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Lagrange Set One photo

Ready to Launch! Viz reveals Lagrange's release date

Back when Lagrange: The Flower of Rin-ne aired in 2012, I was hoping that the series was going to be similar to Nadesico. Six episodes in, I decided to drop the series, since the show's premise failed to keep me interested in watc...

Backlog: MS Gundam photo

Backlog Episode 01: Mobile Suit Gundam

Like a lot of folk who buy anime, I have a bad habit of purchasing shows and not watching them. At this moment, I can turn around, look at my shelf and find at least two dozen shows that I haven't completed. Hell, some of them haven't even...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Ideon vs Dix-Neuf

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Shanoa was ready to use the Glypths that allowed her to defeat Dracula in Order of Ecclesia; however, Bayonetta has punched a being equivalent to God into the sun, so that makes her a stronger opponent than the...

Robotech RPG Tactics photo

Robotech RPG Tactics is Fokker-ing awesome

Just recently I have starting getting into table top games pretty seriously. I play every Saturday and my local comic shop with a couple of friends and anyone else that shows up. It's a great time and pretty relaxing after a week ...

Crossbone Gundam fan OP photo

YES: Crossbone Gundam gets a sweet new fan made opening

Back in pretend college, a good friend of mine told me about a Universal Century Gundam manga known as Crossbone Gundam. Just as the title implies, the manga contains pirate themed Gundams. After I got the chance to dive into the first man...

Gundam UC DVD release  photo

Colony drop: Right Stuf to distribute Gundam UC on DVD

It looks like the hope in the form of Gundam is still around in North America, since Right Stuf has signed up with Sunrise to release Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn on DVD. Long story short, the series is going to be released in four ...

Masoukishin 3 trailer  photo

That was fast: Masoukishin 3 launches its first trailer

It's only been a few long hours since Masoukishin 3 was leaked in Famitsu, and Namco Bandai has already uploaded the first trailer for Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masoukishin III: Pride of Justice. Overall, the full bodied robot animations ar...

Super Robot Wars OG photo

Super Robot Wars OG: Masoukishin 3 coming to PS3/Vita

A leak from this week's Famitsu magazine has revealed that Namco Bandai will be releasing Masoukishin: Pride of Justice on August 22 for the PS3 and Vita. The second game in the Masoukishin saga, Revelation of Evil God, saw a PSP relea...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Gunvarrel vs Gekiganger III

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over! Love Machine tried to absorb Diaboromon with all of his might, but he couldn't keep up with his multiplication ability. That said, Diaboromon finishes Love Machine off with a barrage of Web Wreckers. ...

Valvrave First Impression photo

First Impressions: Valvrave the Liberator

I sure am glad I was prudent (read: lazy) enough to give Valvrave the Liberator another episode before writing about it. And it's luck as well for Sunrise, as had I been a properly diligent and punctual writer-bee I'd have be...

Infinite Stratos 2 photo

Eyes on IS: Infinite Stratos gets a reboot

With the flood of the spring season's new anime (a good portion of which looks to be genuinely memorable), it's easy to forget that which came before, and lest we forget, Infinite Stratos was definitely a show that came before.&n...

Majest Prince Impressions photo

First Impressions: Majestic Prince

When you think about a mecha anime set in space, against the backdrop of humanity's fight for survival against mysterious aliens from Jupiter, what you don't think of is Majestic Prince. That's because Majestic Prince, despite being a ...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Ray MK III vs Anna

*ding, ding, ding* It's Over!  Boss Masamune thought that his lightning based attacks could shock Zoro into defeat, but Zoro's endurance and skills has grown since his adventures in Skypiea. With a 36 Pound Phoenix,...

Sentai's two new licenses photo

Surprise: Sentai grabs Majestic Prince and Shining Hearts

In case you haven't noticed, I was actually being sarcastic about my reaction to Sentai's two new licenses. In their never ending battle to license everything, they are using their preemptive licensing strike to grab Majestic Prince be...

Aniplex gets Valvrave  photo

Licensing GET: Aniplex grabs Valvrave the Liberator

We haven't even seen the first episode of Valvrave yet, and Aniplex USA has already used their giant licensing robot to obtain the series. Something tells me that they are hoping for Valvrave to become next big series, due to it b...

Gurren Lagann is back photo

Giga License Breaker: Aniplex rescues Gurren Lagann

It shouldn't be a surprise to people that the Gurren Lagann TV series would get revived by Aniplex USA, since they were the ones who licensed the two movies in North America. Knowing who the hell Aniplex is, they plan to re-releas...

IGPX returns to Toonami photo

Life on the fast lane: IGPX to return to Toonami's lineup

It looks like the final week of April is going to involve some new changes for Toonami, because IGPX (Short for Immortal Grand Prix) is racing back to the lineup after escaping from the limbo that resulted from Bandai Entertainment going do...

New Fafner: Exodus info   photo

Are you there? Fafner: Exodus will be 26 episodes long

For countless years, I have been waiting for the official broadcast date of Fafner: Dead Aggressor: Exodus -- similar to the same levels that Kazuki had to go through after the season one's ending. Silly enough, Fafner&n...

Patlabor TV gets rescued photo

Super Rejoice: Maiden Japan gets the Patlabor TV series

Don't you just love it when announcements related to your past come back in a joyous form. For today's reminiscence, the first time that I got to watch Patlabor on Televison was when I watched bits and pieces of it ...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Gunleon vs Genesic GaoGaiGar

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Talk about a perfect victory, because Ayumu knocked Makina around with 1000% of his strength. Afterwards, Ayumu jumps into the air, as he prepares his ultimate kick. But wait, that's not a kick! Instead a foot ...


