known as "Tell Me", and flew i...


Featured Fan Art: Netae Okiba

[It's another installment of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature I hope you didn't notice is a day late!]I have a perfect excuse for why today's Featured Fan Art is late, and it's because I love this particular fan artist so much that I...


Featured Fan Art: Ryou

Welcome to another installment of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature that makes you wish all these fan artists would quit changing their pseudonyms already, it's hard enough trying to keep up with their gallery updates!One of the fan a...


Featured Fan Art: NPN

[Welcome to another installment of Featured Fan Art, the weekly Japanator feature that makes you wish you used a more common monitor resolution. If you're a fan artist looking to get on our front page, or know of one, don't hesitate to send...


Featured Fan Art: Banjoo

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the weekly spotlight that adds to your ever-growing repository of "Images to Reproportion for Wallpaper-size".Today's featured fan artist is known as "Banjoo." Banjoo's body of work is not pa...


Featured Fan Art: Runshin's SNK Celebration

[Welcome to another edition of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature that makes you wish you could draw so that you couldbe featured on Japanator's Featured Fan art feature.]Update: DeviantArt gallery link fixed. Apologies to Runshin for ...


Featured Fan Art: Tsuyomaru

Welcome to Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature that makes you curse the artists that refuse to use wallpaper-friendly aspect ratios.Well, you would curse them if their fan art wasn't fantastic.Today's featured fan artist is known as &qu...


Tiny Kitten Teeth's Catbus Babies

An art gallery in Alhambra, California by the name of Nucleus, a "welcoming gathering place for the art loving community...offering quality art, art-related goods, and rarities," is taking submissions. "Oh," you say from...


Featured Fan Art: Iwamitsu Ryuichi

Welcome to of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature that makes you put off tagging all your images for another day.This week we highlight the work of the Ryuichi Iwamitsu, otherwise known as "Ryu," otherwise known as "Ryu's Form Site." As...


Animekaki means anime oekaki which means I'M VERY BUSY

I have found the procrastination tool to end all procrastination tools. If you have any inclinations towards drawing and find that you just aren't spending quite enough time procrastinating, come over to Animekaki, an oekaki site themed aro...


Featured Fan Art: Falcoon

[Welcome, friends and right-click-savers, to another edition of Featured Fan Art, where we highlight and explore the best fandom-induced scribbles we can find.]Today's featured artist has been around for quite a while, and fighting game fan...


Featured Fan Art: MightyOtaking

Behold: the rebirth of the Featured Fan Art column! Tune in every week as we profile the work of some of the fandom's best creative talent. If you have an artist you think deserves recognition, let us know by emailing our tip line. Just put...


Super Helpful Anime Recap!

Here at Japanator, we watch all of the latest anime: it's our job. Sometimes a staff member might say something like "Oh, that show was ungodly awful, so I dropped it", but don't be fooled- they're just being modest. We have to pr...


Confessions of a (bad) fan artist

Japanator has often taken a moment to celebrate good fanart, but as we all know, not all fanart is good; in fact, the grand majority of it is nothing to write home about. I think it's about time to take a look at some fanart on the other en...


Confession 9: Sheryl Nome

Hey! Hey Sheryl!I haven't seen you in a while! How have you been?It's been so long since we last talked, Sheryl. What have you been up to? Had your panties stolen by any Vajra larva recently?*SMACK*OUCH! Okay, okay, I shouldn't have brought...


Featured Fan Art: Bonnie Tang

When going around at conventions, I always love to take a look through the artist's alley, because you're bound to discover some amazing. And so that's what Featured Fan Art highlights: the best and brightest in talent. So this week, I'd li...


Doctor Who anime project continues

You may recall that we showed you the very first stirrings of a Doctor Who anime project earlier this year. Well, creator Paul "OtaKing" Johnson has kept at it, releasing a couple more short clips from the project.Johnson's streng...


