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Ping Pong photo

Annotated Anime: Ping Pong episode 3

Hey, what's going on?! We finally have an opening! That's not too bad for an initial treat this week. Actually, it's a really well-done OP, with some impressive work in storyboarding and animating -- you also don't get spoiled on short bits...

Nanana's FI photo

First Impressions: Nanana's Buried Treasure

This show probably sounds like a really good idea on paper. It's filled with cool concepts like treasure hunting and classrooms that attack you until you solve puzzles, but it's also filled with multiple girls in maid outfits and tons of st...

Ping Pong photo

First Impressions: Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of my most anticipated shows this season. It has an all-star cast, both of voice actors and animators, backed up by a talented auteur in the industry, Masaki Yuasa. However, you can have all the skilled staff in the wo...

Ping Pong photo

First long PV for Masaaki Yuasa's Ping Pong

  Noitamina has been a roll recently with some excellent choices for TV adaptions. The one I've been most interested in has been Masaaki Yuasa's anime of Ping Pong, based on the popular manga by Taiyo Matsumoto. I'm in love with the ...

Noitamina photo

Shinichiro Watanabe to direct Zankyo no Tokyo on Noitamina

Shinichiro Watanabe isn't letting up anytime soon! With his recent success in Space Dandy, he's been staying in the spotlight more and more. Noitamina has just announced several new items, but the most exciting is Watanabe's new show, Zank...

Ping Pong photo

Here's another colorful new Ping Pong CM

Briefly: here's the latest CM for Masaaki Yuasa's Ping Pong anime, based off of Taiyo Matsumoto's manga. They've been releasing character-themed CMs for the past few weeks and each one gives a little tease at what to expect from the Noitam...

Noitamina photo

Masaaki Yuasa is back with Ping Pong on Noitamina

Masaaki Yuasa has returned, this time with a TV anime on Noitamina! He'll be adapting the popular manga by Taiyo Matsumoto, Ping Pong, for TV audiences along with Tatsunoko. The manga was adapted into a live-action film back in 2002, as we...

Galilei Donna photo

Final Impressions: Galilei Donna

It's been a rough ride on board the home-made goldfish airship along with the three descendants of Galileo Galilei. It's also a learning experience; Galilei Donna is a textbook example of both what you can do with suspension of belief, and ...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 9

I give a lot of props to anime that can surprise me in a pleasant way. Over the years I've seen a lot of stuff, and it's well-known that a lot of shows stick to the same basic patterns. Galilei Donna seemed to walk that same, beaten path, a...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 8

Let's take a different approach for this week's Galilei Donna recap. Plot-wise, while the girls obtain the fifth moon sketch in an ancient graveyard belonging to the Yaguu clan in Nara, they take a vacation to visit Grandpa. Anna is growing...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 7

Hazuki, Kazuki, Hozuki, and Anna find themselves again cornered by Aldi Moon's faithful hunting dog, Roberto. This time they were blasted out from under the sea while en route to the next moon sketch. It's about time for Galilei Donna to ta...

AA: Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 5

As the Galilei Donna sisters (and their fourth wheel) travel north away from Germany, Holland greets them with a deep breeze and more piracy. The local ring of pirates, on the other hand, are the friendliest lot. As usual, Hozuki quickly wo...

Galilei Donna photo

Annotated Anime: Galilei Donna Ep. 2

Last week's Galilei Donna was all over the place. It intrigued but didn't offer much in terms of explanation. This week's Galilei Donna still doesn't quite offer much in terms of explanation, but at least it wraps up the pilot story arc. If...

Galilei Donna photo

First Impressions: Galilei Donna

Along with Samurai Flamenco, the second half of this season's renewed noitaminA segment is Galilei Donna. From Yasuomi Umetsu, the creator of Mezzo and Kite, Galileo Donna is an original story about three sisters carrying the DNA of the fam...

Samurai Flamenco photo

A Samurai Flamenco ad with animation - finally!

Samurai Flamenco premiers on Thursday on Crunchyroll. That's why I was a little worried that we hadn't seen a commercial yet with actual animation in it. Every ad just featured portraits flying left and right or the characters walking stoi...

Silver Spoon anime photo

First Impressions: Silver Spoon

Taking an incredibly tired trope and giving it an original spin is what makes good shows. Shows that last in our memories for years to come. Madoka Magica and Evangelion are two that completely flipped genres on their heads, makin...

AKFG to Europe! photo

Asian Kung-Fu Generation to visit Europe

[Update: Tickets will be up for sale tomorrow in the UK and they will be playing at the O2 Islington venue. You can buy tickets early with the O2 Priority service, and it'll set you back £22.50, fees included. Not bad!] Not many Japa...


Final Impressions: Kids on the Slope

No one can deny that Kids on the Slope had fantastic pedigree. It's the adaptation of Yuki Kodama's award-winning josei manga, directed by Shinichiro Watanabe and with music by Yoko Kanno. Based on the pairing of Cowboy Bebop vets Watanabe ...


Sentai Filmworks licenses Tsuritama

Sentai Filmworks means business. Earlier this month, the company announced that they will be streaming and releasing on home video the shows Kids on the Slope and Mysterious Girlfriend X --both of which are also available to watch via ...


Robotics;Notes will have an anime this October

The third of 5pb's visual-novels, following ChäoS;HEAd and Steins;Gate, will be receiving the anime treatment this October. It is due to air in the noitaminA block, along with an original anime called Psycho-Pass. Fans of 5pb in p...


The Black Rock Shooter anime trailer has some primo CG

Really, just look at it here. You'll only catch flashes of it among the regular, less-CG'd portions depicting the life of two schoolgirls (which happened to be the conceit from Studio Ordet's earlier Black Rock Shooter OAV), but what can be...


Black Rock Shooter TV Anime Confirmed

According to the official website, a TV anime based on the infamous Black★Rock Shooter franchise is slated to air in January next year. The series is set to air on the noitaminA programming block, which has been home to shows such as ...


Anime on Demand to simulcast [C] for the UK

[C]: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, the new series by Tatsunoko, has a long and confusing name. I don't know if this is the standard yet, but how about we just stick with [C]? It rolls off the tongue a lot easier, and I can actu...


First Impressions: [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility

...CONTROL. Sorry, I couldn't fit that last one in there. Although I could write out the full title for the rest of this article, [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control, I think I will spare you all and call it simply [C]. This is on...


Learn the secrets of Japan's economy in these [C] promos

And we mean secret secrets, not that pansy-ass medieval wolf-goddess stuff Lawrence deals with in Spice and Wolf. We're talking freakonomics. Well, you won't learn them from the promo per se, but from [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility C...


noitaminA announces its upcoming slate of shows

Ready for a bunch of awesome new shows? I know I am. At Fuji TV's noitaminA press conference earlier this Friday, the broadcaster announced quite a few upcoming shows for July, as well as running trailers for the batch of previously announc...


Kuuchuu Buranko is going live-action, maybe UPSIDE DOWN

Wait, what?Some of you might remember Kuuchuu Buranko as an anime on the noitaminA block in late 2009, and even fewer might have remembered sitting through it without getting a headache. Well, for those who missed it, there seems to be...


NoitaminA's new anime is Hourou Musuko

It's a few weeks into the Fall anime season, and you know what that means: It's time to think about the anime for the Winter season!And one of Winter's upcoming anime is Hourou Musuko ("The Wandering Son"), which is to be Noitamin...


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