TOP TEN: God Len's top ten list of greatest ninja ever!


According to wikitionary, ninja are: A person trained primarily in, stealth, espionage, assassination and the martial art of ninjutsu. Like Sasuke cause he is like omg! >_<, and as a verb ninja is defined as: Stealing something in MMORPG which originally belongs to other players, especially about loot. This top ten is dedicated to the best of the best, ninjas. Ninjas today are the epitome of destruction and carnage because they flip out all the time. According to Real ultimate power:

I heard that there was this ninja who was eating at a diner. And when some dude dropped a spoon the ninja killed the whole town. My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window.
Now on to the list; see who gets all the glory after the jump. Hattori Hanzo (Samurai Spirits)

Based off the real ninja of the same name, Hattori Hanzo makes this list for being what one would call an average ninja. As he likely says: My fate to live and die in the shadows. This proves that the way of the ninja is ever-changing and harsh. Hanzo might not be the best character in Samurai Spirits, but could probably win the "most popular" award any day of the week.

 Kakashi (Naruto)


Out of all the ninja present in Naruto, I belive Kakashi is the most ninja-like out of all the protagonists. He constantly uses replacements when attacked, hides when necessary, and is an expert in the ninjtsu arts. Like any good ninja, Kakashi can summon a pack of clothed dogs in order to fulfill his bidding. A one hit, one kill kind of guy, Kakashi truly is a real ninja.

<> Shadow (Final Fantasy VI)


What made Shadow so cool is that he could actually die; for real real. If you happen to leave the floating content before Shadow rejoins your party, then he is gone for good. Ok so that does not make him bad ass, it makes him memorable. And like a real ninja he could throw anything at enemies with deadly precision; even HP curing items like potions. He would even kill his own mother for money.

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

Scorpion is probably the most un-ninja like character on this list. You piss him off he does not hide in the bushes and chop your head off when you try an open your locked door at night. No, he would just stab you with a broken beer bottle and piss on your bleeding carcass. Ok, Scorpion does have some ninja like jitsu, like the teleport behind you punch, and don't forget his hidden spear (ala rope with knife). Despite his un-ninja like demeanor, he still has the heart of a ninja; and that's all that really matters, right? By the way Scorpion's real name is Hanzo Hasashi.

<> Kouga Gennosuke (Basilisk)


A scholar among the other ruthless ninjas present here. Like Kakashi, he views grudge to be an ultimately pointless and self-destructive practice. Gennosuke is well versed with a sword, but what truly makes him a threat is his power called Dojutsu. It works like this: if anyone with a murderous intent stares directly into Gennoskue's eyes, the hostility will be mirrored back to the aggressor, forcing his enemies to take their own life instead of Gennosuke's.

Kabuto Yakushi (Naruto)

Another needle in the haystack, Kabuto is the most ninja-like character out of all the antagonists in Naruto. The reason why is because Kabuto's loyalty is difficult to discern, no one know where his allegiance truly lies. He is very talented, making use of medical ninjitsu to dispatch his foes. Despite all this talent Kabuto relies on using haxs like a pubescent teenager playing Counterstrike.

Shinomori Aoshi (Kenshin)


Aoshi is the quite one of the group. Unemotional and level headed (for the most part), Aoshi is a ninja not to be messed with. He was given the position of Okashira of the Oniwabanshu group at the age of fifteen; not a Super Nintendo like me. Aoshi fights with two swords from the same scabbard, doubling his potential for a kill. And that number is tripled once he performs the Ryusui no Ugoki (Flowing-Water Movement) technique. It allows him to movie in such a fluid motion that it causes his opponent to be confused and unable to land any hits.

Kaede Nagase (Negima)

Kaede is the most laid-back ninja of the group, and probably the most gentle. She is of the Chunin rank in the Koga ninja clan, though was born a generation too late. Self-trained, Kaede became quite the ninja on her own without guidance from her superiors. Her artifact is a giant shuruiken, if you remember it is kind of like the first baddie Naruto faced. Skilled and beautiful, her only flaw is that she is unfortunately dumb. When not being a ninja Kaede takes on the role of 'Baka Blue' in the 'Baka Rangers' study group.

Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden)

Ryu's smarter than most ninjas, understanding things in a more abstract way than others. But what makes Ryu great is that he is a pimp. He had a girlfriend for the first two games, then he was framed for killing her in the third. After that he high-tailed it to the DOA tournament where he probably did the 'ninja hump'more times than he fought (and I don't blame him). If that doesn't make him the coolest ninja ever than his sword, the Dragon Sword will seal the deal. It is carved from the fang of a powerful dragon, and passed on from generation to generation. All other ninjas want to be Ryu Hayabusa.


Batman, master of stealth, acrobatics, and stealth. There is no one better at intimidation than he. Batman might be the least likely person that you would think of if someone uttered the word ninja. Which in that case makes him the best candidate to be a ninja. He even pretends to be an alcoholic when in his Bruce Wayne form in order to throw everyone off. But what they don' know is that the champagne he is drinking is really just ginger ale.

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