Weekend Japanatainment, P-Man: destroyer of bad CG, edition!


Video 1 (above) P-Man: destroyer of bad CG: Mike Dent of R5 Central turned me on to P-Man at this year’s Tokusatsu Hell at Anime Central. P-Man is your average Japanese guy, that transforms into P-Man using the power of the ‘P’, the greatest letter in the alphabet! (Actually, ‘G’ is the greatest letter in the alaphabet)

Video 2 Norio Wakamoto sings “Cruel Angel Thesis”: Here is the greatest voice actor our ears have ever listened too, singing Neon Genesis Evangelion’s opening song. Just listen to the way he rolls his ‘R’s, this is what a real man sounds like.

Video 3 Spiral Rangers: Who wouldn’t want to see a super sentai Gurren Lagann live-action series in the future? Sadly, it probably won’t happen, but you can be like me and imagine it did by watching this video.

Video 4 Decade Man is finally a reality: Ever since Kamen Ride Decade hit the air, it has reminded us of Mega Man. Someone finally put two and two together and made it into a game! Well, to be honest it isn’t a new game, but a sprite change to Mega Man 7. You can download it here.

Video 5
This is Japan!: Here is a very nice video of Eric Testroete’s trip to Japan. It’s an awesome slideshow to music that totally isn’t as boring as it sounds. Even though I’ve never been to Japan, this video makes me feel like I’ve been there already; which is incredible.

Video 6
Nico Nico the 3D fighter: Here is a figher that uses many different characters from the Nico Nico fandom, like Miku, Ronald McDonald, that gay porn star, and characters from Higurashi. However, I have no idea where I can download this master piece, which makes me sad.

Video 7 Soul Eater X Yu-Gi-Oh!: Here is another well made crossover opening video; this time Yu-Gi-Oh! appears in the Soul Eater opening. Pretty good, but a little choppy; though what isn’t?

Video 8
Weeks dose of EPIC with JAM Project: You might think that Smash Brothers AMV can’t make a good epic video, but you would be wrong. This one is to the JAM Project song “Crest of ‘Z’s’. I need to get a Wii.

Video 2
Norio Wakamoto sings “Cruel Angel Thesis”

Video 3 Spiral Rangers

Video 4 Decade Man is finally a reality

Video 5 This is Japan!

This is Japan! from Eric Testroete on Vimeo.

Video 6 Nico Nico the 3D fighter

Video 7 Soul Eater X Yu-Gi-Oh!

Video 8 Weeks dose of EPIC with JAM Project

Random Video of the Week: Add one person to the GAR hall of fame please

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