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4chan x 2chan photo

Woah: 4chan now owned by 2channel's founder

Well, this is a surprise. The internet hive known as 4chan has just been sold to none other than Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel (aka 2ch), Japan's most influential message board and the direct inspiration for the creation of 4c...

IMDB photo

IMDB's list of top anime reads like 'Ask an American'

There's nothing like a big ol' debate about what counts as "the best", and even anime - perhaps especially anime - are no stranger to this particular type of nerd catnip. Everyone's got their own little "toplist", including the famed IMDB. ...

Persona 4 photo

Insert Coin Clothing shows off their Persona 4 range

Anyone that has played Persona 4 will know that every day is great when you shop at Junes. The store that had become the HQ for the Investigation Team now has an official wearable merch courtesy of Insert Coin Clothing. Insert Coin Clothing...

RWBY photo

RWBY heads east with Japanese voice cast announced

Rooster Teeth has expanded massively in the last few years. Not content with Western domination with their hit shows; Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunter, and up coming fan supported film Lazer Team, they are now preparing to release RWBY to t...

One Piece photo

Watch One Piece's creator doodle, and get advice from Zoro

If you've got a property as popular as One Piece floating around, it's a good idea to give it a place to weigh anchor in the unfriendly seas of the internet. I'm sure that's what Eiichiro Oda and company were thinking when they opened ...

Hayamin QA photo

Otakon '14: Saori Hayami interview

At Otakon 2014 Japanator was fortunate enough to grab a few minutes with one of the most prolific voice actresses in otaku anime and games of the past several years. Saori Hayami appeared at the con on behalf of Aniplex and had a killer iti...

ROBOTS photo

Fan poll selects most powerful robot

The argument about the strongest robots in anime is one that will continue in perpetuity. I mean, it's hard to get any sort of consensus about what to even include on the list. Giant robots are one thing, but do you include androids and gyn...

Madness.moe photo

Dream up a logo for '.moe' domains, win mad bank

Are you ready for .moe to take over the internet? No, not "moe", that weird otaku concept. That's already taken over the internet. I'm talking about ".moe", a new domain being operated by Japanese internet provider Interlink. They're d...

Internet photo

Korea and men's rights top Japanese wikipedia edit wars

Where are the Internet's biggest battles waged? On the field of Wikipedia, naturally. Some pages are a brutal wasteland of endless edits back and forth by any number of polarized sides. In English, George W Bush and List of WWE personnel&nb...

Japanator Loves photo

Japanator Loves: AxB: Fanfic a la carte

Sometimes fanfiction happens by chance, like my shipping Agrias and Ramza. Sometimes it happens by divine mandate, like our whole new direction here at Japanator. And sometimes it happens because you asked for it. That third way is the late...

Manga 4 Movies photo

Let Manga 4 Movies recap the Oscars in hilarious Engrish

I'll admit it: I love Engrish. Yes, I know it's not exactly PC to say it that way, but there's no better way to characterize Japan (and some other countries') unique approach and use of English language, to amusing effect for native speaker...

Rog & Tyrone photo

Rog and Tyrone, the inadvertent spokespeople of anime

By now you may have seen the videos floating around the internet. If you're a visitor to 4chan, you've most certainly caught a glimpse of the casual, laid-back battle that has been waged since December of last year, where two well-dressed m...

 from  japanator
Japana-Tumblr photo

Introducing Japana-Tumblr, the Japanator sideblog

Remember the days when a "Tumbler" was a term for some kind of cup? Well, those still ARE those days, but a similarly-pronounced word, "Tumblr" seems to be the thing among internet folks. As trend-chasers of the highest order, the secret co...

MangaMagazine on iPad photo

MangaMagazine launches iPad app

A recently-spawned comics site, MangaMagazine.net, just launched their iPad app today. It's a free download that allows you to view MangaMagazine's library of titles, created by artists from around the world. No, there aren't any mainstream...

Crunchyroll simulcasts photo

Crunchyroll to simulcast FREE!, Dog & Scissors, more

Alright, folks. Summer is almost here! Not climatically, I mean. In that sense summer's been here for at least a week. I'm talking, naturally, about the anime programming season, and it shall be upon us like a surprise sunburn! And the firs...

New FF9 Sidequest photo

New sidequest discovered in Final Fantasy 9

The ninth instalment of the Final Fantasy series is held in high regard by a lot of people, which only makes it all the more shocking that a previously undiscovered sidequest has been found a good thirteen years after the game released. Ind...


Time for a winner: Toki Onjouji wins Saimoe 2012

And it's over! The official 2ch Saimoe 2012 tournament is over (as of a couple of days ago, really), and we have a winner! According to the whims of the internet and the deadly organization of the pro-Saki voting bloc, it seems 2012's ...


Uh-oh: Japan passes SOPA-alike, Youtube could be outlawed

Urk. I've always resisted (sometimes illogically), the characterization of Japan as a backwards country ruled by out-of-touch old people and shady corporate special interests. After all, it's easy shorthand for "Crazy Japan" stereotypes and...


