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Japan's Emperor plans to step down in near future

In a report from the NHK today, it was said that Japanese Emperor Akihito may abdicate his role in the next few years and pass along the title to his son, Crown Prince Naruhito. The reports state that Akihito wishes not to be Emperor i...

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Hokkaido is taking the air out of tourism

A downloadable guide put out by The Hokkaido Tourism Organization to help foreigners understand the customs of Japan's northernmost island sparked a bit of an outrage recently when it was found it to be offensive. Common Sense Whe...

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Japan ready to deal with potential North Korea attack

Oh, the woes of living close to North Korea. Anybody living close the antagonistic, aggressive dictatorship has to worry about their constant threats of attack. Even if most of these threats are mere political posturing, it's got to make th...

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Tokyo at highest risk to suffer natural disaster

When you think of natural disasters, what cities pop up in your mind? At least for me, I think of places like New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Well, according to a 2013 study performed by insurance company Swiss Reinsurance, ...

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Host club shut down, forced 90 women into prostitution

There's been a lot said about the vicious circle of host clubs in Japan. How female hosts prey on the salary men, how male hosts prey on their lonely wives, how the female hosts then go to the male hosts for the same services and so on. Now...

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Nice move: Aksys to hold sale for Typhoon Haiyan victims

As you may know, on November 7th, the category 5 tropical cyclone Haiyan (also known as Yolanda) struck the eastern portion of the Philippines - becoming the strongest tropical storm ever to make landfall - and wreaking catastrophic damage ...

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Popular Malaysian cosplayer now a murder suspect

Ng Yuk Tim, a 15-year-old girl from Malaysia went missing not too long ago. Now, the missing girl has been found dead. The man who allegedly murdered her is apparently a big One Piece fan; the 23-year-old suspect is well-known a...

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Pollution from China found at Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji, one of the most picturesque locales in the world, is suffering from Chinese pollution. According to an article from Japan Today, scientists have found that the famous mountain has almost double the amount of Mercury in the air com...


Norio Wakamoto Championship finally exists

It's finally here. An event that has been predicted since the beginning of time is finally being realised, and it'll be happening at Moe Culture Festival 2012. This is a new event being held by both Good Smile Company and Nippon Cultural Br...


Keep your junk warm this winter with a Puella Magi

Chara-Ani are back with their latest money-grabbing scheme, this time in the form of 100% cotton undergarments. Of course, as exciting as that news is, there would have to be a reason to be talking about it here, right? Well, probably not, ...


Tomonobu Itagaki is a playable character in Saint Row

Is this a first for a game? A Japanese developer is a playable character in a Western game? I think so. While the whole thing may seem a bit ridiculous, you have to admit it makes some sense. I mean, Who's a bigger beast than the hard ...


Arashi promote Japan tourism, prance around like idiots

Japan's tourism industry is doing pretty poorly this year due to the disaster. A new video called "Message From Japan" is meant to promote tourism by featuring the pop group Arashi, who will welcome tourists to their nation and assure them ...


Tohoku gets some love from top New York chefs

In a move that I would dare to call 'badical,' several top New York chefs have flown to Japan to prepare some of their signature dishes for those affected by the recent earthquakes. Daniel Boulud led a group of renowned chefs in the prepara...


Pranking Indonesians makes them... not get mad

Apparently the Indonesians are among the slowest to anger. After reading an international study on the subject, a Japanese TV show sent comedian Udo Suzuki to Indonesia to do his best to piss people off and see what would happen. It turns o...


Japan working on immigration point system

The Japanese government is considering a new system for allowing skilled immigrants into the country by grading them on a 100 point scale. Points would be given for things like employment history, company position, education, and stable inc...


Arabic manga attempts to promote its cultural roots

Last time we checked in on how the rest of the world contributes to the manga format, we saw the U.S. military financing a manga intended to promote American-Japanese relations, trying to explain why we've still got troops over there. Compa...


