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Trails in the Sky photo

Rejoice: Trails in the Sky the 3rd crosses the pond

For a second, I wasn't sure if XSEED's tweet about a priest and a nun was important since they might've been in the mood to tell a great joke. Lo and behold, this statement had a higher purpose as the company announced that The Le...

Golden Week Sale! photo

Celebrate Golden Week with great discounts on PSN!

It's Golden Week once again and the Playstation Network is here again with some discounts on Japan-inspired games and movies! I've been waiting for these games for a few of these games to go on sale since I love Japanese games and may pick ...

Vita Birthday Sale photo

Celebrate the Vita's birthday with some great Japanese games

It's been three years since the Playstation Vita came out and the little handheld has survived with a great stable of Japanese games. Those who own the Vita or want to get a Vita are now in for a treat with a great sale featuring some great...

Steam sale photo

PSA: Anime is the name of Steam's weekend game sale

Of all the geeky trends people took note of in 2014, one of the least appreciated is the Japanese gaming industry's growing embrace of indie development and global digital distribution. Sure, it's been happening for the last couple of years...

MangaGamer sale photo

Celebrate Moe Day with MangaGamer!

October 10th is a special day for fans of moe and puns, because today is Moe Day! Why, you ask? Well, the Kanji characters for "October 10th" (十月十日) just so happen to line up just right to spell the Kanji charact...

PSN Sale photo

PSA: Dragon's Crown free, more discounts on PSN Sale

It's not every day that you can get a bunch of good deals on a cool games, and that day has come if you're the type to buy things on PlayStation platforms. Both versions of Atlus' excellent Dragon's Crown are free to members of PS Plus, and...

Shin Megami Tensei photo

Atlus outs Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, discounts classics

I know a lot of folks loved Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne. I know a fair few who think it's the best MegaTen game of all time, and it was Nocturne's unique look and balls-hard difficulty that helped pave the way for Atlus' eventual rise...

PSN photo

Sony unleashes JRPG sale on PSN for Golden Week

April 29 is the beginning of Golden Week, a series of holiday over the course of several days that's been converted into a sort of national spring break. In order to celebrate it this year, Sony is discounting a ton of Japanese games on PSN...

PSN sale photo

PSA: PlayStation 99-cent weekend is on, get Tokyo Jungle now

Doing something this Easter weekend? Well delay that, because you may want to check out the PlayStation Network store's new 99-cent flash sale, which puts a buttload of games on sale of just short of a dollar. The list is a mix of PS3 and P...

Right Stuf photo

Save big with the latest sale at Right Stuf

Hark, what is that sound? That's the sound of money not flooding out of your wallet. It's a sound that comes with sales, like the one currently going on at the RightStuf. The retailer's current big sale features titles from Maiden Japan, Se...

Perfect Square manga photo

Perfect Square launches limited time digital manga sale

Take advantage of a sale on digital manga being offered by VIZ Media's all-ages imprint Perfect Square, running now until February 28th. Titles such as Hello Kitty: Delicious! (reviewed), Uglydoll: Eat Dat!, and all of their Pokémon ...

Manga sale photo

Yaoi imprint SuBLime celebrates its anniversary

If you're big on boys love, or just feel the occasional urge to stock up on some yaoi, Viz Media has got you covered. Their specialized Yaoi-centric manga imprint, SuBLime -- oh, the BL is capitalized... I see what they did there -- is cele...

VIZ Manga photo

VIZ Media announce a big sale and some new additions

Viz Media have announced that from now through January 15th, all of the manga titles purchasable at Viz Manga (or on the VIZ Manga app) are 20% off. This includes such titles as Naruto and One Piece, Hana Kimi, Magi, Honey and Clover, Ouran...

Fire Emblem photo

Grab Fire Emblem: Awakening for only $15

Briefly: here's a great Nintendo 3DS deal you should jump on ASAP! Best Buy has the excellent Fire Emblem: Awakening for only $14.99 on their online shop. As of this writing, their online stock has sold out, but you can still nab it via in-...

Sale photo

Save up to 55% off select Studio Ghibli titles on Amazon

It's still Black Friday weekend, and with Cyber Monday right around the corner, there's plenty of savings to go around. While most consumers have kept their eyes glued to Amazon's amazing lightning deals, I've been digging around looking fo...

Crunchyroll photo

Crunchyroll is also having a Black Friday sale

Crunchyroll is currently holding their Black Friday sale, once again knocking an impressive 50% off their one-year subscription plans. For the rest of the weekend an all access membership, which grants access to their vast library of anime,...

Black Friday photo

FUNimation reveals Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals

It's less than a day and a half until Black Friday, the shopping day that will likely break you. Sure you'll save a couple of bucks, but you'll likely get pushed and shoved and, in some cases, engage in fisticuffs over a cheap electronic it...

SQEX sale photo

Final Fantasy games on sale via Square-Enix Online Store

And it's not just games from the Final Fantasy line, but a lot of titles are on sale at the Square-Enix online store. Many of the titles on sale are going for about 50% off retail, which means you can buy a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3D:&n...

