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Blogger Danny Choo is a special guest at Anime Expo 2010

Blogger extraordinaire Danny Choo will be a guest at Anime Expo this year. The guy we know as a fellow otaku and prominent internet personality will join the already huge guest line-up at the July 1-4 event. The guy that the non-otaku world...


This Geek House looks like home to me

A Japanese television broadcast featured a bit about a Tokyo-based "Geek House" where a bunch of computer...geeks live and thrive. In this particular one, three computer programmers and two other residents share a two-room house a...


Akiba cafe gets its tech on; mecha designers welcome

I have to wonder how many of you have experience with electronics. I'm not talking about just owning them -- I can't even count how many devices I have cluttering my office -- but actually taking them apart and working with t...


Lawsons turning into Tokyo-3 City Stations?

In a bit of Evangelion promotion, since we can never get enough of it, some of the Lawsons Markets (convenience stores, essentially) have converted themselves into Evangelion stores, serving all sorts of Evangelion-related goodies. Watashi ...


Kotobukiya presents Otacool 2: Worldwide Cosplayers

I'm sure by now there's a good chance that you've heard of Kotobukiya's partnership with Danny Choo to create Otacool, a series of books that show off everything that's great about the otaku culture and lifestyle. While the first chapter...


When I was born, this is what an otaku room looked like

At least, that's what a series of scans from Newtype magazine circulating about the web would have you believe. The picture above is from 1985. The other two, from 1995 and the present day, depict the evolution of the modern otaku room. Two...


Everything you wanted to know about Love Plus+

Home-wrecker DS game Love Plus is getting a followup, called Love Plus+. It's set to make a big game even bigger, and Konami's going for the hard sell. But just how much "plus" does the "+" tacked on the end bring?Well, ...


Crazy fan trolls AKB48 girl during photo-op

I like the girls in AKB48. They're cute, some were fun to talk to in our interview that never made it out, and to an extent I feel bad for them, considering how tightly they're managed. Implications that the girl's had sex? She gets the boo...


Whoever rides the MikuMiku Taxi should leave a big tip

Vinyl-decorated itasha cars are hardly a new thing, but what about a fully-functional ita-taxi? This particular Miku fan in Shiroishi city, Miyazaki prefecture, worked up the will to mix his Diva with his day job, plastering his taxi's door...


Random Curiosity to shut down in April

As if it wasn't bad enough that Railgun has ended, we've just been hit with another load of bad news. OMNI of Random Curiosity, one of the most prolific anime resources on the Internet, has announced his retirement from blogging. His site w...

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Watch carefully: How to be a true manga artist

Do you know what it takes to be a true mangaka? Do you emulate the master artists that draw such fine series as Naruto and Inuyasha? Do you know the pains of drawing boys (and how much harder they are to draw than girls)?This video is what ...


The Otaku Sex Industry: 3D women desired, for now

According to the Japan Subculture Research Center, many otaku haven't given up real women for the likes of Nene from Love Plus just yet. Of course, that doesn't mean that they're going out on dates either- pssh, that's just crazy talk. No, ...


Kitakyushu to build an Otaku arts and business complex

A reason to leave Akihabara next time you visit Japan? Maybe. Kitakyûshû, a port city in Fukuoka--which is actually pretty far from Akihabara, now that I think about it--is finally going to build that Otaku business an...


'Yuri The Only One' from the LeetStreet Boys

Our friends at LeetStreet Boys have put out another video, tackling the romances of the heart with their latest single "Yuri The Only One."Celebrating what it means to be a couple, and as a devotional to all those couples out ther...


Tecmo bids you a creepy Valentine's day

Ah, Dead or Alive, the softcore eroge that masquerades as a fighting game. If you didn't know yet, they've got a PSP game coming out, Dead or Alive: Paradise, created in much the same pervy mindset that spawned the Extreme Beach Volleyball ...


The Otaku Express joins anime and rap in musical rhapsody

Scott Green sent out this video to the twitterverse last night, and I couldn't help but watch. After all, how often do we get to see works that combine hip hop and anime? Well, besides AMVs.And you know what? I enjoyed it, for the effort th...


Is Christina Vee the new Haruhi?

Remember that god-awful English version of "God Knows"? No offense to Wendee Lee, but that song made my ears bleed. That's why I was so excited when I learned that the highly talented Christina Vee might be the new English voice o...


Guy gets full back Nanoha tattoo, girlfriend and mom cry

Tattoos are a great idea, as long as you take time and think them through. Sometimes it seems to me that people are so wrapped up in the cool factor that they temporarily suspend the belief that once you get the damn thing you have it until...


Akiba gets 16 security cameras, more to come

Man, Akihabara. What happened to you? I remember the old days. I remember visiting when they'd close the street and people could roam freely on the weekend. One of my most precious visits saw in the same day: A guy in only his (poopy) under...

 from  japanator

What was your gateway manga?

With anime, there are established classics that got people into the medium: Naruto, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball, for example. Manga, meanwhile, is a bit more of an open field. There are so many points of entry, especially considering many p...

 from  japanator

What does your anime watching rig look like?

