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In New York? Why not meet with Viz for Shonen Jump Alpha?

One of the coolest places for an otaku in The Big Apple (besides the New York Comic Con/Anime Fair, of course) is the Kinokuniya bookstore. It's a spiffy place to get a ton of otherwise Japan-only books. Viz know that fact, and plans to tak...


NYAF: An interview with Kodansha Comics

One of the biggest surprise announcements earlier this year was the return of Sailor Moon, courtesy of Kodansha USA. On top of their push into the US market with their releases of other series like Negima, Air Gear and Ghost in the Shell, K...


NYAF: An interview with Fairy Tail's Hiro Mashima

If you read Japanator's weekly Fighting Friday column, you may know that Kristina is a big fan of Fairy Tail. She loves the characters, their relationships, the fighting, the whole shebang. This means that when we heard that Hiro Mashima, t...


NYAF: Tiger & Bunny also getting dubbed

More revelations from the New York Comic Con! Viz Media have confirmed that Tiger & Bunny will be receiving an English dub, so that's good news for the dub loving folk out there! They stated that it's currently in pre-production, so we ...


NYAF: Redline coming January 17th, also First Squad

Hey! You know what's a great anime film that isn't by Hayao Miyazaki? Redline, that's what. Hell, Redline would cause Miyazaki to spin in his grave like a Trans-Am 20000 on Gold Nitro. Well, if Miyazaki were dead, which he isn't, thank good...


NYAF: Print is dead, Shonen Jump Alpha going online

Everyone talks about how print media (also known as "dead trees editions," if you're a terrible person) is on its way out, and while the claim may still be contested, it seems that Shonen JUMP is throwing in the towel, at least in the US. V...


NYAF: Woah, FUNi and Niconico get hitched, form Funico

Now THIS is big news, especially for the streaming crowd. North American anime giant FUNimation has officially shacked up with Niconico.com, the English-language incarnation of Japanese Youtube-killer Nico Nico Douga, to form a joint ventur...


Japanator AM Special Edition: NYAF contest winners!

I don't know if you'd call this Japanator AM -- it's just me, sitting in my room, talking into a mic while I intermittently play audio of other people faking orgasms. It's more like Japanator Radio than AM in format, but I knew that includi...


Vertical let No Longer Human out of the bag early

I reported on Vertical's awesome panel at NYAF last week, at which they announced a ton of good new licenses, such as Osamu Tezuka's The Book of Human Insects (pictured on right). Another important license, No Longer Human by Usumaru Furuya...


NYAF '10: The con was a segmented and crowded mess

"How was the con?"My co-workers, parents and friends all asked this question. And time and time again, I'd tell the stories about the showroom floor, working at the butler and maid cafe and attending panels. Just recounting those ...


NYAF '10: Dark Horse licenses Drifters and Kekkai Sensen

Dark Horse appeared at the New York Comic-Con with some exciting announcements. Two new manga have been unveiled for release in 2011, one of which I'm very much excited about since it's by the creator of Hellsing: The se...


NYAF '10: The Crispin Freeman experience

When I got the offer to host Crispin Freeman's panel, I was both nervous and excited -- I had only just sat on my second-ever panel at Otakon, and now I'd be hosting something much more popular than industry dialogue: a voice actor's fan...


NYAF '10: Video tour of awesomeness!

While at NYAF/NYCC, Crystal and I wanted to show you guys just how packed with events, merchandise, and most of all people the convention center was. So, using the most high-tech equipment known to man (i.e. a digicam bought on clearance by...


NYAF '10: Hatsune Miku possibly getting English voice

Revealed at NYAF, Crypton, the makers of Hatsune Miku, are toying with the idea of giving Miku an English voice in order to spread her popularity in the west. Of course, Crypton wants a little something in return, which is for the...


NYAF '10: Yen Press debuts on the iPad!

Getting to the rest of our NYAF/NYCC coverage, one of the announcements to come out of the convention was that Yen Press is debuting on the iPad with its own reader. Currently, they've gone ahead and launched with the titles that are their ...


NYAF '10: Cosplay Roundup

Hey hey, we gots some cosplay here for you. As you may know, New York Anime Festival has sort of been absorbed by New York Comic-Con this year, so we tossed in a few non-anime costumes in here that are awesome in their own right. And for th...


NYAF '10: Things I have seen

Here's a quick gallery of things that I saw around NYAF, ranging from game demos to awesome cosplay, to just plain strangeness. All in all, it was a lot of fun and things were great, though sadly the amount of actual cosplay was a little lo...


NYAF '10: FUNimation announces things you already know

So FUNimation had a few announcements today, though likely they might be things you already heard of before. Either way, let me give you the rundown on upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases!Hit the jump like that bitch owes you money!


NYAF '10: Crunchyroll streaming Lucky Star, plus others

You like that streaming anime? Well do ya, punk? Then Crunchyroll has got you covered for at least four more series, with the major highlight being fan-favorite/pre-K-ON bashing target Lucky Star. I can't wait to watch discussions...


