Weekend Japanatainment: Rampaging rhino edition!


Video 1 (above) This is what Japanese zoo keepers do when they are drunk: I really do think the title says it all. Though, I wonder if they ever substitute the rhino with other animals, like a bear or a bunch of monkeys. Just watch it, you will understand.  

Video 2 8-bit K-On!: This isn’t an 8-bit rendition of K-On’s ending “Don’t Say Lazy” but an 8-bit rendition of the actual ending animation. Still super kawaii no matter how many bits they have.

Video 3
Real men put out fires with BLOOD: In Japan, a simple commercial for high blood pressure does not involve an ugly woman explaining to you the dangers of heart disease, but a man putting out fire with his blood. This is why we are married Japan.

Video 4 Touhou Megaman “Megamari” speed run: Why hasn’t anyone told me about an insanely impossible Touhou game that’s like Megaman? Well, here is the first part of the speed run; if you like it check out more of the speed run on exe3e’s account.

Video 5 Soul Eater X Persona 4 (SPOILERZ): The marriage between Soul Eater and Persona 4 is a fantastic one. They first met in Soul Eater’s second ending, and it went up hill from there. Warning though, spoilers ahoy!

Video 6
Snake Cat: The snake ‘sleeve’ cat might be the cutest thing you will ever see this week; so go to sleep after watching this video and wake up next week.

Video 7
Summoning the ghost of your childhood with Super Human Samurai Syber Squad: Do you remember waking up early or coming home early from school to watch this show? I don’t. Nevertheless it is very familiar. I loved the toys, they were awesome.   

Video 8 Weekly dose of epic with JAM Project: This week’s JAM Project MAD features scenes from the epic game Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 to the song “Asu no Houkou”

Video 9 Random Video of the Week: This is what happens when a non perverted person builds things.

Video 2 8-bit K-On!

Video 3 Real men put out fires with BLOOD

Video 4 Touhou MegamanMegamari” Speed run

Video 5 Soul Eater X Persona 4 (SPOILERZ)

Video 6 Snake Cat

Video 7 Summoning the ghost of your childhood with Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad

Video 8 Weekly dose of epic with JAM Project

Video 9 Random Video of the Week

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