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The Holy Grail of anime songs is here!



"My God!." is really all that can be said. I still can't fathom WTF is going on. Apparently though anime is taking over rap. First Kanye, now Soulja Boy...when will this epidemic end!?

I want to know what you guys think though? Is this good for anime or (and probably the right answer IMO) BAD for anime.

I have never liked this guys music but I will give him credit he somehow at 16-17 became a millionaire all the while by making shit like this. I applaud you Soulja Boy, your grammar and spelling may not be accurate but you know what makes the hip kids go crazy.

Oh and apparently he has a mix tape called Death Note...

While looking around youtube for other stuff I also ran into this guy and THIS is how you rap about anime.

So, uh, yeah, TL:DR Anime is dying.
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