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That's it. Call me a curmudgeon, a troll, a killjoy....

Maybe the American Anime and Manga industry should just die. 

I know, I know... I'm mostly just being hyperbolic, but honestly, there just wasn't an argument in the old days! Little effort was being made back then to license series out of Japan, so fansubs and scanlations were not only perfectly legal, they actually were a welcome source of free advertisement for anime and manga worldwide. If it hadn't been for the VHS-tradin', script-mailin', siftin'-through-the-horrible-english days of manga and anime's Wild West period, there wouldn't even be an american industry. So maybe this might just have to be the end. 

The licensees alter the original product, making it undesirable, uber-picky fans refuse to pay for it, the money goes down the toilet, and it all just folds like a Bedouin encampment. We go back to getting our titles the tough old-fashioned way, with furrowed brows but clean, unambivalent souls. What little money that does get made afterward, from ridiculously expensive import sales, goes exclusively to the Japanese companies. 

Who is going to learn the lesson in the end? Maybe everybody; Probably nobody. Unfortunately, this is a niche interest. If it dies, it dies unheralded, unmourned and unsung. The few of us left after the debacle will not have near the numbers to stand as any kind of warning to future generations; and it will all, if anime and manga ever manage to rise to popularity again, happen the same way as it did this time.

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