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Log Horizon photo

Log Horizon is Sentai's latest license

Next up on the buffet of anime: Log Horizon. The MMO-themed anime has been fairly popular this season, and it looks like Sentai noticed, as they have officially licensed it. I've heard several comparisons to Sword Art Online, but better! If...

Sentai Filmworks photo

Little Busters! Refrain licensed by Sentai

Sentai has licensed Little Busters! Refrain! No one is really surprised, since Sentai did license the first season of Little Busters!, but now they've got the sequel under their belt too. They continue to pick up lots of anime that (from wh...

Sentai Filmworks photo

Sentai nabs glasses anime MEGANEBU!

Sentai Filmworks adds another feather to their cap with their latest pickup: MEGANEBU! The glasses-themed anime will soon show up on "select digital outlets" and will be released on physical media in 2014. It's got hot pink and hot boys, so...

London MCM Licenses photo

Anime Licenses from London MCM Comic Con

After a typically blustery day at the London MCM Comic Con, the event begins to wind down as it enters its final day. Saturday brought more than pesky gales, as we have some fresh anime acquisitions from both MVM Entertainment and Manga UK....

Sentai Filmworks photo

Sentai licenses Non Non Biyori

Sentai is busy picking up even more titles from this season's showings, adding Non Non Biyori to its offerings. This show about cute girls doing cute things will be available in digital outlets shortly, and see a DVD release sometime n...

Licensing photo

Sentai Filmworks licenses Outbreak Company

More licensing announcements, folks! Sentai Filmworks has picked up the recent Outbreak Company! The series just started airing on October 3rd and Crunchyroll has also been simulcasting it. Sentai says they'll also be releasing it through "...

NYCC 2013 photo

NYCC 2013: Yen Press picks up High School DxD

Yen Press brought quite a few interesting announcements to New York Comic-Con this year. Their biggest license announcement was that they'll be bringing readers High School DxD, the manga adaption of the popular light novel series. It's abo...

NYCC photo

NYCC 2013: Viz brings out Terra Formars

Viz certainly didn't slack at New York Comic Con either. Right after Kodansha's deluge of licenses, Viz had some titles of their own to announce. Terra Formars by Kenichi Tachibana My Love Story!! by Kazune Kawahara and Aruko Black Rose Al...


NYCC 2013: Kodansha brings all the Attack on Titan goods

I've been telling you that Attack on Titan is popular. Vertical's gotten in the game too with the light novels. Kodansha isn't letting up, though, as they announced four new Attack on Titan titles they'll be bringing out: Attack ...

Anime photo

NYCC 2013: Sentai licenses Beyond the Boundary

With plenty of news filtering out of New York Comic Con today, Sentai Filmworks have announced they've acquired the license to distribute Beyond the Boundary for home video release. Our own Karen Mead is currently keeping up ...

Infinite Stratos photo

Licensing GET! Sentai obtains Infinite Stratos 2

The glorious Sentai Empire is up to no good again, since they are preemptively grabbing shows like crazy. This time around, they have got their hands on the second season of Infinite Stratos, the next "exciting" conclusion in the mecha musu...


Sentai licenses Golden Time and Diabolik Lovers

It's a double dose of licensing news for Sentai Filmworks, just a week ahead of New York Comic Con: they're bringing us both Golden Time and Diabolik Lovers. Golden Time is a law-school based romance, featuring your oh-so-typical ...

Vertical Inc. photo

Vertical licenses Tetsuya Tsutsui's Prophecy

What has Vertical picked up now? I always pay attention to Vertical's licenses, as they have a knack for picking solid, unique titles. At the Anime Weekend Atlanta convention, they announced that they'll be picking up Tetsuya Tsutsui's most...

Sentai Filmworks photo

Sentai Filmworks licenses the original Casshan

Casshan has returned! The original 1973 anime series, from famed Tatsunoko Productions, will be arriving here in the US on both DVD & Blu-ray in 2014, as well as a "select digital outlets" this year. That means you'll finally be able to...

