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Stella Glow photo

Review: Stella Glow

There’s something sad about seeing a company go under since it means that many hard-working individuals are out of a job. This is the case with the game development company Imageepoch, who filed for bankruptcy in May. Worst of all, th...

Go West! 63 photo

Go West! Sixty-Three: Gundam in your Gundam on the Gundam

Welcome to the latest and greatest Go West!, your [why-do-I-even-try-to-be-timely] column about Japanese games, life in Japan, and Idea Factory.  Ladies and gentlemen, this week is actually a very special one. The latest in one of Band...

BRS The Game photo

Rejoice: Black Rock Shooter The Game hits PSPs this month

This slipped under Japanator's easily-distracted radar array last week - why, oh why did we hire cats to man the monitoring stations? - but it's pleasant to know either way: NIS America has, after a long enough delay that pretty ...


Shaft's Fate/Extra CCC opening is very Shaft-like

Despite my feelings toward Imageepoch, I'm actually reasonably excited for their upcoming PSP game, Fate/Extra CCC. The first title was a solid dungeon crawl with a fantastic story, so I'm looking forward to jumping back into the universe ...

Tokitowa Review photo

Import Review: Tokitowa

As much as I dislike Japanese game developer Imageepoch, I respect the fact that they just don't seem to give up despite how below average their games tend to be. Their track record in the States has been decent; Fate/Extra and the Luminous...


A Look At: Chibi Black Rock Shooter for iOS

Following my most recent update on image epoch's Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of the Sexy Planet, I said I would be playing the game myself and this is where I deliver.  BRS is featured chibi-style in an action game in whic...


Update on image epoch's Black Rock Shooting game for iOS

Recently I wrote up a post about the Petite Black Rock Shooter: Discover the Mystery of Planet Sexy game, and I wasn't sure whether it was going to be available internationally or not. Today I've learned that it is indeed available - at lea...


Sold yet? Here's more Tokitowa anime battlin' footage

Despite our misgivings about Tokitowa (Time and Eternity), one can't deny that Imageepoch are trying something utterly unique in terms of visuals. Really, the world's first "HD Anime RPG" (with its potential English release). And now,...


Black Rock Shooter: Pursue the Mystery of the Sexy Planet

Take petite Black Rock Shooter (designed by CHANxCO) for a spin as she battles against the denizens of Sexy Planet. BRS is after treasure, and she'll knock down everyone in her path! This game, created by Imageepoch, is free and features pl...


Sol Trigger's 5 minute OP movie brings the drama

This is your last chance, Imageepoch. I've given you all the opportunities in the world to impress me with a truly great game, and you've missed the mark every single time. Sol Trigger is your last game for the PSP and reportedly has the hi...


Huzzah?! Tokitowa on its way to an English release

By this point I'm sure you all know how I feel about Imageepoch's upcoming HD 2D animation RPG, Tokitowa. In screens it looks fantastic, but in motion I'm left wanting. It certainly doesn't help that the in-game character designs pretty muc...


Tokitowa's Towa knows how to kick ass and take names

Imageepoch's upcoming HD animation PS3 RPG, Tokitowa, has me concerned for a lot of reasons. I think the idea behind the project is extremely cool; a game in which all the characters are hand animated. The problem I have is that I don't bel...


Black Rock Shooter: The Game still being localized

We heard mumblings of seeing this game in the west almost a year ago, though it seems not all of us had forgotten all about it! Ryoei Mikage, CEO of Imageepoch, responded to a fan enquiring about the status of the game. Apparently the ...


Tokitowa has a gameplay trailer and it... uh... yeah

Looks like Imageepoch and Bandai Namco Games are ready to finally start promoting their upcoming PS3 RPG, Tokitowa. After months of waiting to see real gameplay from this sort-of hyped "HD Animation RPG", we finally get to take a look at re...


Cheers, Tokitowa may be heading west after all

It was a sad day indeed when we all found out that Tokitowa was probably not going to get localized in the west. Today we can kiss those tears goodbye as Imageepoch's CEO Ryoei Mikage drops a few tweets that might hint a...


Imageepoch's Sol Trigger gets delayed

About a week ago, Imageepoch's upcoming PSP RPG Sol Trigger got smacked with a release date; August 30th. This week, it gets smacked with a delay pushing it back to October 4th. Huh? Yeah, I'm as confused as you are. I could understand if t...


Imageepoch JRPG Sol Trigger gets a Japanese release date

A few months back, Imageepoch announced their final PSP game, Sol Trigger. Supposedly their biggest budget title up until now, Imageepoch has been pushing the game as the last truly epic RPG on the system. Whether that's the case remains to...


Toki to Towa not getting a Western release

Look at these beautiful screens of Imageepoch's "HD anime JRPG" Toki to Towa (Time & Eternity) for PS3. Now look at this header image. Now look back to those screens. Now look to once more to this header image. This header image is now ...


Here are some gorgeous new Time and Eternity screens

Imageepoch's PS3-bound JRPG opus Time and Eternity (aka Tokitowa), is looking rather beautiful and quite a bit unique. Where other games emulate 2D "anime-style" graphics using techniques like cell-shading and special filters, Tim...


Imageepoch reveals Sol Trigger, its last grand PSP JRPG

I gotta hand it to imageepoch. Even in an environment where the tide seems like it's running against Japanese games in general, and the "Japanese-style" RPG in particular, the folks behind Fate/Extra, Black Rock Shooter The Game, and L...


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