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What is moe?

I've now been working with Japanator for about three months and I've noticed something: There's a severe lack of moe content on this site for whatever reason, and that needs to be fixed. That's why I've decided to step up and deliver The Moe Files, what I hope will become a regular feature here.

In this column, I will take a look at series from the near and distant past and let you know exactly how moe they are. Everything from Azumanga Daioh to YuruYuri (and everything in between) will be covered in this feature as I share with you what makes the series or sometimes just a particular character moe and why it is worth watching (or not watching in some cases). These aren't going to be normal, run of the mill reviews... these will be tough cases that only The Moe Files can handle. [Editor's Note: Don't try this at home, kids.]

What is moe?

As something of a moe aficionado, the question I've been asked most often regarding the genre is 'What is moe?'. This is not an easy question to answer as everyone has a different definition of the word. For me though, the best definition that I've come across (and the one that I personally subscribe to) is this: imagine that right in front of you is the cutest kitten or puppy that you've ever seen in your life. Now, imagine how you would feel if you could pick up said kitten or puppy: the joy, the comfort, the wish to do nothing but protect this beautiful and cute creation from all of the evils of the world and keep it all to yourself for so long as you both shall live. Now imagine feeling those same feelings for an anime character. That's moe.

What isn't moe?

While some might disagree with me, moe is NOT a sexual thing. It's not about which character you want to turn into your plaything and it's not about which character you want to see naked. It's about which character(s) you want to love and protect from the world because they are just too beautiful to be sullied. That, in my opinion, is moe.

Now, sometimes I jokingly say that I have my own tsundere harem of characters in my head, but that isn't about moe either; that's something entirely different that I should probably talk to a therapist about. 

In conclusion, The Moe Files aims to entertain and educate on the wonders of moe and all that it can do to enrich your life. Moe isn't some disease that is plaguing the anime industry, it's just part of the natural cycle of anime life. One could even argue that moe has been there since long before the word even existed starting back with Minky Momo or Lum. 

Regardless, moe has become a staple of modern anime and, like it or not, does not appear to be going anywhere in the near future. So I hope that you'll join me in the coming weeks and months as I go through all of the series and characters that make up the world of moe. 

[Editor's Note: The opinion that there isn't enough moe on Japanator is not endorsed by Japanator, its parent company, or any subsidiaries thereof. In fact, whenever we try to have the "do we need more moe?" discussion, fights break out and sometimes people end up upside down in trash bins, so who even knows. We only agreed to The Moe Files because it makes L.B. sound like he is an awesome detective.]

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