Samurai Flamenco license  photo

Licensing GET! Aniplex recruits Samurai Flamenco

Well, there's goes another show that will get the Aniplex treatment. This time around, they have gotten a hold of Samurai Flamenco, an original noitaminA anime series that's directed by Takahiro Omori (Director for Durarara!! and Baccano!)....

Crunchy Akagi photo

Hardcore gambler anime Akagi now on Crunchyroll

In a strange twist of fate, the famed gambling anime Akagi is now available in the English language via Crunchyroll. While premium members can get the entire mahjong chronicle right now, freebie tier members can enjoy the first 6 episodes w...

The Wind Rises  photo

Licensing GET: Disney grabs The Wind Rises

Are you sad that you won't be able to see The Wind Rises in New York City next month? Well, the inevitable has happened, because Disney has revealed that they will release the movie in North America! While the release date remains unannounc...

Cowboy Bebop photo

Streaming GET: Cowboy Bebop comes to Daisuki

Just in case you needed even more Cowboy Bebop news to brighten your day, you won't have to wait until the Blu-rays come out to get your fix of Spike and the gang. At Otakon this weekend Daisuki.net announced that they'll be strea...

Sentai photo

Otakon 13': Sentai announcements

It's kind of odd that you get the announcements for US releases from the actual licencee. Sunrise announced that Sentai Filmworks has licenced the following titles: Sacred Seven The Big O The Big O II Argento Soma Betterman s-CRY-ed Z-Mind ...

Aniplex gets KILL la KILL photo

Otakon '13: Aniplex licenses KILL la KILL

[Update: Aniplex's Press Release on their  KILL la KILL license has been added.] Well, it looks like Imaishi's upcoming title is in a bit of a predicament here, folks. During this year's Otakon, Aniplex USA has revealed that they ...

Yamato 2199 Dub photo

AX '13: Yamato 2199 getting English dub

Hey, remember Star Blazers, the English incarnation of Space Battleship Yamato? Well, it's back! Sort of. Production I.G. and its partners are apparently opting to take advantage of Star Blazers' greater recognition in the west, and is pro...

Fate/Kaleid licensed photo

Sentai Filmworks licences Fate/Kaleid magical girl series

Earlier today, I watched the first episode of Fate/Stay Night spin-off, Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. It's cute, a bit weird, and the faces seem kind of off. All told, I actually enjoyed it more than I was expecting to, so keep an eye for...

Right Stuf's new goodies  photo

AX 2013: Right Stuf grabs Princess Nine and more

Oh good, it seems that a Princess Knight riot didn't occur during Right Stuff's Friday panel. Seeing how all of Right Stuf's divisions have announced something, we can assume that no one got injured during the presentation at Anime Expo 201...


AX '13: Sentai and Tatsunoko make friendly, nabs 11 shows

One of the big splashes Sentai Filmworks made at its AX panel earlier today was the announcement that it's worked out a licensing deal with Tatsunoko productions to bring a portion of their library over to the US in some form and fashion. S...

NIS's two new licenses photo

NIS grabs Genshiken 2nd Season and Hanasaku Iroha's movie

The summer anime season has just begun, and NIS America is ready to reveal their announcements for Anime Expo 2013! For their main order of business, they are happy to tell us that the Society for the Study of Modern Visual Culture and the ...

Viz at Licensing Expo photo

License Burst: Viz reveals their goods for Licensing Expo

After keeping track of so many Viz related news, I think it's safe to say that I have become the Viz guy for J-tor. Continuing with my ongoing duty under my new unofficial title, I'm here to let you know that Viz is going to showoff their m...

Aniplex Monogatari GET photo

Toothbrush time! Aniplex licenses Monogatari S2, Nekokuro

Rejoice, fans of licensing acquisitions, for another one of those has happened! In a move that's sure to delight fans of the Monogatari franchise, Aniplex of America has announced their pickup of the latest two Monogatari propert...

