Weekend Japanatainment - 1960s Otaku Edition


Just Dubs, No Subs

From times of old, this classic Japanator feature rises back from the hole it fell into and now it's back to entertain you with some good old Japanese videos! We bring Japanatainment back with some really old stuff that is older than probably all y'all reading right now. A lot of you young whippersnappers (yes, you are still young even in your thirties) likely started watching anime in the 90's, and might've missed out on the weeb stuff from the previous decades.

This time, we're going back into the 1960s to check out some Japanese television shows that aired on US television. Sounds weird that Japanese TV shows aired around the time when popular American TV shows such as Gilligan's Island and The Andy Griffith Show were in their height. Obviously, the Japanese TV shows were dubbed into English (don't freak out) and were rewritten (or localized) to suit US audiences. I'm here to serve up a taste of that early weebness from the swingin' sixties to your eyes and ears.


Ultra Man (1966) - US Intro

It's just really weird seeing the classic Ultra Man intro in English, like something out of an alternate reality but it's still pretty cool to see something like it in a time that probably wasn't accepting of something foreign on television especially from a country that the US fought in a war just a couple of decades prior.


Ultra Man (1966) - US English Dub

If the intro above got you interested in what an English dubbed version would be like, here is one for you to enjoy. A bunch of the other episodes are also around if you look around it more.


Kimba The White Lion (1966) - Pilot

You've probably heard about the controversy about Disney's The Lion King brought up again because of the new film and how it being an alleged ripoff of Osamu Tezuka's Kimba the White Lion. While this pilot is just an adaptation of a tiny fraction of the original manga, it still has a lot of those elements that "inspired" *wink wink* Disney. You be the judge and check out the pilot episode of the anime above.


Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot (1969) - Intro

Another Japanese television show that I only recently found out about is this one, originally known in Japan as Giant Robo, featured a boy and his giant robot that he controlled via voice commands. Another fascinating series that had some violence in it where a kid used a firearm to shoot the baddies, no ray guns or lasers just bullets.


Johnny Sokko and his Flying Robot Shout Factory! DVD trailer

For those who want to check out more of the boy and his robot should check out this trailer from Shout Factory!

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