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Star Wars Samurai  photo

What if Star Wars was a black-and-white samurai film?

As many folks prepare for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story's theatrical premiere, the gang at Beat Down Boogie have prepared a Star Wars fan short, Star Wars Samurai: The Blind Jedi, that's inspired by Akira Kurosawa's stuff and the Zatoichi mo...

Metroid photo

Liven up your day with a new Metroid-inspired tune

[Disclaimer: Jayson Napolitano wrote for Japanator. No relationships, professional or personal, were factored into this post.] With the month that commemorates the Metroid franchise's 30th anniversary coming to a close, the video games reco...

Dragon Ball Nine-Nine photo

Fusion, Ha: Dragon Ball Z and Brooklyn Nine-Nine collide

[Disclosure: Salvador is friends with BlueBandanaJake. No relationships, personal or professional, were factored into this post.] Never in a million years would I have thought to see Dragon Ball Z and the police-themed comedy show Bro...

VS GAG photo

What if Darth Vader and Kamen Rider Black RX crossed swords?

Ever since Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens hit theaters last month, I was in the mood for seeing someone do a video where a Jedi or Sith fights one of the various heroes from tokusatsu who wields an energy sword. Lo and behold, my...

Hang Em Hyrule photo

What if The Legend of Zelda took place in the Wild West?

When the folks at Beatdown Boogie aren't shooting at a con, they go behind the set to create their own special projects. In their latest video, the group gives us a taste of how The Legend fo Zelda would turn as a spaghetti western. From t...

Nier New Project photo

Nier, of all things, gets a musical tribute (and a sequel)

One of the least-expected bits of news out of E3 came from Square Enix, who were on a roll with that Final Fantasy VII remake announcement. Of course, that particular project had long been rumored and treated as something of an eventu...

Dragon Ball Z fan film photo

Now here's a Dragon Ball Z fan film that gets it right

Today seems to be a banner day for notable and/or impressive fan creations, so let's keep the ball rolling. Remember Dragon Ball: Evolution? If you're lucky enough not to, it was quite awful. This new project, Dragon Ball Z: The Light of H...

Japanese Doctor Who photo

What if Doctor Who were a 70s/80s tokusatsu show?

Have you ever wondered what your favorite show would be like if it was made into a toku show? Well, Joshua Kahan managed to answer this question for many viewers with his latest video, Japanese Doctor Who. As a person who's been deciding o...

The Akira Project photo

The Akira Project is out: Watch the whole thing here

Well, that was quick. Just last week CineGround's crowdfunded adaptation of Katsuhiro Otomo's masterpiece was giving folks a peek behind the curtain, but after a few days, it looks like this weekend was the day to unleash the finished prod...

Love Live! photo

Stop-motion gunpla video tunes to Love Live dancing

I always thought the world would be a funnier place to live in if we replaced more things with giant robots. The above video demonstrates the point well. For those of you who aren't enjoying the second season of Love Live!, there's a compa...

Attack on Titan photo

Attack on Titan and Titanfall collide

If you've been listening to Jtor AM, you know Tim and I have been talking about Titanfall plenty these past few weeks -- and with good reason. Who doesn't love giant robots plummeting from the sky, ready to do battle? No one. I'm positive....

Akira photo

Fans make a live action Akira trailer

Who doesn't love Akira? It's such a good film, and recently there has been such much going on for it. The live action film was being talked about, and Toonami recently aired it on their channel.  Well fans have taken it to the next le...

Robotech photo

Robotech Movie gets fan remaster

As much as I've loved any franchise, I don't think I've put as much work into anything as much as Robotech Motion Comics has in this video they posted back in November of 2013. In it, they remastered Robotech: The Movie by pulling footage f...

DBZ Abrdiged photo

Dragon Ball Z Abridged updates with new episodes

It's been awhile, having taken a breather to release a parody of Attack on Titan, but the folks at Team Four Star are back with new episodes of their popular cult-parody series, Dragon Ball Z Abridged. If you've been following it to date, ...

Sailor Moon photo

Iron Man is the latest addition to Sailor Moon cast

Let's start the week off right: with Iron Man dramatically jumping into his suit in the style of the Sailor Moon S transformation. I don't think I really need to tell you anything else, so click that play button and come back to me in a mi...

Fan videos photo

Fans really get into Sorcery Saga

If you've ever listened to our Jtor AM podcast, then you probably know that I've been obsessing over the PS Vita game Sorcery Saga: Curse of the Great Curry God. The game only came out a few days ago on Dec. 10, but I've already logged som...

AMV photo

Finally, A Polar Bear Cafe AMV

You know what keeps me up at night? The lack of good Polar Bear Cafe fan videos. Sure, I could stay awake worrying about the economy, socio-political instability or the wide variety of toxic chemicals surely present in my favorite prepacka...

Attack on Titan photo

Attack on Titan opening made with cats

Here we go: an Attack on Titan parody featuring cats! A very dedicated fan took his cat and placed it in front of a blue-screen along with a miniature town he built, then proceeded to make the best AoT opening parody yet (maybe). He spent ...


Know of an awesome weapon? This guy has probably made it.

When I was younger, I wanted a Master Sword. Never mind that I'd never be able to travel from house to house and whack away at some bushes, I just wanted to have one to look at. When I got older and started attending conventions, I saw that...

fanart photo

Look, it's chibi Sailor Moon

I've been playing around with Polymer clay lately, and thought it might be a fun project to try to make some tiny little anime characters. Fortunately, I found Youtube user Pink Sugar Cotton's channel, where he/she demonstrates how to make...

Fan Videos photo

Fangirl summarizes Free! for you

I wrote up my final impressions of Free! a couple of days ago, but I guess it's possible that some of you haven't seen KyoAni's swimming opus yet. For those of you regretfully still in that category, you don't necessarily have to commit to...


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