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PROMIC has launched the Japan Anime Music Lab

Last week, PROMIC, the leading Japanese entertainment industry foundation to support the growth of Japanese music internationally, has launched Japan Anime Music Lab, or JAM LAB for short. The website, which you can find here,&nbs...

AKB48 photo

Get your idols-and-murder fix with AKB48's Hulu horror show

If your life has been lacking in sugar sweet pop idols, as well as chilling doses of horror and/or murder, a recent announcement by Hulu might be the one magic bullet to take down both your problems. Indeed, the streaming service has p...

Lyrical Schol photo

Watch this Cute and Clever Music Video for your Smartphone

Normally, I hate it when people shoot video on their phones using the portrait orientation since it isn't the optimal way to frame a shot about 98% of the time. But when someone uses the orientation in a clever way such as the video above,...

React photo

What do American teens think of J-Pop?

I'm a bit of a Youtube React Channel junky. I especially love the show when they cover stuff that's near and dear to my heart, so you can be sure my interest piqued when the word "J-Pop" showed up on my playlist. I won't spoil the video fo...

Faylan photo

Lantis Fest Vegas: An Interview with Faylan

As a part of promotion for Lantis Festival Las Vegas, we were able to ask anison singer Faylan a few questions! Since her tie-in with CANAAN, Faylan has done a slew of rocking songs for various shows and games, like BlazBlue Alter Memory, G...

J-Pop Summit photo

AKB48's Tomomi Itano joins San Francisco's J-Pop Summit

If for some reason you've had second thought about attending next week's J-Pop Summit in San Francisco next week, this should push you over the edge. The former AKB48 duck-face diva and mega pop-star Tomomi Itano now joins the line-up, whi...

J-Pop Summit photo

May'N heads to San Francisco's J-POP SUMMIT

Things are heating up this summer with the announcement of May'n as the guest of honor at San Francisco's sixth annual J-POP SUMMIT. Although the Nagoya native has made herself a superstar in the world of Japanese pop music, anime fans prob...

May'n photo

May'n gets an adorable nendoroid

As you know, I love May'n. Her voice, her eyes, her legs, and her love of taiyaki steals my heart every time I see her. Oh how I wish I could have her here in my house to bask in her wonderfulness. Well, I can now in a way. A less creepy wa...

Convention photo

ACEN announces angela as musical guest

If you've watched more than a few anime titles within the last decade you've likely heard the musical group angela perform a theme song or two. Known for their ridiculously fast lyrics and upbeat music, the duo that makes up angela have bee...

NHK Kohaku photo

Kohaku New Years show to feature Linked Horizon

The 64th Kohaku Uta Gassen, or that NHK Kohaku new years variety show where top popular singers from teams red battle the same from team white, will feature Linked Horizon. And guess what they will sing?  Anime music has been an ongoin...

Babymetal  photo

Babymetal to promote Metallica's 3D concert film in Japan

I thought it was fitting and very cool when F2P tank game World of Tanks got seiyuu Sumire Uesaka to promote it, along with all the Girls und Panzer collaborations. Along the same line of thought, idol metal concept group Babymet...

Cons photo

Otakon Vegas adds musical guest Sayaka Sasaki

Otakon Vegas have announced the first musical guest for their Las Vegas debut this January -- singer and pop idol Sayaka Sasaki. If you're wondering who that is, I wouldn't be too surprised. Sasaki is perhaps best known for her single ...

Music photo

Luna Sea to release new album on December 11th

The moment so many fans have been waiting for has almost arrived. On December 11th, Luna Sea will release their first full-length album featuring new material since officially reuniting in 2010. Titled A Will, the album will comprise of twe...

Music photo

Vamps announce US tour dates, venues

To celebrate and promote the release of their overseas debut album Sex Blood and Rock n' Roll, rock duo Vamps have announced a couple North American concerts for early December. It's not exactly a nationwide tour but nevertheless...