Chinese economy trumps Japanese in Hetalia-unrelated move

It sounds like a new Hetalia fanfic: After years of burgeoning growth, China has dominated Japan and become the world's second largest economy. The news came from Tokyo on Monday when economists noticed that Japan's economy, valued at ...


North Korea demands apology for Japanese colonialism

Back in 1965, Japan and Korea put aside their differences over Japan's brutal colonization of Korea - which included forcing men into military service, forcing women into sexual slavery as "comfort women," seizing thousands of art...


Nuclear powers sending representatives to Hiroshima event

For the first time in, well, ever, the U.S., Britain, and France will all be sending official government representatives to a memorial event held for victims kiled by the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The three nuclear powers have surpr...


Antiwhaling protester lucks out

The controversy over whaling practices are a big deal in Japan, and around the world. But one New Zealand protester took things to the extreme, and now he'll be serving jail time for it. Peter Bethune, 45, was accused of trespassing, forcib...


Someone's making a Russian eroge

It's quite simply titled "IIchan Eroge Project," developed by the appropriately-named "IIchan Eroge Team," IIchan being the Russian-language equivalent of 4chan or 2ch.There's not too much known about the game besides it...


Jellyfish siege of Japan continues

Japanator now brings you the latest news from the oceanic battlefront. The siege of deadly Nomura's jellyfish, which has already claimed one fishing trawler, continues to plague Japan with no end in sight. Aside from clogging fishermen's ne...


Who is our hero?

These are trying times, and the Earth is in peril. The world's economy has been destroyed by the greedy and the incompetent. Poverty, famine, war and disease kills thousands every day. Our shortsightedness even threatens to destroy the frag...


Huff-Po and Forbes spew 'utter nonsense' about Japan

A child abduction case between Christopher Savoie and his ex-wife Noriko is making something of a splash in the US press. The couple, whose marriage began to break down after thirteen years in Japan, left that country and moved to America w...


Japan: The worst place ever to have the flu

I know, I know. The Swine Flu was sooo last week. But this whole business of Japanese hospitals sending away sick patients is new. And wrong.Tokyo area hospitals are refusing examinations to those suffering from fever or other flu-like symp...


Google maps incite anger with Edo period maps of Japan

Last year, Google added woodblock-print, Edo-era maps of Japan to its service. It seems that the Japanese have begun to take notice of this and are not happy; mainly because these maps can be viewed overlaying current satellite photos and c...


Resonance film documents WWII Buddhist bell travels

During WWII, everyone everywhere was melting down every last scrap of metal to aid in the war effort. For many Japanese communities, this meant dismantling their temples and melting down their huge, ancient brass bells.After the war, many...


7 dead in Akihabara stabbings [UPDATE]

Now that the world has had a chance to wrap its head around the senseless killings that took place in Akihabara on June 8th, various details about the killer and reactions from around the world have begun to pour in. Before we get to the k...


7 dead in Akihabara stabbings

Tomohiro Kato, a 25 year old man, drove his truck through a crowd in Tokyo's Akihabara district around noon Tokyo time today. He then jumped out and started stabbing people. Right now, CNN is reporting seven people dead (five men, one wom...


Conspiracy Watch: NHK Staffers admits insider trading

Proving that Welcome to NHK isn't just a soppy slice of life drama, there actually was a hidden agenda involving the popular NHK network. Three employees are under investigation in what appears to be inside trading. The three purportedly bo...


Could Japan be one of the long lost tribes of Israel?

ZionfestivalUploaded by oniazumaAccording to Rabbi Avichail of the Israeli Investigative Body Amishav, “There is no doubt that there is some kind of strong connection between Judaism and Japan. More research is needed to determine t...


Gaijin Halloween train party pisses a lot of people off

There was a costume party in Japan this past Saturday, the 27th of October, and we were not invited; however, it was held out in public so I don’t think an invitation was necessary. A large group of costumed foreigners boarded the Yam...


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