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[Aquagaze took a really nice and in-depth look at a documentary series called Tokaido, about recreating Hiroshige's trip from Edo to Kyoto. It's certainly not your typical documentary, and Aquagaze shows you why. -- Brad] You...   read
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[Welcome a new member to our community blogs, Aquagaze. For his debut post, he stole the wind out from Dale's wings and came up with a kick-ass post about some of the worst parents in anime. While not on the list, when I hear...   read
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About Aquagazeone of us since 9:16 AM on 02.27.2010


This blog contains copious amounts of Aquagaze. People with brains are advised not to interact with Aquagaze. This also applies to people without brains. See? He's very stupid. Even I want to punch him. And I'm just text!

Aquagaze loves anime. So much that he blogs about it all the goddamn time. That's why most people know him.

Aquagaze loves music. Don't ask him what kind of music, you've probably never heard of it.

Aquagaze loves games. In fact, he enjoys them so much he has never beaten one, just to salvage it.

Aquagaze loves Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai, and he won't rest until you do so as well.