Gundam Breaker to get a PS3/Vita demo

Namco Bandai's upcoming PS3/Vita action game, Gundam Breaker, is looking pretty damn neat. Rather than just recycle the same Gundam formula for the nth time, the developers are mixing it up a bit. Literally. Instead of actually controlling...

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Promo: Top 5 Mecha photo
From our community  

Promoted Story: Top Five Mecha

[The first promoted article for this month's Bloggers Wanted! SeonArikale gives us the all of the juicy details about his top five mechs, from both anime and video games. Hit the jump to see if your own favourite has made his list, but if t...


Break Out: Media Blasters nabs the first two SRW animes

For once, this isn't the type of Super Robot Wars news that I was looking forward to. But on the bright side, Media Blasters has rescued Super Robot Wars: Original Generation: The Animation and Super Robot Wars Original ...


Vocaloid music invades Super Robot Wars UX's new promo

Not to sound like a broken record again, but Super Robot Wars UX's visuals have yet to impress me. And yet, I always enjoy the comfort of viewing these flashy trailers that Banpresto uses to show off more of the game's roster and...

Friday Night Fights photo

Friday Night Fights: Aquarion vs Shin Getter Robo

*ding, ding, ding* It's over. Well folks, Anri did take use her followers as a distraction to mess with Saya, but Saya's reflexes allowed her head straight for the queen. Despite Saya's abilities as a vampire, Anri's synchronization with th...


Let Super Robot Wars UX show you its main characters

Well, most of us can all agree that Super Robot Wars UX has a roster that's both random and a bit underwhelming, but the main deal breaker in most SRW games is the role of the game's original characters. Coming as a slight surpris...


Final Impressions: Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb

The festivities at the end of December seem to be at fault for putting off the finale of this show so long, but hey, the Hidamari Sketch ladies didn't appear to be all that fussed about it. It may have been our fourth exciting outing into t...


Friday Night Fights: Liger Zero vs Strike Gundam

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! The Blue Rogues were in a tough scenario, as the Bonne Family had an armada of Servbots piloting some of their most powerful aerial machines. However, Teasel, Tron, and Bomb made one mistake; it turns out that ...


Face Open: CG Gaiking remake gets some overseas support

Like Josh, I wasn't too keen on the gritty look for the CG Gaiking movie, since it was missing that flair from the previous installments. While my only experience with Gaiking is the 2005 series, Gaiking: Legend of Daiku-Maryu, th...


Rejoice! Five Star Stories to break out of hiatus

Now that Mamoru Nagano has finished working on Gothicmade, his next task is to continue his work on the Five Star Stories manga. Unlike most other mangakas, Nagano took a break in 2006 to focus on other projects and works, which is a rare r...


Super Robot Wars UX's trailer features vocaloid action

Oh wow, I never thought that I would live to see the day that a vocaloid would make an appearance in the Super Robot Wars series. Courtesy of Sega, Miku will be piloting her version of the Fei-Yen that features her signature leek and ...


Kyoryu Change: Kyoryuger transforms into better images

Yes! My theory about the early images of the Kyoryugers were right on the mark. After seeing a better image of them, they don't look as bad as I thought they did. While I am a bit sad that they are going back to spandex suits, I do like the...


Friday Night Fights: Dragonar-1 vs Lancelot Conquista

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached an unexpected result. Yu threw out the swag and godlike Personas, but Sakura countered with every card at her disposal. The two kept going for a good while; however, both c...


Metal Full Coat! King Gainer to get a Blu-ray box set

King, King, King Gainer, Metal Overman King Gainer! Oops, I did not intend to break into a song during this post. But anyways, Overman King Gainer is unleashing an Overskill that will allow it to transform into a Blu-ray box set that will i...


Despair, Gundam Seed Destiny is getting an HD remaster

It's been two years since I got the chance to experience the Gundam streamapalooza that was going on ANN, Youtube, Bandai's official Gundam page, and Crunchyroll. Thanks to this rare privilege, I was given the honor to watch all of Zet...


Review: Martian Successor Nadesico DVD Collection

There are some shows that come out and completely alter their genre. Classics like Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Love Hina have altered their respective landscapes to the point where future television shows and media have to have som...


Ultramen, Riders, and Gundams duke it out in Heroes VS

You know, I am actually happy to see Namco Bandai dishing out more games in the Compatible Hero franchise. And this time, they plan to get Spike Chunsoft to create Heroes VS, a fighting game that pits characters from the Ultra series, Kame...


Rejoir, a sequel to Solatorobo is in the works

Right when I reached the halfway point in Solatorobo, a new piece of news appears from the man that runs CyberConnect2. Hiroshi Matsuyama has confirmed at Salon del Manga de Barcelona (Spanish for Barcelona's Manga Salon) in Barcelona,...


Friday Night Fights: 00 Raiser vs Jehuty

*ding, ding, ding* It's over! Dracula tried to throw every ounce of power and flames at Roa, but he could not withstand Roa's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. Better luck next century, Dracula. Roa wins! (7 > 4) Next up on the ...


2nd SRW OG's new PV brings back the Maso Kishin cast

For many years, I have waited for the original cast from Super Robot Wars EX and Maso Kishin: The Lord of Elemental to make an appearance in the main OG universe. And at last, Banpresto reveals their new trailer that shows o...


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