Music photo

Arashi and Ayase to host NHK New Year's Eve special

NHK have posted an early announcement regarding the hosts for their upcoming 64th annual News Year's Eve special Kohaku Uta Gassen. Once again, aging-boy band Arashi will be hosting for the fourth year in a row, and this time joined by...

Arpeggio Trident PV photo

Arpeggio's idol unit goes 3DCG in music video

For the Arpeggio of Blue Steel anime, three voice actresses for various Fog ships formed an idol unit called Trident. The appropriately-themed unit sings the ending theme, and now there is a music video on Youtube promoting it. The Yo...

Kingdom Hearts III photo

Hikaru Utada returns for Kingdom Hearts III

[Update: Hikaru Utada's offficial twitter has been updated with the singer stating she that she is unsure of her involvement with the project. She has yet to remove her previous tweets confirming her involvement.] I will prob...

Music photo

Perfume's Level3 bathes you in synthetic bliss

Perfume have always been known for their interesting blend of electronic pop, and their latest album pulls no punches. Released last leek, their fourth studio album, and the first full release under their new label Universal J, LEVEL3...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: SIAM SHADE

Despite having disbanded nearly a decade ago, Siam Shade have remained one of the most popular acts to have ever graced the Japanese rock scene. Formed amidst the Visual Kei boom of the early 90s, the band experienced a modicum of success ...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Mamoru Miyano

I suppose there's a lot to be said for Mamoru Miyano -- he's everywhere these days. If he's not busy voicing your favorite anime, or acting in an upcoming film, you'll find him performing a number from his latest album Passage, w...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: the HIATUS

Hiroko has bid us farewell, so I've decided to take up the charge with this week's Daily Dose. Today, we'll take a look at Japanese rock outfit the HIATUS, and their recent EP "Horse Riding" released back in July. The band, and more notabl...

J-Note Music Roundup 004 photo

Aso Natsuko's latest single is infectious, silly fun

I'll admit that with J-Note, I've generally sought out meaty anime soundtracks. They just have a lot more to offer. But as you've seen, we've also delved into a lot of J-pop and J-rock. This month, Aso Natsuko's Never Ending Voyage really b...

J-Note Music Roundup 003 photo

Code:Breaker composer has a rather interesting background

Who knew that one of composer Takayuki Hattori's earliest credits was his arrangement work on the fantastic Symphonic Suite Final Fantasy album? Trivia aside, his work on Code:Breaker is pretty amazing, which is why it's getting top bi...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Urbangarde

It's time for another dose of sweet music from us to you! Unfortunately, poor Hiroko has caught a Cordyceps fungal infection and it's compelled her to finish The Last of Us as quickly as possible (we hear it's pretty good), which mean...

J-Note Music Roundup 002 photo

J-Note 002: 2AM, Medaka Box Abnormal, and Rina Sumioka

And we're back with another issue of J-Note, Japanator's new feature that takes an in-depth look into recent anime and Japanese music releases.This month we've got a couple singles that act as opening/ending themes for various anime series,...

Daily Dose photo

A Daily Dose of Music: Kaela Kimura

It's time for your Daily Dose of Music, and today we've got Kaela Kimura's classic "Real Life Real Heart". Well, I call it classic, partly because it scratches the same cute girly-rock itch that HAPPY BIRTHDAY does. It's simple but no...

Latest Japanese Music photo

J-Note 001: Welcome, ChouCho, Ceiu, and The Gospellers

Welcome to J-Note, a new feature on Japanator that delves deep into recent J-pop, J-rock, and anime soundtrack releases, providing commentary and purchase links where you can pick them up for yourself. If you read Destructoid, you may recog...


'Chocolate Love' is footsie, glasses, and cymbal licking

Twinkie drumming idol (yes, really) duo Bandjanaimon has a new music video for their song "Chocolate Love." Read that sentence again. Gotta love J-pop. This new PV is off the charts as far as weird goes. I don't want to spoil it all for yo...


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