First look at the new Final Fantasy VII anime series

There can be no debate. Final Fantasy VII is far and away the most popular game in the never ending series. There have been a few minor spin-offs as well as the monumental full-length animated movie Advent Children. It was really only a m...


Pixiv's tribute to Michael Jackson

Omo pointed out to me Hinano's post highlighting the artwork the Pixiv collection has put out, following the death of Michael Jackson. No matter what your opinion of the man may have been, he certainly did touch the lives of many. His music...


If Doctor Who were to be an anime

I'm sure we've all had the thought of having one of our favorite non-Japanese shows or movies being adapted into anime before, well one fan has done just that. Paul "Otaking" Johnson, as you may remember him for trying to create a...


Berserk fan-made short film is fan-tastic

Fan made films based off anime are usually hit or miss, with a lot more falling on the miss side; well, I guess the same goes for professionally made ones as well. When they are a hit, like this video, it feels like such an accomplishment...


The Rise and Fall of Fansubs: An Anime fansub documentary

In case you are wondering, the world of fansubs—much like the Roman empire—has fallen; well according to the Otaking it has. It has fallen so far, and hit every branch along the way that Otaking believed it was necessary to spe...


From fanboys to fanmen: Star Blazers takes you there

It goes without saying, but the late 1970's was a vastly different place than the world today. The information super tubes were much smaller and much more restricted. If you were a fan of something like a TV show, you took what you got. I...


Fun Friday AMVs: Yuri The Only One

Here is an AMV you never thought was possible, a home-made AMV that features both original animation and original music. Yes, that’s original animation, meaning it’s not from anything you have ever seen before. Yuri The Only O...


Featured Fan Artist: Kuri-chan?

This week’s Featured Fan Artist is Kuri-chan, or that is what I think this artist name is (I can’t read moon runes so I can’t confirm it.) Anyways, that is not important, what is important is what this artist draws. It&r...


Featured Fan Artist: Captainosaka

Captainosaka happens to be one of my favorite fan artists for a while now. How can I not love a man who draws Gurren Lagann and One Piece fan art? What Captainosaka does best however is his spin-on, I mean spin-off series based off of Gurre...


[email protected] Tactics

Oh, how I love to post things that only true otaku could appreciate; this video is no exception. To appreciate this, you'd have to know of the many wonders of Square's strategy RPG masterpiece, Final Fantasy Tactics. The game's introductio...


Featured Fan Artist: Garun

This week’s Featured Fan Artist is a Thai artist known as Garun. He specializes in fantasy artwork that has that anime charm that we all know and love. What I quickly seemed to pick up on is his love of the elements, and how each pi...


Featured Fan Artist: Yanimator

Welcome to Featured Fan Artist, a new feature where we, (not always me) will be discussing a fan artist that concentrates on drawing things within anime and manga. At this point I can’t tell you whether this will be a weekly post, a...


Weekend Japanatainment: The worst anime ever, edition!

I have to tell you something Japanator, I think I'm addicted. I am addicted to this ‘anime’-like abortion known as Tokyo Crystal Mew. What is Tokyo Crystal Mew? Well, imagine if you gave a twelve-year-old girl MS Paint, her f...


White Shirt Contest

Okay, so it's not so much a contest as it is a slide show, and everyone wins in this case (well, except the people that don't dig this kind of stuff). If you like your anime/manga girls' fanart in men's button up shirts and almost nothing...


Mega Man Rocks! Man!

Matthew unearthed the original version of this song back in March. Since then it has morphed, losing a bit of its crappy charm, but also gaining a-hole-lot of awesome. It's a fan created take on the Mega Man (Rock Man if you're nasty) the...



VG Cats is the super nerdy and super sweet web comic created by Scott Ramsoomair. Its video game parodies ooze with style and even provide the occasional insightful look into the absurdity our various geeky hobbies. (This one is easily my...


Incredible Paper-Craft RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam

As if putting together the regular Gundam kits wasn't tough enough, now we have an amazing paper-craft kit to further blow our minds. Paper-craftsman June has constructed this incredibly detailed RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam entirely out of paper...


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