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Culture Japan expansion photo

Aw snap, Culture Japan goes through a new expansion

Let's give a toast to Danny Choo once again, because Culture Japan is going to expand by moving to Tokyo during the summer. With the new expansion, they're looking to hire some new people to work in their Tokyo office! If you happen to be s...

 from  japanator

Update on Jtor job applications (You can still apply!)

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's applied thus far to work at Japanator. We've gotten a huge flood of applications, and we're doing all we can to sort through them. Naturally, if you haven't applied yet, but would still...

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Want to write about anime? Apply to work at Japanator!

Have you ever had the dreams and desires to write for a large audience about your greatest passion? If you live and breathe anime, manga and all things Japanese, then you might be interested to know that we're looking for a few good men/wom...


Into Yaoi? VIZ might have a job for you

There's always a few promising otaku looking to break into the industry, but getting on America's Greatest Otaku or being a translator isn't always an option.  But! There are always opportunities, and this particular one is intere...


Viz looking for a Publishing Sales Assistant, apply now!

It's that time again: Viz has a call out for new blood, and now's your chance to escape the crippling death-grip of unemployment and start working for a manga publisher right here in these United States!This time, the Publishing Sales Assis...


Uniqlo hiring a Management trainee, will fly you to Japan

Normally I don't post about Japanese companies hiring here in the US, but reading about my favorite clothing company got me a little bit excited, so I figured I'd share the information with you.Uniqlo, currently located in the SoHo area of ...


Viz hiring DVD producer, Digital Production Coordinator

Once again, Viz is hiring! They seem to be the most regular person to appear in our jobs tag, and that's either good because they're aggressively expanding after their layoffs, or bad because they're seeing a huge amount of turnover in the ...


Want to be a college slave? Viz has the opening for you!

That's right -- it's internship time! They've got a whopping 10 positions open for their Fall 2010, which means you've got all sorts of different opportunities to secure yourself a position in the future at the largest manga publisher in th...


Domino's offers 2.5 million yen for one-hour job

Wait, stop the presses. ¥2.5 million for one hour of work at Domino's in Japan? Holy sh*tballs, that's awesome! What do you have to do, be the smartest person in the world? Solve some impossible pizza distribution problem?What? You...


What economy? Viz hiring for Marketing and DVD producers

Looks like it's your lucky day if you live in the San Francisco area, or can at least lie on your resume that you do. Viz just posted two job openings, looking for an Associate Producer for their DVD department, as well as a Magazine Sales...


BONES job application materials include silly pose

Are you watching Star Driver? I hear it's pretty cool. If you have seen it, you'll notice the villainous Kiraboshi Jujidan, or Order of the Glittering Star Cross, all greet each other with a special pose, seen in the gallery below...


Looking for work? Tokyopop is hiring!

Currently out of work, or just hate your job to death? Well, here's a chance for some of you with work experience: Tokyopop is currently looking to hire for a Book Distribution Coordinator and Manga Line Editorial Coordinator. Sounds exciti...


Viz currently accepting applications for fall internships

That's right, all you college kids: Viz wants you to enjoy the hardships of slave labor and join their team for a few months. But hey, you get college credit! Here at Japanator, you just get scars from Huggy the Bear.So, what do you need to...

 from  japanator

Good on camera? Modern Method is hiring!

[Modern Method is looking for a camera talent. Talk about games, talk about anime, and do all sorts of cool things!] Are you in the San Francisco Bay Area or willing to relocate? Do you have the critical chops to know when to kiss, shake...


College students, go on tour with TokyoPOP this summer

If you're in college and don't have anything better to do this summer, why not shack up with TokyoPOP?The company's holding a big ol' summer internship tour, and you might get the chance to go on the road with 'em.Check out this page to lea...


Viz is hiring for a Financial Analyst!

The financial industry is one that's probably the hardest hit out of all of them in this economy. I know lots of people who used to earn high-paying salaries or do seriously complicated work in the finance world, only to have the rug pulled...


Viz is hiring for a Purchasing & Logistics Coordinator

Many of you may have trouble finding employment, but it looks like the citizens of San Francisco are having a bit less trouble than the rest of us. Innumerable job listings keep cropping up for the Bay Area, and the latest comes from our ov...


Out of work? Viz wants a Royalty Financial Analyst!

You've got to pay the bills somehow, right? I understand, you've got to do what you've got to do. Well, despite those years as a financial analyst and your bi-lingual Japanese skills, you still have to moonlight as a pole dancer in order to...


FUNi wants a Brand Manager, so apply today!

Tired of sitting around, just waiting for that next job? Looking to move to Texas? Then why not apply to FUNimation, who's looking for a Brand Manager?While certainly not an entry-level position, FUNi is asking for 3-5 years worth of experi...


Viz is hiring for its Spring Internship program

Looking for a way to mix schooling and your love of manga? Well, if you're living in the San Francisco area or are able to get there on a day-to-day basis, then take a look at Viz's latest internship program. With a whopping ten positions o...


Viz looking to hire a Brand Manager

Viz sure has a lot of opportunities available recently, and it looks like they've got one more lined up: they're looking to hire a Brand Manager. Wait, didn't they already go scouting for one back in July? Looks like they need another one, ...


Looking for work? Viz is looking to expand its empire!

You may be sitting at home, waiting to hear back from all those big-named companies like Turner or NBC-Universal on those 15 job applications you've sent out, but in the bottom of your heart, you know nothing is going to happen. Why not try...


Viz looking to hire a slew of interns for the fall semester

College season is almost upon a host of people. This'll be my first year out of college, so it's weird not having to worry about packing everything up, making sure I have the necessities of life, and deciding what classes to take. To be hon...


New job alert: Viz looking for a Web Application Developer

Alright, so let's shift gears from the marketing blitz that Viz has been doing. Now, they're looking for someone to work in their IT department as a Web Application Developer. This job is looking for someone with some chops already, with fi...


Viz now looking for a Retail Development Assistant

So here we have the third job offer from Viz, following their Brand Manager and Consumer Products Associate positions. This Retail Development Assistant position has you handling a lot of reports, from BookScan weeklies to internal Viz repo...


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