[Full disclosure: This idea was stolen From Animucast Episode 4.]What does your anime watching rig look like? What do you watch anime on. On a computer? You one of those DVD-only kids? Hybrid? Got a home theater for that business? We'd love...


Licensed One Piece breast mousepads are things that exist

At a certain point in one's journey through the otaku subculture, one learns not to put anything beyond the means or will of the horny otaku. Almost anything perverted you can name will be done or has been done at some point by some otaku. ...


Director of Downfall loves the Hitler meme

Unless you've been living in a fuhrerbunker for the last decade, you've doubtless heard about the famous Hitler meme. It uses footage of Hitler taken from the the German drama-history film Der Untergang (Downfall in English), mixed with fak...


What kind of otaku are you?

According to wannabe porn site Sankaku Complex, 2chan has identified two kinds of otaku: Type A and Type B. Here's the breakdown of their qualifications for each catagory:Type AA person who simply enjoys “anime.” Is proud of Jap...


Act like you've never seen this before: Yatta!

We appreciate all of the tips and releases and fun things that our readers send us. Truly. Japanator isn't quite to the level that sister site Destructoid is yet. We see hundreds of tips a day coming flying in, and sorting through them is d...


The life-sized Gundam is back (almost)

The tears shed by otaku when the 1/1 scale Gundam was dismantled could have filled a thousand oceans. Well, it appears that mighty Bandai cannot bear his children to grieve, and has announced the return of the gargantuan mobile suit. In the...


Freedom-tan, Destroyer of Censorship!

To the tune of the English Sailor Moon theme (kinda) Fighting censorship by moonlight! Protecting freedom by daylight! Always defending human rights! She is the one named Freedom-tan!  Yes To Freedom created her, They’re a group...


Love Plus marriage on CNN!

Remember that guy who married Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus?Apparently, he's managed to gain quite a bit of fame as a result of his unusual wedding... so much so that CNN decided to do a report on him. It's nice to see that an ailing cable ...


Top 10 words of 2009 as voted by Akihabara

We like our words. Whether they're new ones we've just invented, or older ones we've re-purposed for slightly more interesting (re: perverted) uses, languages are always changing. It's not much surprise then, that everyone's favorite nerd-h...


STUPID QUESTIONS: Why are their eyes all scribbly?

We get it. They don't. I'm tired of the questions. I heard the last one, the straw that broke the camel's back, yesterday. I didn't know that someone was watching me watch Sora no Otoshimono over my shoulder. Uguu~ I'm tired of explaining m...


Lupin steals Moyai statue and my heart. What next?

In a promotional stunt between NTV, TMS Entertainment and the pachinko manufacturer Heiwa, Lupin the 3rd snuck into the Shibuya train station and stole the 29-year-old Moyai statue that resided in there. He was kind enough to leave a note s...


'Meet me at Comiket': What has science created?

I'm not a music critic. I leave that up to Dale, Tim and Zac: the people who actually create music.But that doesn't stop me from sharing a video with you that's been spammed to our tipline by the LeetStreet Boys faithfuls and letting you ba...


Top Ten Otaku Wives of 2009

The tsundere version of myself kept bringing up an unfortunate truth yesterday... many otaku don't have girlfriends. Perhaps this is what drives them to claim their favorite anime characters as "their waifu". Some even like to thi...


Best Christmas ever: Akihabara gets a Gundam tree

Screw setting up a Christmas tree, I want to have my very own Gundam tree waiting for me at Christmas. Sadly, my home is not Akihabara, so I'll have to just deal with dead leaves instead of spare sprues lying on my floor.Well, according to ...


Kotobukiya announces Otacool launch event

You may have heard of Otacool by now -- a little project between toy makers Kotobukiya and Danny Choo that compiled the world's best otaku bedrooms into one book of amazing pictures. We heard today that they will be holding an event at Anim...


Otaku formally marries Nene Anegasaki from Love Plus

Well ... I admit the whole phenomenon of marrying 2D characters gives me a chuckle. After all, I have an eternal thing for Kuroshitsuji's Sebastian, but when I realize the height of intimacy I can have with him is humping a dakimakura of hi...


Top 60 Japanese phrases of 2009 listed

You'll see some familiar phrases in this list of 60, compiled by publisher Jiyu Kokuminsha. Buzzwords, political stuff, hot news, all just like in our country...but completely different. I've picked out some of the most notable ones, many o...


Queen's Blade mousepad puts shimapan at your disposal

I can't show you the rest of this Queen's Blade mousepad, because it's just wrong. I can, however, tell you that you see the rest and buy it at J-List for $52, and that they describe it as "...an exciting computer accessory for those w...


The otaku gender gap: Guys like girls, girls like robots

The otaku matchmaking service Otakuma recently conducted a poll which ranked the most popular anime series by gender... but, at first glance, it might seem like they got the lists switched.Males1) K-On!2) The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi3)...


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