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Media Blasters in financial trouble with New York State

Things have been a little fishy with Media Blasters lately. They had to cancel the rerelease of Record of Lodoss War, and they didn't get the license for Queen's Blade Rebellion like they did with the previous series. Right Stuf also recent...


4Kids sells Yu-Gi-Oh! to Kidsco

For the first time in America, Yu-Gi-Oh! will be in the hands of another company. In April 2011, 4Kids filed for bankruptcy after TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems sued over a discrepancy in Yu-Gi-Oh! payments. Now, even though all th...


Steins;Gate parody porno discontinued after legal action

If you're into live-action porn parodies of anime, hopefully you thought to grab Layers;Gate before now. TMA, the adult video producer behind such titles as K-ONBU! and The Melancholy of Hahiru Suzumiya, has announced that they will be disc...


4Kids files for bankruptcy protection over Yu-Gi-Oh!

They warned that it might come to this, and I guess it has. In order to stave off a lawsuit, 4Kids Entertainment has filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11. If you haven't been keeping up, TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad Systems sued 4Kids ...


4Kids responds to Yu-Gi-Oh! lawsuit, ready to take action

After 4Kids supposedly withheld money and made secret back room deals with FUNimation over the Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo have chosen to terminate their license arrangement with 4Kids. In addition to no longer having...


Code Geass artist prepares to sue blogger for defamation

Code Geass, Sunrise's crazy mech show about a fabulous chessmaster, has had a manga prequel running for a little while now. Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya occurs during the same timeline as the anime, though is set during Japan's Edo era. Th...


TV Tokyo and Nihon Ad sue 4Kids over Yu-Gi-Oh! deals

Whenever I think of Yu-Gi-Oh!, I remember the days when 4Kids first put it on Kids' WB, and how "dark" everything seemed compared to Pokemon at the time, even in a sanitized form where anything bad was replaced with vague references to "the...


BECK going out of print...or is it?

It's not often you hear about titles from FUNimation going out of print, but the leading anime publisher in America just sent out notices to various distributors like Robert's Anime Corner Store that they will be discontinuing BECK: Mongoli...


Dutch court declares Sanrio character a ripoff of 'Miffy'

She may not be the main character or even a well-known character, but Cathy the rabbit, a character from Sanrio's Hello Kitty franchise, is now being thrust to the forefront of a copyright debate. According to Mercis BV, a copyright managem...


Minor Pokemon leak somehow justifies jail time

And now for more news on Japan's police being totally hardcore. The Chikusei Police were on "cyber patrol," and - hold on, let's stop right there. Claiming you were on "cyber patrol" conjures up images of cruising around...


Japan offering legal assistance for foreigners

An office in Tokyo has announced that legal assistance will now be available for foreigners as of November. The Tokyo Public Law Office is attempting to overcome challenges such as language barriers, little information, and cultur...


Vertical let No Longer Human out of the bag early

I reported on Vertical's awesome panel at NYAF last week, at which they announced a ton of good new licenses, such as Osamu Tezuka's The Book of Human Insects (pictured on right). Another important license, No Longer Human by Usumaru Furuya...


Watch your back: woman arrested for uploading anime

According to Nikkan Sports and Nihon Keizai Shimbun newspapers, a jobless 42-year-old woman was arrested by the Japanese police for uploading anime via the Perfect Dark file sharing system. While being arrested for uploa...


Oregon adult content law killed thanks in part to Berserk

Those pesky lawmakers were at it again, trying to save the chilluns from the nasty ol' obscenities. Anime News Network reported on Oregon Revised Statue 167.054 and Oregon Revised Statue 167.057, which were set to criminalize the giving of ...


Kobe considers banning tattoos at the beach

The Western world is much more accepting of tattoos these days, due to their massive popularity among the younger crowd. These days, having a tattoo isn't a sign that you're a hoodlum or troublemaker, but a permanent badge of individuality....


Record breaking number of Internet crime cases in Japan

This year, a record breaking 2,444 Internet crime cases have been handled by the Japanese police nationwide. This number is up 31.5% from last year, with fraud cases increasing by 22.8% with 867 cases total. Child pornography case...


'Hey kids, stop all the downloading' Hen Zemi author says

TAGRO, the person behind manga like Hen Zemi and artist behind Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt wants you to know that he is not pleased with your illegal downloading activity.After hearing Yana Toboso, the creator of Black Butler, speak ...


Swedish manga translator fined for lolicon photos

It seems that the ridiculous debate about the rights of fictional characters continues, disregarding common sense. Now, a Swedish manga translator (unnamed) has been fined by the district court of Uppsala Sweden for possessing 51 images con...


Japanese BitTorrent user arrested for sharing TV shows

Anime fans are no stranger to BitTorrent. While the program does have many legal and constructive uses, it is primarily used to pirate pretty much anything you could ever want. The US government and agencies like the MPAA and RIAA may not l...


Beards are now forbidden!

Well, at least if you're a government employee located in the city of Isesaki. As part of an energy-saving campaign, the Gunma prefecture city has instituted a new rule banning its employees from growing beards. (There is no word on whether...


Japan having legal issues with transgender couple's kids

Japan isn't known as the most progressive society when it comes to gender relations, but this interesting legal decision by Glorious Confused Nippon's Ministry of Justice seems to indicate that a few adjustments in marital and gender law ma...


Huff-Po and Forbes spew 'utter nonsense' about Japan

A child abduction case between Christopher Savoie and his ex-wife Noriko is making something of a splash in the US press. The couple, whose marriage began to break down after thirteen years in Japan, left that country and moved to America w...


Philippines to ban Hentai, calls it 'Child Pornography'

You know what? I'm not even going get myself all riled up over nothing. So the country where I was born in, the Philippines, is trying to ban Hentai. The Philippine Congress gave out a press release that defines Hentai as "child pornog...


That's cold Toei

The Ibaraki Prefecture has a superhero, a simple man who works at a surfboard shop. Using his surfboard crafting skills, he creates costumes from famous tokusatsu shows like the Kamen Rider and the Super Sentai franchises. Using these costu...


Tokyopop now working with Gentosha to stay alive

Keeping themselves afloat, Tokyopop has announced a deal with Gentosha comics to be a place to provide "sublicensing agency services" for Gentosha's series, outside of Asia, France, and Italy. We've seen the two companies bumping ...


Del Rey responds to the whole Kodansha hubub

You know, sometimes I hate it when companies have blogs. That means they can address things in a simple and easily-accessible manner, instead of just responding to every press question that they get. I kid, Del Rey. I'm glad to see that you...


Shamo's mangakas brawl over its copyright

Shamo is a violent manga, so much so that its creators are now in fisticuffs over it as well. Akio Tanaka, the illustrator of Shamo has sued the story’s original writer over who actually owns the copyright of the manga. Tanaka argues ...


Rumor squashed: Kodansha not making a move into the US market

While I was in New York City yesterday covering the Gothic Lolita and Maid Day at Kinokuniya (post to follow), I got a chance to corner Ali Kokmen of Del Rey Manga and ask him about the whole rumor of Kodansha coming into the U.S. manga mar...


Where did all the anime go ADV?

ADV seems to be on its last legs now that a large number of its franchises have apparently been erased from ADV’s association. The places where these anime were deleted from are: ADV’s main page, online store, trailers, and the ...


Conspiracy Watch: NHK Staffers admits insider trading

Proving that Welcome to NHK isn't just a soppy slice of life drama, there actually was a hidden agenda involving the popular NHK network. Three employees are under investigation in what appears to be inside trading. The three purportedly bo...


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