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Gurumin 3D photo

Protect the world of monsters on your 3DS with Gurumin 3D

Well, look at that. Here's something that came out of nowhere: It turns out that the gang at Mastiff are releasing Falcom's adorable action platformer game, Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure, on the 3DS eShop this Summer. The fun part abo...

Let it go photo

Let it go when you poop: Disney's Frozen Sausages in Japan

Sausage marketers have it tough. Their product looks like a dick and is likely made from the most unmentionable mechanically separated animal parts. How are you supposed to sell that to kids? You print a snow queen on it, logically. In Japa...

OP Up! photo

OP Up! Cute Girls Edition

Hump day is here again and here is  your weekly heapin' serving of openings. I don't know if it's an actual genre but the "Cute-girls-doing-cute-things" (or CGDCT) is a thing that I consider to be a category of stuff full of sunshine a...

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Promo: Top 5 Eyepatches photo
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Top 5 Best Eyepatch Gals

[How about another promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted? Marlin Clock is on hand to give us the low down on the best eyepatches available on the market, as well as the lovely ladies they are attached to. Hit the jump for an eye...


A Daily Dose of Music: Japan Expo Live!

I was really excited to catch this whole phenomena known as Kyary Pamyu Pamyu this entire trip. Finally when the night came, I approached the whole concert cautiously. The girl has become a bit of an icon and a brand, with people...


KFC gets weirder when Kyary Pamyu Pamyu advertises for it

Okay, so nothing Kyary Pamyu Pamyu does is quite as weird as her video for "PONPONPON," but she's still pretty far out there. Of course, no matter how odd you are, if you're an idol, you pretty much have to appear in ads. This is why Kyary...


Official style book coming from Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

I have a confession, dear readers: I'm not really into Japanese music. I don't have anything against it, but compared to the way I dove head-first into Jpop and anime theme songs in high school, I can't really call myself a fan. There's not...


Ore no Imouto gets a sequel, more tsundere inbound

Looks like we're getting some interesting news now that April Fools is over for another year, and this one is sure to get some of you folk excited! Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai, or There's No Way My Little Sister Is ...


Best Valentines Day news? Miya OVA, confirmed!

The heartwarming romance anime of this season Amagami SS+ will be getting the OVA treatment like it's predecessor, with a special Miya Tachibana episode being bundled with the seventh Blu-ray release. While it's disheartening that this twel...


First Impressions: Amagami SS+

Wait, hold on a second. Amagami SS already ended, didn't it? Well apparently they aren't done just yet, gifting us with a further twelve episodes about Junichi and his alternate universe relationships. Dear god, can we stumble into the Miya...


It's Okenpi the meowing dog

Meet Okenpi, a dog having a serious identity crisis. Apparently Okenpi may have picked up some lingo from a cat he used to live with. Dogs meowing, cats barking, what's going to happen next? It's a bit bizarre, and a lot cute. Now go o...


A Daily Dose of Cuteness: Shunsuke

What's the hot new thing trending the interwebs in Japan right now? Some hot new tech? An amazing new AKB48 video? How about an adorable pomeranian named Shunsuke. Star of his own book, and popular Twitter page, Shunsuke is going to find a ...


Lum cosmetics doll you up for Darling

It's no secret that I love classic anime, and you might have guessed that being a Japanese girl, I love cosmetics. What happens when you put both together?  My wallet gets lighter a lot faster! Bandai's Creer Beauty cosmetic line has r...


Licensing GET: Sentai adopts Meiro no Croisee

It's time for all lovers of tiny Japanese girls being incredibly cute in 19th-century France to celebrate, for Sentai Filmworks has, in its infinite love of tiny Japanese girls being incredibly cute in 19th-century France, licensed Ikoku Me...


FACT: Cats love bowls

It's a well known phenomenon that cats love donabe, the round ceramic bowls for cooking nabe, or Japanese hot pots. It's well known in Japan, at least. In case you weren't aware, there is a very important educational video on this very subj...


Viruses go moe in Kawaii Security

In the latest attempt to moe-ify everything, Sansai Books plans on releasing Kawaii Security on March 14. Through the use of cute drawings, the book is meant to educate readers on the subject of computer viruses and how to keep them from wr...


Camera uses sexy technology to fix your hideous face

Are you trying to take kawaii pictures for all your internet fans? Have a problem because you fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down?* Never fear, internet fame can still be yours with the LUMIX FX77, the new camera ...


Japanese company makes birthday cakes for dogs

Japanese company Lovina has begun selling a pretty unique item. The Tokyo based company sells birthday cakes for dogs! The cakes are made to look like the dog for whom the cake is for, and they're a good likeness! The ca...


It's finally here- Large Bagel: The Anime

The moment has come.It's been a long time coming, but fans of the NAAMASAA's (North American Anime/Manga Awareness Society Awards of America) award-winning manga Large Bagel, written by manga-ka (also a winner of several NAAMASAA awards) &q...


This Valentine's day, be careful not to eat your phone!

