Touhou is way too popular on the doujinshi scene


Look, I know that the Touhou Project series of moe bullet-hell games is big in the otaku world, but I really didn't know it was that big. It's pretty effin' HUGE.

At least, that's the picture given by the latest amateur work sales features put out by manga/doujin retailer Comic Toranoana. Over 2009, there were more than five times as many Touhou-centric doujin added to the store's selection as the next post popular subject, Hatsune Miku and the Vocaloids. Five times. To put that in specific numbers, five thousand thirty Touhou doujinshi were released, versus a mere seven hundred ninety-six. And that's just from Toranoana. Who knows what the real figures could be once all the retailers and channels are taken into account.

It's it's not all what you think either. Only sixteen percent of the doujinshi released actually depicted the moe maidens of Touhou in various states of carnal bliss. The rest were regular ol' non-ero work. It's no wonder that some of these statistics were picked up from a 2ch thread asserting "Touhou is wasting the limited resources of doujin authors".

Check below for a full list of Toranoana's bestsellers, including percentages of adults-only work versus the totals. Somehow I find funny that nearly all doujinshi pertaining to Dragon Quest were erotic.

[Thanks to Ko and welcome datacomp for the tip!]

Toranoana – Number of doujin titles of major works added from 2009/1 to 2009/12:

Titles #Adult-Only %Adult Only
5030 787 16% Touhou
735 128 17% Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid)
685 316 46% Nanoha
626 270 43% [email protected]
537 351 65% K-ON!
536 299 56% Haruhi
252 92 37% Strike Witches
251 177 71% Saki
243 201 83% Pretty Cure
239 212 89% Dragon Quest
227 163 72% To aru Majutsu no Index
222 171 77% Evangelion
197 133 68% Macross series
182 145 80% Love Plus
156 107 69% Monster Hunter
155 9 6% Maria-sama ga Miteru
153 35 23% Umineko no naku koro ni
153 44 29% Little busters!
150 118 79% Bakemonogatari
145 52 36% Ragnarok Online
139 118 85% Amagami
138 54 39% Fate/stay night
136 122 90% Hayate the Combat Butler
126 118 94% Dream C Club
110 103 94% Queen’s Blade
110 37 34% Lucky Star

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