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Unbreakable Soul photo

Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul drops on iOS today

In strange gaming news, the Soul Calibur card game, called Unbreakable Soul, is out today for free on iOS devices. The game has series stalwarts Cassandra and the Edge Master looking for pieces of the Soul Edge. Through the course of playi...

Atlus photo

Shin Megami Tensei iOS on sale for a limited time

Our friends at Atlus have informed us that the original Shin Megami Tensei for iOS will be on sale for $5.99 for a limited time. That's $2 off the list price, and while it isn't exactly cheap by App store standards, it's certainly decent sa...

Perfect Square manga photo

Perfect Square launches limited time digital manga sale

Take advantage of a sale on digital manga being offered by VIZ Media's all-ages imprint Perfect Square, running now until February 28th. Titles such as Hello Kitty: Delicious! (reviewed), Uglydoll: Eat Dat!, and all of their Pokémon ...

Viz digital manga photo

Viz launches digital manga library on Apple iBooks

Huge news for digital manga fans -- Viz Media have made their entire digital catalog of graphic novels available via Apple iBooks, with 1,600 volumes of manga spread across 130 titles. That's a LOT of manga to choose from. Better yet, thank...

UrumaDelvi photo

English site for Japanese artists UrumaDelvi opens

Here's a little artsy fun for your week: the artist duo UrumaDelvi have opened their English website. You probably know them best as the creators of the Bottom Biting Bug, but they have a large stable of characters like Twin Okabe, High-Cut...

Dragon Quest Monsters photo

Dragon Quest Monsters is coming to smartphones.

Now, we know that Nintendo will not be putting Pokémon on mobile devices anytime soon. (Good for them, I say. Let's not pick a fight about this.) However, Square-Enix is putting their Pokémon-clone-ish series, Dragon Quest Mon...


Awaken your old school side with the iPhone's new handset

Okay, I will admit that I am not into Apple products, but Sanwa's new handset looks like a fun little gimmick to show around. Sure, you could use a regular headset to talk to people while you do other things with your iPhone; however, it wo...


Get your Pokémon fix anytime with Pokémon TV

The Pokémon Company have announced today that a new free mobile app, Pokémon TV, is now available for iOS devices in the App Store as well as for Android on the Google Play shop. Released today, t...


Review: Final Fantasy: All the Bravest

Square Enix, what are you doing?  There have certainly been some interesting additions to the Final Fantasy universe of late, and after initially breaking the hearts of 3DS owners seeking out a localised Bravely Default, we wound up wi...


Otousan is the illest emcee in the house

Softmap's Shiba Inu mascot Otousan is a bit of an icon around our offices. His fatherly advice and lovely white coat have kept us entertained for years. Who doesn't enjoy having a conversation with a dog? Could you ever imagine that Otousan...


Facepalm: Demon's Score is way cheaper in Japan

Here's another entry for you to put in the annals of "What the hell, Square Enix?!": It looks like the company that gave us Final Fantasy and a ton of strange decisions, has made yet another one, for it seems like they really don't wan...


Party Wave surfing over to Android and going free on iOS

Just a quick update here for you folks, in case you were interested in playing Mistwalker Corp.'s Party Wave but maybe saw a few reviews here and there that were a little less than sterling. And then you thought twice about paying the ...


Update on image epoch's Black Rock Shooting game for iOS

Recently I wrote up a post about the Petite Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy game, and I wasn't sure whether it was going to be available internationally or not. Today I've learned that it is indeed available - at lea...


The World Ends With You: Solo Remix available for iOS now

Well there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Square Enix's countdown site hit zero last night and revealed what we all already knew was coming; an iOS port of the DS game, The World Ends With You. While I know I'm not alone in breathing a h...


It's All Over: AKB0048 getting a game version

This is it, people. If there was ever a sign that human civilization was approaching some kind of cultural singularity, past which everything just implodes onto itself, this is one of them. AKB0048 is getting a game, the hilariously ti...


Final Fantasy Dimensions is going to be really pricey

Like, really pricey. Like, "Most Expensive Single App I've Ever Seen" pricey. Specifically, Square Enix's old-school-lookin' Final Fantasy Dimensions will run players roughly $29 to buy the whole thing, which is technically a discount,...


