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There comes a time in everyone’s life to reexamine who we are and what we have become; but lucky for us we do not have to do this anymore because the people over at Riuva did it for us by writing a great article about the definition of otaku. Though by definition, otaku are not only just people who like anime, manga, and video games, but can be anyone who likes anything with immense obsession. As stated in the article,

“Youth who retreat from the Shinjinrui(new human)-style of codelike interpersonal relationships. Instead, they inhabit distinctive ‘worlds’ conveyed by media (anime, scifi etc). They are defined as fanatics who are extremely conversant within their own field of interest but who tend to be asocial loners, ‘unbalanced specialists’, with extreme manias."

Check out my thoughts about this article after the jump.

Basically, being an otaku means favoring a self-created fantasy made by real live mediums and media to the point that one creates a kind of island in space that is comfortable for that particular otaku. This was the old way of doing things, but since the advent of the internet, all these different solitary islands now have a way to communicate with each other; fortifying the barriers of each island, making them stronger. The mass of islands form up to become a tribe, a tribe with its own customs, language, and laws.

"As seen from one otaku tribe’s perspective, otaku from other tribes make no impression, or are considered weirdos, or another race altogether."

Most of the different tribes are friendly with each other, like the anime tribe and the manga tribe; but most are not, like the sometimes hostile mix between the video game tribe and the anime tribe. Nevertheless, all tribes are at constant war with the empire known as mainstream.

If you still do not understand this whole, island, tribe, and empire stuff, I suggest you research the history of Hawaii and just make the necessary substitutions with otaku tribes and the like. Either way, take a look at his nicely written article.

Let’s connect our islands together people!

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