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There's a badass weasel in the next Gundam Build series

It looks 2018 will bring us more Gundam Build shows. So why am I leaving the "Fighters" part out of the title?  Well, it turns out that the next anime about Gunpla battles shall be known as Gundam Build Divers. Based on its prolog...

Anime Expo '17 photo

Meet the real Meijin Kawaguchi at Anime Expo '17

Now here's a familiar name from an awesome Gundam anime. It turns out that Bluefin will have the Master of GunPla (Gundam and plastic fused together), Meijin Kawaguchi, appear at this year's Anime Expo. Of course, the person attending ...

Gundam Unicorn photo

Final volume of Gundam Unicorn gets another trailer

It's been four long years, but we're finally at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. The OVA series, extended to seven episodes from the original solicitation of six, premieres its final episode in several Japanese theaters on May 16, wi...

Gundam BF photo

Final Impressions: Gundam Build Fighters

It’s finally at an end. After 25 episodes of unfiltered Gundam love, Build Fighters has reached its climax. Starting off as a kid who couldn’t find the right pilot for his beloved gunpla, Sei has gone farther than he ever could ...

Gundam BF photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 23 & 24

Gundam Build Fighters has been coming to this point during its entire run. As more of the competitors were eliminated from the general tournament, it was pretty clear that Sei and Reiji would be facing off against their senpai, Yuuki. Their...

 from  tomopop
Gunpla photo

Gunpla Banzai: Barnes & Noble selling Gunpla kits

It's actually funny: For as much access as North American anime fans have to Japan's pop culture output these days, there really are some things that are still difficult to find over there. For example, it's easy to get your eyeballs on lic...

Gundam BF photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 22

The episode title Meijin vs Meijin confused me. I mean, at this point the only Meijin is Yuuki. I was thinking that there’d be a dark horse that would ride on in and take over at this point. The preview showed a young-looking guy, so ...

Gundam BF photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 20 & 21

We’re getting close to the end now. We’ve got the last battle to determine the Elite Four of the Gunpla World Championships. It’s a battle between “Italian Dandy” Ricardo Fellini and Aila, the stoic lover of me...

Gundam BF photo

Get a golden Bearguy III with second Gundam BF Blu-ray

As you may have read, I'm quite fond of Gundam Build Fighters. The show is pure fun and knows how to craft some amazing battles from a fairly silly premise. That said, it's a glorified gunpla commercial. Well, you can argue that every Gunda...

Gundam BF photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episode 19

Next up in the quarter-finals are Sei and Reiji versus Nils Nielsen. It’s a battle between a pair of kids that are all about gunpla and a kid who could care less about it; all Nils wants are the secrets behind the Plavsky Particle, an...

Gundam Build Fighters photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters Episode 13-16

Alright, now we're all caught up! Let me tell you, catching up to Gundam Build Fighters has been an entertaining affair. For one, it's been a blast to watch. As I mentioned during the first half recap, this show knows how to have fun with i...

Gundam Build Fighters photo

Annotated Anime: Gundam Build Fighters episodes 3-12

Things have been quite interesting since I last talked about Gundam Build Fighters. For one, the show has really grown into its own. While mecha fan service is prevalent throughout every episode, the plot and characters have remained entert...

Gundam photo

Gundam.info to simulcast Build Fighters

If any of you have been holding out hope for a Gundam Build Fighters simulcast, your prayers have been answer. It's been announced that the upcoming series will be streamed in select regions via Gundam.info, with new episodes airing every ...

Gundam BF anime photo

Brace for impact: Gundam Build Fighters is a thing

The next Gundam series has been revealed during a live stream at Gundam BF’s Website, and let’s just say that it’s not going to make folks happy. Just like the Gunpla Builders OVA, Gundam Build Fighters focuses on people ...

 from  tomopop

NYCC '12: The toy roundup

Now that NYCC is pretty much covered, I'll be dropping in with some anime-related toy stuff that we wrote about at Tomopop! Check out these links: Gallery: Vash the Stampede Kotobukiya booth overview Namco Bandai and ShiftyLook booth overv...


Give me Gundam energy drinks

Just so you know, if someone puts Gundam on anything. I will buy it. Shirts, food, poo. I'll probably buy it. The new Gundam Original Label S.CUP energy drink is due out September 26th, and features some of your favorite...


Wear your favorite Gundam box art

Even if you don't build Gunpla, you have to admit the box art on almost every Gundam kit is absolutely stunning. Sometimes I get lost just staring at an RX-78-II box. Sigh. Well, you don't have to keep your box art loving hobby in your home...


What is your method of payment? ...'Do you take Gundam?'

Indeed, as of next year there will be a Gundam Visa Card available via Suitomo Mitsui Bank. I don't know about you, but I am so ridiculously jealous of everyone who can and will apply for this credit card. While it doesn't exactly work like...


Bandai creates Club MG for Japanese Gunpla fans

If you're a Gundam plastic model enthusiast like me, you're probably well aware of the woes associated with trying to find Gunpla overseas. Models that would normally cost $20 or so in Japan can often double in price due to import costs, an...


Earthquake strikes Japan, only victims are Gundams

It has not been a good week to be Gundam models. Earlier this week, a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck just outside the Tokyo area. Luckily, there was little to no damage and no loss of life. Today, another earthquake shook the are...


Pink Gundam, meet overenthusiastic Bedazzler

Oh dear. It seems like a day full of unholy hell-spawn. Hybrids fused through twisted mind-rays shot forth from the skulls of horribly lonely shut-ins and maniacal over-fiends.Now we've got this oddly attractive little Gunpla, featuring a d...


Greatest gunpla ever! The Four Celestial Guardians

Making great gunpla is always a lot of work; most of which requires artistic talent, high-quality paint, and equipment. These are the reasons why people like myself are scared away from partaking in making these wonderful miniature models o...


Featured Fan Art: Gunpla are miniature robots of art

Gunpla, or “Gundam Plastic Models” might not seem like art at first glance. Maybe it has something to do with their commercial value or worldwide availability, or if you put them together wrong they look like crap (exclusively m...


It's more like a "My Little Pwny"

I'm more a PVC gal than a plastic-model person, but I can't help but be impressed with this upcoming model kit release. From the Super Robot Taisen Original Generations series comes the Aussenseiter and Daigengar horse-and-rider set. This i...


A LEGO Gundam appeared!

Ever wondered why LEGOs used to suck? Because in the old LEGO world, a humble LEGO person could not operate a simple mobile suit like a Gundam or a Zaku without resorting to a ghetto look-a-like. But that was the past, now you can quench ...


Incredible Paper-Craft RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam

As if putting together the regular Gundam kits wasn't tough enough, now we have an amazing paper-craft kit to further blow our minds. Paper-craftsman June has constructed this incredibly detailed RX-93-2 Hi-ν Gundam entirely out of paper...


Just like Haruhi, the Lucky Star videos just won't stop

Here's a well done re-enactment of the Lucky Star OP using gundam models. I know just how much everyone loves this show, so be sure to enjoy this video. Even though I hate the show, I'm enjoying all these videos of the intro. Is there som...


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