The Hypocrisy of Moe


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I present to you the hypocrisy of moe. 

The case? Current Vocal Otaku Fanbase V. Moe

The plaintiff, the Vocal Otaku Fanbase. 

They are claiming that unchecked use of "moe" in the current anime market is destroying said anime market.

The defendant, moe. 

Claims that it has existed since a sentient being first thought that something was "cute" or "charming". 

For the sake of the case we will look at moe in the case of the last 30 years and then within the last decade.

The major point that has been brought up is that everything is just "moe" with the main offender being K-ON. I would first like to present K-ON:

Now K-ON has been attributed with helping cause the downfall of anime into nothing but, and I quote, "Moe Blob". I postulate to you, noble readers, that K-ON contained nothing more then what many shows before K-ON have contained. I present to you, the plaintiff, that you are not seeing the forest for the trees. K-ON is not a moe show, I further theorize that a "moe" show does not exist!

Moe can be attributed to many things, for sake of argument, lets limit it to female characters. Lets look at some moe characters in other media. 

Here we have Rachel from the film Blade Runner. What do you see? I'm sure you are thinking there is nothing moe about her! Think about her character a little more and you will find she meets all the requirements of moe. The biggest of which is tsundere!

We also have, within the same film, yandere in the form of Pris!

Blade Runner has been a very influential force in not just American media, but Japanese media as well. Should we shun Blade Runner for the promotion of moe? 

I know the response, I know it well as it plays in my mind too! "Blade Runner isn't just Rachel and Pris sitting around talking about cake! Not the same!" And you are right. I point them out to show that moe can exist anywhere and with any character. 

The next part that makes up the moe forest is genre, K-ON and Lucky Star are prime examples. They both fall into one of the most misunderstood story telling types, slice of life. This story telling technique was made famous by the American author John Steinbeck. I'm sure some are now groaning, remembering being force to read Of Mice and Men in school. I am sorry for that. 

Great slice of life stories are Azumanga Daioh and Yotsuba. Both of which are major moe offenders. Most of Studio Ghibli's works fall into the slice of life genre as well and are full of moe, Kiki's Delivery Service being a big offender. 

I understand if you are not a fan of "slice of life", it is a tough genre. It tends to lack major plot points and is just a portrait of a period of time. Let's look at shows that aren't "slice of life". We'll start with action, Cowboy Bebop and the moe offender Ed:

Yep, one of the all time favorite shows of the otaku community has been harboring moe this whole time! 

Who else could be spreading subversive moe propaganda? None other than Studio Ghibli!

Hayao Miyazaki!

The list of moe offenders goes on and on! This is a moe conspiracy that has been happening for decades!

To get back to my main point, a moe show does not exist. A story can have moe, but the story isn't about moe. Also Sleeping with Hinako is a gimmick not a show. 

We are finally to the hypocrisy of moe! That some say that they can't stand moe, yet moe is everywhere! Moe is something that only the viewer can attribute to a character or object. Moe can't be forced where the feeling of moe doesn't exist. 

I believe moe is being used as a scapegoat for the Vocal Community. If you are an otaku and have seen more than Dragonball Z you have seen (and more than likely enjoyed) a show with moe. If you have been watching TV or movies, you've seen moe. Moe is everywhere. Let's stop blaming moe for everything, moe is just a feeling! An adjective not a noun! 

Keep watching for moe! It is everywhere! Now I'm going to have some tea and cake, then.talk about how to eat pastries.

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