NYAF 10: Vertical's panel was sweet and you weren't there

UPDATED: Vertical has since issued a statement saying that No Longer Human is in fact, not licensed quite yet. More details here.Vertical's panel was really a highlight this year at NYAF. Pretty much everything Vertical licenses is quality,...


NYAF '10: Stan Lee can't hear sh*t

Today, Stan Lee and Yoshiki of X Japan fame held a panel together.Yes, there was a panel that awesome. Stan effing Lee and Yoshiki. Let me just tell you what I experienced. The room is flooded with screaming fans. A movie opens depicti...


NYAF '10: Bandai talks about Gundam, more Gundam, no duh

Bandai Entertainment loves its Gundam. Everyone knows this. Probably because Bandai in Japan produces every Gundam series and gives all the licensing rights to its North American counterpart, regardless of whether they ever want to release ...


NYAF '10: Anime in Academia

Compared to the amount of academic research afforded to more established forms of entertainment like film and Western animation, there is an expected lack of discourse on anime. Or at least, that's what I assumed, but according to a panel ...


NYAF '10: Death in Japanese culture

Death is a pervasive theme, we can't escape it. Sometimes we ignore it, sometimes we dwell on it, and every culture has its own relationship with it. Japan in particular has a unique relationship with death. Japan often accepts death as ine...


NYAF '10: Sometimes you get a hopeless panel

Most people going to conventions like to see a panel or two, usually on a topic they're familiar with or want to learn more about. More often than not, these panels tend to be at least semi-informative, but on occasion, you get a real bomb....


NYAF '10: Durarara!!, R.O.D get dates from Aniplex

Those who love headless motorcyclists and manly bartenders should get excited, as Aniplex has finally given us a release date for Durarara!! at their panel on Friday. Part one is shipping through Bandai Entertainment and ...


NYAF '10: Day one impressions

So, the first day of the New York Anime Fest and Comic Con happened. What did we do; what did we see?Well, I bought $200 worth of clothes at Uniqlo. That counts, right?Jake and I were working the Butler and Maid Cafe for a chunk of the con,...

 from  japanator

NYAF '10: We're going, and so should you

Tomorrow, Team Japanator will be descending upon New York Anime Fest and Comic Con, and will be trawling not only the convention floor, but the bars and eateries the greatest city in the world has to offer. We'll be there, covering all the ...


Celebrate Naruto's birthday with VIZ on October 10

In a Ninja World far, far away, a boy with weird whisker-things on his face who could turn into a girl was born. On October 10th, he's celebrating his birthday! And VIZ Media wants you to celebrate with them, since they're the dudes who pub...


Contest reminder: Win tix to PuffyAmiYumi and BBS at NYAF

Just a quick note to remind you that we are giving away two pair of tickets to see Puffy AmiYumi, Boom Boom Satellites, Zazen Boys and Echostream at New York Anime Fest. on October 10th.The deadline to enter is Monday, October 4th. Let's sa...


NY-Tokyo hosting Sengoku Basara 2 event in NYC

The New York Anime Fest and Comic Con schedule is out, and it's massive. Want to add to the hectic nature of the con? How about New York-Tokyo and the Asia Society's awesome Sengoku Basara 2 event they've got planned on Saturday, October 9t...


Win tix to Puffy AmiYumi, Boom Boom Satellites at NYAF

Tired of all these contests yet? Good, I didn't think so!Coming up at the New York Anime Festival on October 10th is the Far East to East Showcase. This is its third year and boy, it's a doozy. Puffy AmiYumi, Boom Boom Satellites, Zazen Boy...


Contest reminder: voice acting entries due at midnight!

Hey everyone. I'm just reminding you that we're still accepting entries for our voice acting contest until midnight eastern -- that's 9 PM for all you cool kids, like me, on the west coast. We're still giving away free passes to New Yo...


Contest: Win yourself a pair of VAMPS tickets at NYAF

Already got your tickets for the New York Anime Fest, or working on your entries for our contest? While you're at it, we've got another contest for you to enter: Saturday night, VAMPS is having a show at the Roseland Ballroom and we've got ...


Win a pass to NYAF/NYCC in our voice acting contest!

[Update: We have prizes for you non-local folks] That's right -- we're back with our annual voice acting contest for the New York Anime Festival/New York Comic Con! For those of you who have never come across this before, all you need is a ...


VAMPS coming to NYAF, plan to eat the Big Apple

New York Anime Fest, now that it's combined with New York Comic Con, is only just starting to roll out their guest announcements. They decided to kick it off with a doozy, though, announcing J-rock superstars VAMPS will be returning after l...

 from  japanator

Jake and I have officially won 'The Internet'

Finally, it has been proven: the 11th commandment is "Thou shalt not challenge the power of Brad and Jake." Because, when the two of us gattai with our manly spirit, Jake's superior acting and my superior fashion, you create a bea...


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