PSA: PlayStation Network Store to go down in Korea

Now yes, I know this site is called "Japanator", which would nominally keep Korean news off our radar - not until we launch our peninsular offshoot "Joseonator", anyway - but I'd think this news is significant enough to put up. Sony will be...


She's Winner! Hatsune Miku's Chrome ad wins at Cannes

Yes, that Cannes. The one in France. Well, the "Direct Lions" part of it anyway, the one that's concentrated on advertising rather than movies (cue snarky comment about all movies being ads anyway). Hatsune Miku, everyone's favorite five-y...


Display your waifu on Ore no Yome, the Otaku Pinterest

Hey! You know what's hot right now on this series of tubes?! The Pinterests, that's what's hot! It's all so...Pinteresting, the way all the housewives and regular, non-2D-obsessed net denizens are into posting their favorite arts, crafts, a...


Election Year: Google+ to broadcast AKB48 Election Live

Want to watch some nerd event that's NOT somehow related to E3 this week? Are you an idol fan (or planning to become one)? Japan and Google have just the thing for you! This Wednesday, June 6th, they'll be livestreaming the 4th AKB48 Genera...


Japan launches social network site for hooligans

These days there's a social network catering to just about every kind of demographic. Interested in hanging out with fellow runners, researchers, pineapple lovers, jet skiers, or amateur snuff film makers? you got it! There's probably a web...


.hack returns with a new 3D CGI movie

Proving that truly abandoning a brand will never happen even as returns continue to decrease, CyberConnect2 has announced .hack//The Movie, the latest installment of the massive multimedia franchise. The movie is set in a new version of The...


Hulu is coming to Japan

I love me some Hulu. US Hulu, that is. The funny thing is that I mostly watch Japanese stuff on it! You get some J-drama on there and I'll never need anything else. I think Japan will love it just as much as I do. Hulu has revealed plans to...


HUGE Anime DVD/BD Sale at Zavvi.com for Euro peeps

No one ever likes spending money. In a way, we're all greedy pricks and are sticklers for anything that saves us a little dough. However, whenever we at Japanator mention a sale or discount for anything, people outside of the US are typical...


Wait, what? Nico Nico Douga building a dance club

You read that right. Nico Nico Douga - Japan's nerd video den and home of the scrolling "wwwwwwwwww" - is building its very own dance club. Well, it's more of an event hall, really, but it's certainly constructed like a dance club, and is l...


Adoratroll returns; says your favorite anime is s-s-s**t!

She is a normal highschool student, apart from the fact that she's a head shorter than her classmates and has a reputation for being "the cute one." She longs to break out of her role by trying to be mean to her classmates and make them ta...


Manga MMO Elsword enters open beta, has me conflicted

I know how these things go. In print, you get promised an action packed online adventure with unique characters, only to discover a shallow, slow-paced game where you get to kill one goblin every three hours, or pay real money for the ultra...


Cool and cheerful Japanese energy conservation posters

In the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, there has been a widespread call for energy conservation in effort to relieve the impact of the disasters and divert power to where it is really needed. Seeing a need to inform the masses,...


EVE Online helps Japan quake aid in crazy EVE-like way

EVE Online is a pretty unique game. It and its unified, always-on player base manage to do things in their gameworld that few MMOs, nay, few games barely conceive. It's intimidating as all hell, but damn if it isn't fascinating. Just lik...


Japan's Internet survives natural disasters

For a country that has endured as much as Japan has recently, you have to give them kudos for having a strong infrastructure. Despite the 9.0 quake that struck, a surprisingly low percentage of Internet connections dropped throughout the co...


Dragonaut DVD box set Facebook contest!

Hey guys, perhaps some of you aren't aware of the "Facebook-only" contest we're having, so I wanted to give everyone a head's up. As a way of promoting our social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook as an integral part of the ...


Here, Gainax put some English subs on your Pleiades show

Hokago no Pleiades was something of a surprise to me when its first portions hit recently. Being a collaboration between Gainax and carmaker Subaru, I figured that the show would be little more than an extended car commercial, its touted ma...


Watch Patrick Macias and Yuu Asakawa on Otaku-verse Zero

You might watch a lot of anime and read a lot of manga, but it's not every day that you get a proper show about anime, manga, and the Japanese pop culture that spawned it. And now you've got one. It's called Otaku-verse Zero, and it's ...


Here, watch the first episodes of Houkago no Pleiades now

They're embedded right after the jump, as Japan was kind enough to make this Subaru-Gainax collaboration Youtub-exclusive. So everyone can partake of Gainax-animated, carmaker-sponsored glory, no matter where they are.Of course, it's still ...


Thanks, 4chan: The University of Anime

Love it or loathe it, sometimes you just have to admit that images of somewhat respectable caliber surface upon 4chan's /a/ board.At first glance, I thought this to be another tier chart of sorts, but with closer inspection, I found it to...


Gaze upon the...splendor of Browser Sakura Wars

Sadly, that ellipses indeed denoted some sarcasm, as at the moment the upcoming browser-based Sakura Wars: Taisho Roman Gakuentan doesn't look particularly splendid at all.That map-thing above seems to represent the main battle interface, w...


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