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Weekend Wrapup: Kyubei edition



Welcome to another Weekend Wrapup! I hope you've thought long and hard about what you want your wish to be! I mean, sure, you could wish for something silly like a cake or your crush to be healed, but think about it long and hard. What do you really want to wish for? I know: links! Lots and lots of links. Luckily for you, you won't have to wish for them, I'll give them all to you for free! Anything to keep you free of Kyubei's grasp for a little longer, because as we all know...

"Being meguca is suffering."

[Art by lack]

Reviews, Recommends and Looks At:

Japanator Kinda Recommends: Kaleido Star season 2

Features and Top Stories:

Fighting Friday 2-18-2011
Weekly Wallpaper 22: Bakemonogatari
JapanaTour: A first-person walk through Fushimi Inari
JapanaTour: Kyoto's Kiyomizudera Temple
Japanator Radio 162
Annotated Anime Early Edition: Winter 2011 Week 6
Annotated Anime Late Edition: Winter 2011 Week 6
Yotsuba & Flashbacks 2
Japanator AM episode 38: don't drop eggs off bridges!
JapanaTour: Nishiki's Food Market in video
Contest: Win some Black Blood Brothers for your Valentine
Releases of the week - 2/15/11
Japanator Interview: The Art of Akira
New York Times' top ten manga for 2/14/11

Awesome News Stories:

Buy Cat Shit One from Amazon, win some sweet figures
Rumor: Mila Kunis, Brad Pitt turn down Akira movie
FUNi forced to drop 1,336 defendants from its lawsuit
Anime Expo to premier Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing
Sentai puts out Allison & Lillia, Coffee Samurai in May
Final Fantasy VII rap album is surprisingly good
New Norwegian Wood trailer will give you the chills
Strike Witches director asked to work on film
Is your local Borders shutting down? Check the list!
Saki Aibu dons a fat suit for her latest drama, Rebound
Aksys is bringing Acana Heart 3 over, here's a trailer
The next film from Poduction I.G. is A Letter to Momo
Japan's GDSF faces off against the wily forces of... deer?
Rejoice, Cinephiles: Criterion Collection is on Hulu Plus
Touhou creator lays down the law for merchandising rights
Minako Kokumai proves there ain't no rest for the wicked
McDonald's Japan's Miami Burger is gross, but I like it
Is James Franco in the Akira live-action adaption?
Rejoice: Anime Expo hosting a fan-produced Vocaloid panel

Valentine's Day Madness:

An Otaku's Valentine's Day Aria: 3D can't beat a waifu
Ready to make some chocolate, girls?
Monday MADness: Creative Black Space
George Takei's Valentine Surprise
Be My Valentine: Dakimakura!
Confessions 24: My worst break-ups
Confessions 25: The rabbit that got away
Have some Valentine's Day cards from your favorite anime!
How JRPGs stole my heart: a Final Fantasy love affair
P-please t-take this Valentine's Day chocolate gallery!
Be my Valentine: I'm sweet for you, Hanazawa Rui

Community Amazingness from this Week:

Super Sentai Coverage: Introduction and first impression on Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
Stealing Japanator's Ideas Part 1: Naoki Urasawa's Pocket MONSTERs
Tuesday Otaku Debate: Personal Assassin
International Saimoe League 2011 Nomination Results: Oreimo dominates and new rules
Cooking Otaku: Gyudon
Aquagaze's Anime Weekend: Episode 26: Drink Your Own Soul
Listen to some Dubstep with Kyubey for absolutely no reason whatsoever
Magia, or why it's a good time to be a Kalafina fan
Awesome Alliterations Fan-Fic 01 -- "Frenching the Lord"
Sunday Sketches 07 - High Five Edition



Japanator Interview: The Art of Akira - ONLY THREE DAMN COMMENTS?! YOU GUYS DISAPPOINT ME.

Tune in next week for more link lovin' here at Weekend Wrapup!

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