A look at: FUNimation's new tablet app

FUNimation has had a mobile app for a little while already, but now tablet users have an app all to themselves. It's full-featured and designed to give you access to everything they've got to offer. If you're a paid member, you get even mor...


A look at: Character Chowdown for iOS

A couple weeks back I wrote about Character Chowdown, a new game for iOS (Universal, Free) that seeks to help students (or anyone, really) learn new languages. For now, the game is focused on Japanese characters, and with your free download...


It's time to flick! Miku Flick gets a new sequel

Are you ready for some finger flicking fun? If so, get ready to rejoice as there is a new Miku Flick game heading your way. Going by the name of Miku Flick/02, there are some new features that will be exclusive to the new sequel. First of ...


Mistwalker release tutorial for new iOS game Party Wave

Hironobu Sakaguchi, a name you may or may not recognize depending on how much you pay attention to the big shots behind the Final Fantasy game series and other big Square titles (until he left the company, anyway), has conceived a new upcom...


Get your fingers ready! Miku Flick is now global

Congratulations to all Miku/Vocaloid fans worldwide, you will now have the chance to play Miku's next game that was made by the Project Diva team. The official twitter page of Miku Flick tweeted about the game's availability&...


Dondonpachi Resurrection HD releases on iDevices March 15

I love bullet-hell games. I'm absolutely terrible at them and eat continues like crazy, but that isn't enough to stop me from enjoying the pure insanity onscreen. I also own an iPhone and love the fact that shooter developer Cave has really...


Hatsune Miku flicks her way into Apple portable devices

If you are a proud owner of an iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, 4th generation iPod touch, iPad, and iPad 2, then you are eligible to experience Hatsune Miku's new rhythm game. Taking advantage of the touch screen features on these platforms,...


Anime apps, now ruling my smartphone world

A long time ago there was this app called Bisei Tokei: some developers cleverly rounded up a dozen notable Japanese voice actors and made them say lines from our favorite anime. The end result was an iOS app that would turn your iPad or iPh...


Evangelion Sound Impact iOS demo is up

Do you have a Japanese iTunes account? Well, today is your lucky day if you wanted to check out the new Evangelion iOS demo, Evangelion Sound Impact. It's a rhythm game based on the hot music from the popular anime&...


Apple puts earthquake warning system in Japan's iOS 5

After the disastrous 8.9-magnitude earthquake damaged Japan back in March and another smaller earthquake that hit just recently, disaster preparation is certainly something on the minds of those living in Japan. With the upcoming release of...


Watch the Final Fantasy Tactics iOS trailer, then buy it

I've harped before on how great Final Fantasy Tactics is. Sure, Tactics Ogre has more pioneer cred, but that PSone masterpiece was what really raised the profile - and the bar - for tactical games of every stripe, particularly on consoles. ...


Rejoice, Tezuka's manga are now available on your iPad

And a whole boatload of them to boot, courtesy of the officially sanctioned "Tezuka Osamu MagazineClub" app. The app, which is a free download, offers sixty-two titles from the father of manga's portfolio, including the eternal classic Astr...


Yen Press announces Yotsuba& on the iPad!

Today, Yen Press announced via their Twitter that Yotsuba& will now be available for purchase on the iPad through their downloadable app. While the app itself is free, and looks to have a clean and modern interface, allowing users ...


VIZ Manga App launching with March Manga Madness promo

So, the iPad. That's a thing, right? As is the new one that makes all the old ones look un-trendy now. But don't worry about looking gadget-chic. You've got some manga to read, ideally via VIZ Media's Manga App, which launched late last yea...


Momofuku's delicious ramen app comes to the iPad

The restaurant chain Momofuku is coming out with an iPad app that's full of delicious things! The app will be called Lucky Peach and is going to be released quarterly, run by David Chang, owner of Momofuku, and NYT food writer Pet...


Viz bringing Ouran High School Host Club and more to iPad

Viz is putting some more weight behind its iPad app, with the release of four more titles: Ouran High School Host Club, Vampire Knight, Otomen and Ruroni Kenshin. So, for all you shojo and bishonen fans, Viz is aiming right up your alley!Th...


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