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See Japanese future tech in these videos from CEATEC 2019!

Cutting edge technology is what many out there would think when one thinks of Japan. While Japan isn’t quite the titan it once was when it comes to high tech toys for the average consumer, tthat innovation isn't quite gone just yet. ...

Japan photo

Learn about Japan's secret elevator codes

When I'm given a choice between using an elevator or walking up the stairs, I tend to go with the latter. Even though the former lets you relax while you reach the next floor, my movement skills tend to help me reach my destination faster. ...

Public Charging photo

Japanese Bus tries out free USB charging for passengers

Don't you hate it when your portable entertainment device just dies in the middle of your viewing of homoerotic ice skating anime? Or when you're reading the latest volume of your Monster Girl manga? Carrying USB power banks to charge up de...

PS4 Pro photo

Say hello to the next PlayStation, the PS4 Pro

The image above has pretty much covered all the necessary information, but in case our server's acting wonky or you're a details type of person, here's the skinny: After months of rumors, leaks, broken street dates, and speculation, Sony ha...

Sword Art Online photo

Finally, an actual Sword Art Online Virtual Reality game

File this one under "It's happening!", because it really is: Sword Art Online is getting a game adaptation in the medium that it helped make famous: Virtual Reality. IBM have announced a new online VR game project titled Sword Art Onl...

Toyota X Vocaloid photo

Toyota X Vocaloid team up to rock the new Prius

This video is a whole lot of wut, but hey... it sounds pretty good! If you didn't have your afternoon cup of coffee yet, you can skip it. This video's got enough hype in it to keep you going until tomorrow. I don't feel any increased urge ...

Summer Lesson photo

Summer Lesson becomes a real thing

I remember back at E3, when Katsuhiro Harada and the Tekken team updated their little VR experiment, Summer Lesson. I remarked that the little tech demo featuring players nodding their heads at young teens represented pretty much ever...

Summer Lesson photo

Summer Lesson is everything right about VR

Virtual Reality's a thing, right? The prospect of really putting players "somewhere else" in a more substantial way is just too appealing to dismiss completely. That said, for most of the tech demos out there, that "somewhere else" is inva...

Shrimp Cannon photo

Want Shrimp Tempura in 3 seconds? Take this cannon

You never know where useful information will come from. For example, would you expect to learn a secret technique for preparing fried shrimp in an instant from...a wireless carrier? Yeah, neither did I.  NTT Docomo's promoting its LTE...

Pigeon drones photo

Arrange pigeon drone booze parties with Kirin

Ever wanted to knock back a brew with a bunch of cool drones? Well, too bad, because Kirin's got the opportunity for you, with a new campaign stunt involving a little family of four drones, decorated to look like friendly pigeons. The dron...

Hatsune Miku photo

See Hatsune Miku through Tetsuya Nomura's eyes

Are you ready to journey into the Uncanny Valley? You might not have a choice, because Tetsuya Nomura's already there, and he's populating it with his CG creations, the latest being this rendition of Vocaloid diva Hatsune Miku. This minute...

Lap Pillow sim photo

Finally: Japan simulates the lap-pillow in VR

If Japan and tech-savvy otaku continue to apply their peculiar brand of innovation to the latest tech, we may get the 2D-loving world we've always dreamed of sooner rather than later. The latest blow against the tyranny of 3D employs the O...

PS4 photo

Japan's Frozen PS4 would've looked better in white

Frozen may have pretty much taken over the world, but that won't stop companies trying to cash in on its popularity with tacky, cheap branded merchandise. No, that doesn't make sense, because that's exactly why companies would try to c...

Madness.moe photo

Dream up a logo for '.moe' domains, win mad bank

Are you ready for .moe to take over the internet? No, not "moe", that weird otaku concept. That's already taken over the internet. I'm talking about ".moe", a new domain being operated by Japanese internet provider Interlink. They're d...

Anime Studio 10 photo

Anime Studio 10 boasts new options and tools

It's safe to say that creating original animation is the holy grail for a lot of anime fans, myself included. If you'd like to take that goal beyond the realm of idle daydreams, Smith Micro's Anime Studio program is something you should ser...

Travel Osaka photo

Osaka leads the way to free WiFi in Japan

It's been a long, and I mean long, time coming, but one city in lovely Japan has finally, finally gotten with the program and decided to offer free WiFi. And surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on how you look at it), it isn't Tokyo....

Sound Levitation photo

Watch Japan make stuff float using the magic of sound

Well, "magic" is hardly the right word for it, since there's some pretty solid science behind these Japanese scientists' ability to make things float in thin air, but at first glance it's pretty hard not to get all giddy about it. Using a ...

DARPA Robot photo

Japanese robot wins DARPA challenge, is anime reference

Robots are great. A lot of folks would agree with me, including the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the institution doing all manner of top-secret, top-awesome projects for the government. Another thing they do that's ac...

