The International Gundam Society talks about the reality behind the Gundam universe


To most working folks, reality and Gundam should never be in the same sentence; it just doesn’t make sense. Most believe that giant robots will never be used as a means of fighting a war; and they are probably right. However, there is more to Gundam than just giant robots and masked men. In fact, during the Hiroshima Animation Biennale event of 2008, The International Gundam Society will hold discussions on various issues brought up in the Gundam universe; most notably the Universal Century. The subjects are as follows:

The feasibility of the Universal Century (the possibility of space emigration due to overpopulation)
Human conflict on Earth and in space (a historical look at elitism)
The social psychology of spacenoids (the emergence of the Newtype)
Love of the Earth and home (the praxiology of being away from one's hometown)
The Zeon revolution (concerning the perpetuity of fascism)
The politics of the technocrat (Earth Federation)
The possibility of reforming human consciousness in the battlefield
The international spread and economic effect of Gundam

Professor Shinya Hashizume, Dr. Etsuko Yamaguchi, and lecturer Mikio Sugiura will be participating in these debates, among others I assume. Now instead of these never-ending presidential debates, I ask, no beg American news corporations to please show these instead. It might be science fiction, but the topics listed above could happen and in some cases have happened in the past.

Here is the truth as God Len sees it: Spacenoids will of course hate humans whose soul is weighed down by gravity, and the people of Earth will always boss around those in space. Wars will eventually break out, as they usually do; but my question is this:

Will giant robots be involved?

[Via Gunota Headlines]

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