The Japanese version of Valentine's day usually includes girls giving chocolates to boys they like, friends, or even coworkers. Of course, just like American chocolate and food companies, Japanese companies are all about cashing in on the h...


Submit to the adorable zombie apocalypse in I Love Zombie

Zombies are horrible creatures, the remnants of humanity reanimated into a mockery if their former lives. Their slow shambling, their mindless craving of human flesh, their ability to grow their numbers through infection...I probably don't ...


Large Bagel is the best manga of all ages

Have you heard of the sensation Large Bagel yet? Well, not many have, but consider this your wake-up call: Large Bagel is the most sugoi kawaii manga you have ever read. No, seriously! Never before has a piece of work been considered t...


Only in Japan: Momo the Police Chihuahua

This would never fly in America where bigger is always better. I think our K9 squad consists mostly of German Shepherds.However, seven-year-old Momo was able to beat out larger dogs exactly because of her size. Japanese police think she'll ...


This bathtub dog is the cutest thing you will see today

Okay, this one Japanese dog owner puts their dog in their tub for a hot bath. You may think this would lead to lots of splashing around and panicking, but you would be totally wrong, because this dog is too cute for that. He loves hot baths...


Kimi ni Todoke season two on its wa-HHHHHHNNNNNGGGGGG

Ohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboyohboy.Call the EMTs, because you're going to need saving -- in the latest issue of BetsuMa magazine, they announced a second season of the Kimi ni Todoke anime. So that means it's time for m...


Instant noodle ad ushers in the age of Skynet

Oh god. This is it, isn't it? They warned us about Skynet, how it would become self-aware and spread itself to all machinery across the globe. But we didn't listen!Now, Nissin has unleashed the first of our robot overlords in this extremely...


Come to the Lolita picnic... or become a body builder

My odd title is inspired by Mr. Rococo, a new Japanese film about a Lolita who ditches her frilly dresses and becomes a fitness freak in order to impress the man of her dreams. No doubt the best/only Lolita movie since Kamikaze Girls. Howev...


Boxing granny to deter theft in Saitama prefecture

Grannies kicking ass.That's the new mascot police in Saitama prefecture think will help deter theft of its largely 200+ year-old population. The mascot's creator, Miwa Kuramoto, says it conveys the image of a tough elderly population who wi...


Chi in hoodie form? Yep, you can buy that

It's taken me much too long to post this, but better late than never. Chi of Chi's Sweet Home fame is one of my very favorite characters from any anime, so when I caught this young lady walking across the dealer's room at Otakon, I nearly t...


H.P. Lovecraft's Nyarlothotep gets kawaii anime

What comes to mind when you think of Lovecraftian horrors? Hideous tentacled creatures? Dark cults bathed in blood? Unending madness? Terrors that man should not know?Well, add cute anime girls to that list, because Japan has officially rui...


Gyaru girls march in support of...tampons?

Well this is certainly one way to get people to notice your cause. According to Japan Probe, the Unicharm Corporation apparently convinced around 100 gyaru to wear pink shirts and wave fans around in order to promote the use of tampons. It'...


Arcana Heart 3 gets ported to PS3 and Xbox 360

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift may be coming out today (and being busy getting overshadowed by Starcraft II's release), but if you're like me and don't feel like purchasing it until the price drops a bit, you might be interested in news of anoth...


Forget bars, stay at home with moe sake

It's nice to go out to have a few drinks at a bar, but being social has a cost - as in literally, from your wallet. As a poor, recent college grad, I cringe every time I think of how much I could be saving by buying a few beers from a store...


Console-tans transform magical in the new Neptune trailer

Like magical girls? Like mecha musume? Or do you just want a less...barbaric take on the console wars? Super Dimension Game Neptune might be the JRPG for you.It's not exactly subtle satire of the games industry, or a triumph of storytelling...


Phantom website announces new crossdressing anime

I love how easy the internet has made it for information to haphazardly leak out. One minute, you think you're safe with your announcement-covered website because no one knows it exists, and then the next moment, someone has discovered it b...


No lack of passion in Beckii Cruel's latest number

Okay guys, Beckii has recently fashioned a stage backdrop out of felt musical notes and blank compact discs. I can't stress this enough. From the header image alone, you can presumably gather that bedroom-dancing sensation Beckii Cruel brin...


Japanator Recommends: Chi's Sweet Home

I am the biggest Chi fangirl you are ever going to meet.That being said, I never expected to see this series make its way to the United States. It's so deeply Japanese, especially in its portrayal of home life -- and yet it's Chi's entertai...


Hitagi Senjougahara's birthday falls on tanabata

Which is today, July 7th. Happy birthday, Hitagi! Much love to everyone's favorite stapler-packing self-aware tsundere!As you may know, Tanabata is the star festival celebrating, among other things, the "meeting" of the stars Vega...


Win a copy of Chi's Sweet Home from Vertical

After our long streak of pairing up with FUNimation, we're now switching gears to our favorite manga publisher: Vertical, Inc. Next Tuesday, Chi's Sweet Home hits shelves, which means that a wave of cuteness unlike any that's ever been seen...


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