FUNi gets Eva 3.0 photo

Licensing Impact! FUNimation grabs Evangelion 3.0

It's no surprise that FUNimation's going to pick up Eva 3.0, and they have picked a fine occasion to do so. No, I'm not talking about E3, but I might as well be. Back to the main topic at hand, FUNi's announcement was meant to coincide with...

K master license photo

Upgrade Complete: Viz obtains the master license for K

Oh wow, I never expected for me and K would cross paths again. Back when K premiered last year, the series had to potential to become a show that felt like a Ryohgo Narita (Author of the original Baccano! and Durarara!! ...

YamiBo license  photo

Licensing GET: Media Blasters grabs YamiBo

It looks like Media Blasters has gotten a hold of a new license, and there's a chance that it will make yuri fans rejoice. That said, Media Blaster's acquisition is going to be Yami to Boshi to Hon no Tabito (Often shortened as Ya...


Slice of life: Sunny manga grabbed by VIZ Media

If you're a fan of slice of life, here's a thing for you. Sunny, by Taiyo Matsumoto, has been grabbed by VIZ Media and translated by Michael Arias (producer: The Animatrix). The release of the first volume of this manga will be May 21st, bo...

Samurai Pizza Cats photo

Samurai Pizza Cats series box set gets date and price

We noted a couple months ago that Discotek Media was planning on releasing the entire Samurai Pizza Cats series on DVD. As one of my favorite cartoons as a kid, I've been watching this news very carefully, and we now have a date and price f...

Accel World master rights photo

Oh snap, Viz upgrades their license for Accel World

I guess you could say that Viz has achieved a License Burst, because they have gained full mastery over their Accel World license. So what does this mean? The answer is simple folks. With the title of master licensee for Accel World, V...

Garden of Words licensed  photo

Licensing GET: Sentai grabs The Garden of Words

After all of these Sentai license attacks that have been going on lately, they are now ready for their ultimate strike. This time around, Sentai is going to plant The Garden of Words in North American shores. Since it's a great treat to see...

Sentai's newest licenses photo

Licensing GET: Sentai marries Samurai Bride and more

As Sentai continues to fire their Wave Motion Licensing Gun at unsuspecting anime shows, the empire's ruler is in need of a bride that will take the title of queen. Luckily for them, they have obtain the license to Samurai Bride, which happ...


Licensing GET: Uta no Prince-Sama to fly overseas

Sentai Filmworks has sent over a press release announcing that Uta no Prince-Sama: Maji Love 1000% will be seeing a digital release soon, and a physical release later on this year. Considering how successful it's been over here in Japan, I'...

Flowers of Evil license  photo

Licensing GET: Sentai plucks the Flowers of Evil

Sentai continues on its path to become a powerful empire, and their conquest continues to overpower the anime shows that are currently airing as we speak. This time around, Sentai has ventured into corrupted soils to obtain the Fl...

Devil Survivor 2 license  photo

Licensing GET: Sentai grabs the Devil Survivor 2 anime

You might think that I'm crazy for thinking this, but I have a feeling that Sentai is secretly planning to take over the world. Seeing how they are doing their best to grab every title in sight, the Sentai Empire will make its debut in a fe...

Sentai's two new licenses photo

Surprise: Sentai grabs Majestic Prince and Shining Hearts

In case you haven't noticed, I was actually being sarcastic about my reaction to Sentai's two new licenses. In their never ending battle to license everything, they are using their preemptive licensing strike to grab Majestic Prince be...

Yen Press gets more manga photo

Sakura-Con 2013: Get a load of Yen Press's newest goods

Sakura-Con is still going on as we speak, and Josh "Totsu" Totman is scouring the entire con like a beast! As he storms through the catacombs of Seattle's anime convention, JT has discovered Yen Press's latest announcements. ...


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