Video games photo

Go insane with Atlus' Black Friday Sale on select titles

As many brave individuals prepare for the harsh ordeal known as Black Friday, Atlus is creating a special fusion that will summon a few games for the PS3, PS Vita, and 3DS at a reduced price! Best of all, this sale applies to both physical ...

Ace Attorney Trilogy HD photo

Big savings on Ace Attorney Trilogy HD right now!

Ace Attorney 5 got an English release recently, but maybe you are not caught up on the series. Finding the DS releases of the first three games might take some effort and maybe you carry your iPhone around more than your 3DS. Good news. You...

The Legend of Zelda photo

Select Zelda 3DS/Wii U VC games on sale right now!

Just in case you didn’t hear, or forgot, here's some awesome news from Nintendo. Every week for the next month several Virtual Console games will be going on sale for exactly one week. Each week will feature some games fr...

Vidya photo

Atlus is having another huge sale on games, DLC

Atlus is having yet another awesome sale on some of our favorite titles, namely Dragon's Crown and Shin Megami Tensei IV. For the next week, both games will be available for just $39.99 with the exception of the Vita version of Dragon's Cro...

Atlus photo

Big Atlus sale on PSN and Steam

Looking for some games to hold you over until Novemberpocalypse happens? Yes, I know there's tons of games on the horizon, but this is the calm before the storm! Now's the best time to catch up on anything you missed earlier, and it looks l...

XSEED photo

Corpse Party on sale and more from XSEED this Halloween

Have you been sleeping well? Been looking for a way to remedy that? As it is October and October means scary movies and stuff, right? (Interestingly enough in Japan that time is summer, actually.) So XSEED has let the prices of Corpse Party...

Japan PS Vita Sale photo

Japanese games star in the next PS Vita sale

Hey, you know what's cool? Games from Japan for the PS Vita! You know what else is cool? Not paying a lot for videogames! It just so happens that Sony agrees with me, and has decided that for the next fortnight or so, you won't have to pay ...

VIZ summer sale photo

VIZ having a big end of summer digital manga sale

If you've been holding out on buying manga in bulk for a bit, now might be a great time to take advantage of VIZ Media's big end of summer sale, which is going on now through Thursday, September 5th, and get your fix. All of their titles ar...


PSA: Persona and other Atlus titles on sale for Euro PSN

Are you a fan of deals? Sure you are! That's why Atlus is offering those of you European deal-lovers that also happen to be game-lovers a deal...on games. Atlus-published ones. On the PlayStation Network.  From now until February 1st, ...


Jolly good show: Mangagamer is having a holiday sale

Just when you think the holiday sales are over, MangaGamer is here to help out on buying that special visual novel game for the close friend, lover, family member, or Secret Santa. Since most folks are out for the winter break via vacation ...


Behold, Odin Sphere is now 50% off on PSN for one week

If you have been holding off on owning Odin Sphere, then you have no excuse, since Atlus USA is slashing Odin Sphere's price in half for one week on the PSN. To those that don't own a PS3, then you all have a legit excuse to not purcha...


Kick off the month of July with an Atlus PSN sale

Tired of having nothing to do as you are trying to avoid the harsh summer heat? Well, Atlus is here to help, since the PSN is taking 50% off select Atlus titles until July 31st. To those that have been meaning to randomly jump into a series...


Start off your summer break with MangaGamer's new sale

Ah summer vacation, the time of relaxation, extreme heat, and heavy rainstorms. While most people taken advantage of this time and ventured off to new locations, there are a few people that end up stranded in the four corners space known as...


Anime Network kicks off March Madness special

Our friends at Anime Network, who do indeed carry the moe sports comedy Ro-Kyu-Bu, have just announced that they will holding a special sale to celebrate their upcoming 10th anniversary. Throughout the month of March --hence the name March ...


FUNimation holding DVD & Blu-ray sale via Amazon

Our friends at FUNimation just posted on Twitter about a big sale that they will be having for a little over a week on DVD and Blu-Ray titles sold via Amazon. A big chunk of all items will have their prices reduced for as much as 57% -...


MangaGamer has a Valentine's Day sale going on right now

Romance is in the air today! MangaGamer is holding a Valentine's Day sale, lowering prices on several of their most popular visual novels. For today, you can get discounts on games like Higurashi When They Cry, Da Capo, and SHUFFLE! It soun...


J-List has a funny Valentine's Day sale going on

Looking to get your sweetheart some sweets for Valentine's Day? Or are you going to be Forever Alone? Whichever category you fall into, J-List has a humorous sale going on that we just had to mention. For the month of February, J-List is of...


RightStuf.com's Black Friday sale is on now

Can't move? Have you scarfed down so much holiday goodness that the thought of waking up in the morning to pick up a $199 PS3 or a super cheap 3DS game make you sick? I'm with you. I kind of hate going into large retail stores, no...

 from  japanator

PSA: Buy Japanator's shirts, they're on sale

Yes, dear readers, our lovely lovely logo t-shirts are now available for a measly $10 (a "Hamilton" in President-to-Money parlance). These great shirts, available in both regular and baby tee formats, feature our awesome logo and its key el...


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