AquaTop Surface photo

Japanese scientists finally find a use for Kinect

Ever sit in a hot bath and think "I could be playing a videogame right now if it weren't for all this water!"? No? I didn't think so, but Japanese scientists are happy to give you the option to do just that thing, and using the power of Mi...

Moon Laser! photo

Fund it! Japan proposes building laser beam on the moon

What is it with Japan and its tendency to name cool stuff after things that terrify westerners? First they found a company called Cyberdyne to make a robot exoskeleton called "HAL", and now one Japanese scientist is proposing to build a gi...

Oculus Rift H-game photo

Japan develops an Oculus Rift H-game

It...has...begun.  Well, to be fair, Japan (and other nations, surely) have been searching for that Holy Grail of sexy-times, the virtual reality erotic sim, for about as long as computers have been around, but this new event marks a m...

PS Vita sale photo

PSA: PlayStation Vita hardware on sale at Radio Shack

Hey, North Americans, I hear you're getting a PlayStation 4 soon! You know what would be a good companion machine for that monster? A PlayStation Vita! At least, Sony and Radio Shack seem to think so. Sony's done its part by engineering the...

PS4 unboxing photo

Sony unboxes the PlayStation 4, announces Asia date

If you ever thought "unboxing" videos of people opening up packages of cool things weren't "epic" enough, Sony has the video you've always wanted. They're really taking that whole "Greatness Awaits" tagline to heart, what with the swelling...

Automatic shiny pokémon photo

Pokefan creates an automatic shiny Pokemon finder

Those of us who haven't been so fortunate to catch shiny Pokémon during normal playtime may have been glad that the encounter ratio seems to have been tweaked. Horde battles increase the number of times you can roll that random numb...

technology photo

The most boring game of rock-paper-scissors ever

As an English teacher in Japan, rock-paper-scissors, or janken as I have grown to call it, has become part of my everyday life. I have gotten pretty good at it. Young kids tend to skew rock. Some of the kids who have thought about it more t...

Xbox One Kinect photo

Xbox One might now be better for Japanese living rooms

Hey, remember Kinect for Xbox 360? Microsoft's big camera and motion-control gimmick was interesting - moreso than the PlayStation Move at any rate - but sadly it stopped short of being a genuine revolution. There are a number of reasons fo...

Vocaloid photo

Oculus Rift app lets you "shake hands" with Miku

This is one of those things that's either really creepy, awesome, or both. I've seen Oculus Rift used to develop some interesting programs, but this is a first. An enthusiast by the name of @GOROman developed the Miku Miku Akushu system ov...

Tech photo

Japan developing AR glasses for real-time translation

I already giggle a little every time I see people walking around with Google Glass,  but imagine seeing every foreigner walking around with a visor like the one pictured here. Well, that's the future NTT Docomo is working towards. Unve...

LINE: Fairy Tail stickers photo

Go buy some Fairy Tail stickers on LINE

If you're one of the over 200 million users using LINE to keep in touch with friends and maybe play some games, you now have the option to buy Fairy Tail (US$1.99) stickers from their shop. Other recent additions to the store include Alice ...

Inflatable Building photo

Need a concert on the go? Blow up this concert hall

No, that freaky purple jellybean-thing you see in the header above isn't the next candidate for a Japanator Eats segment, nor is it a titanic sculpture of Grimace in repose. It's actually the next big venue for hot music and performances in...

PS4 Launch Date photo

PlayStation 4 gets Japanese date, games, lotsa Vita stuff

Well, that was exciting! TGS is still weeks away, but Sony's already bringing the thunder. The electronics giant has pulled an unprecedented move (for Sony, at least), and officially announced the release date for the PlayStation 4 to take...

Hatsune Miku photo

Hello, World: Hatsune Miku English version out now

The time is now, Miku fans! After what felt like forever, it seems that an English-speaking version of everyone's favorite digital diva is finally on the market. Yes, the imaginatively titled Hatsune Miku V3 English is ready and waiting for...

Manga Generator photo

With Manga Generator, YOU are the protagonist

I've always wanted to draw my own manga. In my high school days, I even had a webcomic for about a month before I decided to actually look at what I was drawing. In the end, it was not to be, but occasionally I still look longingly at my o...

Nintendo 2DS photo

Wait, what? Nintendo announces the 3D-less '2DS' portable

I....I'm frankly at a loss for words.  Actually, there is one half-aord, and it goes something like "WHAAAAA--?!" because Nintendo has just announced its next handheld game machine, and it's....the Nintendo 2DS. Yes, that's a "2"...

PS4 Launch Date photo

Sony announces PS4 launch for November 15, 29

Well, it's finally happened. We have a date for the beginning of the next generation of consoles, and for Sony, that birthday happens on November 15th, 2013. That's the first launch day for the PlayStation, when the company launches its Pla...

Nausiccä glider photo

Nausiccä inspired glider takes flight

Fans of Hayao Miyazaki's classic, Nausiccä of the Valley of the Wind should take notice of this sweet video. Engineer Kazuhiko Hachiya has been working on the design for his OpenSky project for over 10 years at this point, inspired by...


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