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MangaGamer photo

MangaGamer announces two Rance titles, Sona-Nyl, and more

I may not have gotten the chance to dive into more traditional visual novel titles, but I still enjoy keeping with the stuff that gets announced for the West. That way, I have an idea on which games to jump on when I get the chance to consu...

Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni photo

Valkyrie Drive gets weaponized for the West

Now this is a bit of a surprise: It turns out that PQube is bringing over Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni, the 3D brawler game by Senran Kagura Series Producer Kenichiro Takaki where girls turn other girls into weapons through intimate momen...

MangaGamer Giveaway photo

Answer some questions and win a free game from MangaGamer

Are you into lesbian ghosts?  If not, how about a free game? All you've got to do is tell MangaGamer, publisher of far more than lesbian ghost games, about what you want to see from them, by filling out this handy survey. This includes...

MangaGamer Uncensored photo

Make it Steamier: MangaGamer gets an uncensored game on Steam

Well, here's a surprise: It looks like Steam is about to get its first true adult game...of sorts. MangaGamer have just announced that they've managed to prevail on the PC's premier game market to allow an uncensored version of Liarsoft's v...

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Japanator supports love! photo

Japanator supports love!

In a historic decision Friday, the United States Supreme Court ruled that state barriers to same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, effectively legalizing the institution for same-sex couples nationwide. Naturally, social media and the int...

New Yuru Yuri photo

New Yuru Yuri anime is coming soon

It seems that the anime industry doesn't plan on cooling down amidst what seems like hundreds of figure reveals at Wonder Festival today, as Namori, creator of Yuru Yuri, has announced via her Twitter account that a new animation project ha...

Hentai Games photo

Demon Master Chris now available for preorder

These hentai dungeon crawlers have actually come a long way. Back in the day, say 2008, the games were pretty bare-bones affairs where an incredibly shallow battle system was propped up by sexy artwork. Demon Master Chris, due out this Hall...


First Impressions: Yuru Yuri S2

It is time. Everyone's favourite borderline-yuri school comedy featuring Toshinou Kyouko has returned for a second season, giving people something to watch in a dire selection of new anime. Oh okay, that's a little harsh! Still, Yuru Yuri w...


Be proud: Tokyo Disney allows same-sex weddings

If you keep up with the news, you'd know that the last few days have been fairly good to folks looking out for public expressions of support for same-sex rights. The latest happy news comes straight from Glorious Nippon, home of Disneyland....


Je t'aime ma petite fleur

Have you been waiting for more information on the Rune Factory 4 boss-marrying mechanic we spoke about back in February? No? Well tough, as I'm busting out my French for this special occasion. We have a fancy new trailer to show you on the ...


Yuru Yuri second season HNNNG

According to the official website itself, the adorable yet hilarious Yuru Yuri will soon be getting its second season! We'll be seeing the first glimpse of this new season, which seems to be titled Yuru Yuri♪♪, in Comic Yuri Him...

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Japanator review: S.S. Astro Vol. 1

4-koma manga has steadily been growing in the U.S. After the rampant success of Azumanga Daioh, and the numerous titles to follow such as Hidamari Sketch, Lucky Star, and S.S. Astro. So today, let's delve into S.S. Astro. Astro is short for...


Kadokawa to host advertisements on Youtube MAD movies

Right now, in case you haven’t noticed, user-generated videos with anything related to Kadokawa have gone missing lately on Youtube. Much like the Martix, Kadokawa uses an automated system of squid-like robots to cruise around Youtube...


Lesbians don't equal profit?

Good ol' Mainichi notes the progress of a shaky medium, namely non-pornographic yuri, in a magazine exclusively for yuri stories. I kinda find girl-on-girl nonsuccess hard to believe, and not just because yuri means "lily" and the...


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